[Humanitarian Aid]Recent Khanid Attack

I read this morning of a horrible chemical attack on the Khanid world of Kahah III. I’m currently filling my Kitty V with a whole bunch of supplies to go help the victims of the latest chemical attack. I’m going to offer my assistance in the medical response to treat the victims, slaves and freed people equally.

So many times I’ve seen posts offering aid to planets and areas affected by disasters; the Khanid are people as well. Whatever evil policies the Kingdom may practice, it is still our duty as human beings to aid others in distress. Sometimes, doing the right thing makes me uncomfortable.

However, it would be remiss of me to not point out that wholesale slaughter is going on of the slaves in the Kingdom. I will not come to an active war zone, made so by the people I wish to help. If there is no immediate stand down, then I will remain in Federation space.


Please do.


Yeah, I’m sure they’re so desperate for your particular help that they’ll stop fighting for their freedom and lives. I think you should probably stay in whatever fuckpile you call home unless you’re willing to choose a side.

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I am on the side of humanity. I’d hope that there would be a mutual ceasefire. However, from what I can tell, it looks like the Khanid forces are trying to cause as much causalities as possible.

If there is a ceasefire, then I feel that it would be fair to transport the slaves that wish to leave off the planet and out of the Kingdom. After all, the Khanid are murdering them as it is.

As I’ve said before, slavery should only be between two consenting adults; I abhor the kind that is used in the Kingdom. However, there are real people suffering and dying and that needs to end.


If my suspicions about who is behind this attack are correct, then I am not sure that the affected slave people can be saved.

The people I suspect of the attack, have a track record of using psychoactive compounds that cause permanent damage to the affected individual brains and minds.

So there might not be any possibility of saving them. Even if a ceasefire could be arranged.

I’m sorry, but what ?

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A mutual ceasefire would, unfortunately, probably entail the slaves being forced back into servitude. Or killed anyway as an example to anyone else thinking about doing the same thing.

So, I don’t imagine either side will stand down until one of them is beaten.

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Believe me, that line doesn’t make these people trust you any. I’ve tried.


I really do hate the collectivist nature of the Sansha. But, this line did make me laugh.


Can you bring some of these supplies to Rens instead?

There will be a use for them there.


Sure, though what I’ve put together was geared to exposure to a RCBN attack, and battlefield trauma. Uh, so, what does Rens need?

I mean, most of what I was going to supply, well, loan, was some of my custom AMIs. (Artificial Medical Intelligences, much better than the lower standard of AIMeds.) I can, umm, loan them, for a bit? Is there anything else you might need? Like, please state the nature of the medical emergency.

There isn’t one. The casualty numbers were barely dozens. Well within the capabilities of the shittiest clinics of the station.

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Until you start adding in the bodycount from the Khanid brute squads who’ve been sent to kill everything they see possibly including find the queen.


… in Rens? I think you missed context.

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Nah. I just know that not all of the people being treated in Rens were attacked in Rens.

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