A personal apology

Seven years ago I was a Commissar of the Caldari Providence Directorate. Six years ago, the CPD became defunct and amnesty was given by Kaalakiota Corporation to its members as the crimes of former CEO Tibus Heth were made known. While many demobilized and disarmed, such as myself, many others did not. Among them were those who had once served under my command. Some were caught within State borders, unfortunately others embarked upon treason to the Company and fled the borders of the State.

Six years ago I resolved to bring these men and women, the outlaws of my former command to justice for their betrayal as a point of personal honour. With the conclusion of operations in the Republic and the assistance of Seykal and Krusual this task is now complete, and the last traitors have been found and absolved by the spilling of their blood with my own hand. These actions were conducted solely by myself, and were neither sanctioned or supported by Kaalakiota Corporation.

For the past six years it was necessary to maintain deceptions while I embarked upon the unenviable task of bringing my former colleagues, and in many cases friends, to justice for their crimes. I apologize for the deceptions, but I cannot apologize for the necessity of preventing interference in what I considered a task of great personal importance.

I look forward to meeting many of you again in future without the requirements of personal deception.

With regards,

Natasiya Veikitamo Gesakaarin, Kaalakiota Corporation.


I don’t forgive you.

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Nor should you, Kernher.

However, forgiveness or lack thereof has always meant less to me than the requirements of what I feel as my duty and honour as a Caldari.

Those that needed to die, are now dead. That is all that matters to me. Even if vengeance has its own price to pay.

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