Congratulations to KK and SuVee

With the recent news of high-level talks being held in Saisio between Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Corporations, I would like to extend my congratulations on the wisdom on the part of the Executive Boards for pursuing reconciliation between our two great companies. For too long the animosities that arose due to disagreements over post-war reconstruction and political direction have divided the people of KK and SuVee in a decades long corporate cold war that threatened the internal stability of the State.

That these divisions may be ameliorated in the pursuit of a new friendship is a symbol of Caldari unity and ability to negotiate towards peace and stability: no longer will the citizens of either Kaalakiota or Sukuuvestaa have to fear that the soldiery of the Home Guard or Peace and Order Unit be one day used against each other over past divisions; but can now rejoice that they might be united against common threats in the best traditions of the Caldari military.

In a decade which has seen great upheaval and turmoil for the State, may the spirit of reconciliation and solidarity prevail to heal past wounds and grievances in the pursuit of peace. May the citizens of both Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa find fortune and harmony, together, towards the common cause of the Greater Good for all.


This is very positive news for the Caldari people as a whole. The time for internal disunity has passed.

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I’m actually on Caldari Prime visiting friends .We are raising a glass to this news . Practicals have always been very good friends , seeing them coming together again with KK , the Patriots and most powerful bloc can only be good news for the State .

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Peace is (almost always) good. I do not know much of either corporation. But congratulations to our frenemies across the border.


Thank you, Isha Vuld.

In the interests of historical context and perspective:

Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa are the two largest Megacorporations in the State. Sukuuvestaa is centuries old and was formed shortly after the Gallente colonial occupation of the Homeworld during a period of “rules-based corporate takeovers” (corporate warfare) as well as being instrumental in the settlement of what is now the territories of the Caldari State (it still owns up to thirty percent of all land). Kaalakiota under CEO Mathias Sobaseki was an architect and leader of the secessionist movement which lead to the formation of the modern State.

Post-Independence War, both companies claimed both directly and indirectly leadership of the State. This led to developments such as the formation of the first corporate militaries (Home Guard and the Peace and Order Unit). In addition to the establishment of the Patriot and Practical blocs centered around KK and SuVee respectively, to push claims of leadership on the Chief Executive Panel which led to decades of cold war style confrontation between the two.

That the historical animus has potentially been abandoned is a recent development and a welcome one, in my view. Caldari are always stronger together, not apart.


Ah,I see! Thank you for explaining the background.

I had no idea these talks where quite as important as they are. I am glad these two venerable companies are finding common ground. I hope it will lead to great prosperity for your people.


I have always found the Caldari corporate structure and machinations to be fascinating. May this partnership bring further prosperity to the State.


That is great to hear, congrats!


Have Lai Dai’s entanglements in Semiki and Intaki prompted it’s more traditional ally, Kaalakiota, to seek more risk averse partners?


Is this really peace or just an alliance to engage in corporate war with their competitors?

In a time of troubles peace more often than not is a non-zero sum game. May both sides and the State as a whole prosper as the result of this.


I believe we are seeing a re-alignment of interests in the Caldari State a direct result of the closure of the State-Federal borders in YC119. While Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa were large enough to do so, trade was negatively impacted by those companies with significant Federal and Imperial market exposure. I believe the alliance between Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa is a natural one, prioritising Caldari State interests above all others.


Who can say?
But the galaxy is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, or so it feels like. Given that, it does seem sensible to join hands, and its admirable that they are capable of such cooperation despite past tensions. Not everybody could.


I consider mutual respect and shared interests have much to do with alleviating past enmity.

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I will be curious to see how this philosophy is applied going forward to those Caldari who do not view continued open conflict with the Federation as in the best interests of the State. I suppose it remains to be seen whether this alliance between KK and SuVee will result in an overall more moderate, or more hostile posture on foreign policy.

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It will remain to be seen, yes. However, in my view, while KK and SuVee have often featured continued confrontation with the Federation as a means to engender legitimacy on the issue of State leadership in the past it would not be the only source of foreign policy decisions favouring if not hostility, at least military strategic preparedness towards the Federation due to the influence of Amarrian market forces in the decision-making of the members of the PKN Consortium – Lai Dai; Nugoeihuvei; and CBD – on the CEP.

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I am one of those Caldari who do not view continued open conflict with the Federation as in the best interests of the State. I consider those who want it weaklings who do disservice to the State for their own petty interests of war profeteering, because the State must be protected, not being protected. The foreign invaders must be exterminated. The offending Federation must be rendered unable to invade the State ever again and disbanded for their continous offences.

That’s my view, and my actions - are to stand with the rest of the State, shoulder to shoulder to protect our Homelend from gallentean oppressors and occupants. I do my duty and my job for our Home to prosper and to stand tall for thousand of years!

Gallente are our ancient enemy who are trying to intervene into our affairs, made us weakling, try to steal our planets, space and profits becasue we’re simply better than them!
And this is why the Federation must be destroyed!

On the assumption you sought a personal commentary on the recent behaviour of Lai Dai:

While I accept a traditional rivalry exists between Lai Dai and Ishukone, I feel such rivalries and direct competition for market share should remain within the borders of the Caldari State. The actions of Lai Dai in Intaki is the behaviour of interstellar banditry lacking in all principle against an honourable and worthy people. While our cultures differ, Cold Wind has often spoken through the voices of Intaki to impart wisdom and knowledge to Caldari. Intaki have shed their blood and lost their lives for the State – many of their bodies lie in rest at Landfall Shrine together, as one people with our own ancestors.

The behaviour of Lai Dai in Intaki is nothing more than shameless profiteering at the expense of any honour, dignity, or morality that dishonours the shared memories and blood between the Caldari and Intaki peoples.

As such, I can only wish well for the cause of Ishukone on the CBT to find just redress for what I consider a travesty done against the people of Intaki.


I did not and would not want to derail the subject of this discussion. My question was based on genuine curiosity and a desire to understand the changing dynamics between the ‘Big 8’ better.

Your original response was very interesting. Are you saying that the membership of these three new consortia is based on shared investment geography: with PKN Interstellar members primarily exposed to the Empire; Combine TNR primarily interested in the Federation; and Kaalakiota and Suukuvestaa primarily focussed on domestic trade?

All that said, thank you for your kind words about Lai Dai’s policy on Intaki.


That would be my assessment of the current situation. There is also the added potential of expansion into the Republic market on the part of KK and SuVee for a variety of reasons in my mind:

  1. A potential mutual interest exists in the military-industrial market for Kaalakiota in the Republic. Its traditional dominance in this market has been diminished by Ishukone and Lai Dai. Offering Kaalakiota production lines to the Republic Fleet would allow the company to address cash-flow problems and offset Republic deficiency in Industrial capacity in the short-mid term vis-a-vis the Amarr Empire.

  2. A potential mutual interest exists, at least in terms of realpolitik, to have the Minmatar Republic as a near peer adversary to the Amarr Empire to dissuade the latter embarking on foreign adventurism in State borders given the increased autonomy of Amarr House forces under the new Pax.

  3. Secure a treaty of non-aggression with the Minmatar Republic to allow the State to focus on its traditional adversary, the Federation, without a two front war. Even despite this, a mutual interest might exist to decouple the Amarr-State and Federation-Republic alliance to such an extent through mutual trade that an understanding might be reached to prevent a two front war for either side.