"What are we even fighting against?!"

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"Terrorist is such a manipulative label in my opinion… I got labeled that a few times while I was still running with the Dread Guristas, but it never bothered me any… Nor does it really bother anyone else that is called a terrorist. One person’s terrorist can be seen as a hero to the other. Just look to the Amarr Empire and the countless attacks against slave camps. The Empire will label the culprits terrorists for disrupting the order and citizens all over will see these people as scum, while the slaves that benefited from the attack will see these “Terrorists” as heroes for helping fight against their oppressors… Even the Guristas get romanticized as heroes sometimes whenever they take a stab at a mega-corporation. Out of the millions of outraged people, they’ll be that one guy who sees inspiration in their violent actions… Hope even.

These are just broad ‘Macro’ examples… Look to the Federation and you’ll see examples all over of petty political terrorists taking action against a system or culture they see as a problem. From mainstream schools of thought to fringe ideologies, all of them have had their fair share of violent actions to get their message across when - they assume - the society they live in suppresses their opinion and disenfranchises them. Whether they were wrong or right is entirely up to us as individuals to decide.

  • Utatis Parinen

“What are we even fighting against?!”

October 20th YC 122

Gallente Prime*, Callie - Across the street from the Rogue Drone “Cultural Exchange Society Offices”

“Alright… You got the gear? Let’s do this…”

< Car door open >

“…I-I don’t think I can go through with this Eleion.”


< Car door closes >

“I-I’m sorry! I J-”

“-Are we seriously doing this ■■■■ again? Right now even? ■■■■■■■ hell Treni…Your lucky we ain’t even in the god damn building yet…. Alright! What is it this time? Let’s sort this out one last time.”

“This… This just isn’t right man.”

“Says who?”

'Well… If we go through with this? Everyone!"

“■■■■ em, I don’t expect everyone to understand. They’re gonna wake up in the morning, turn on the local news and think we’re both hateful and evil human beings because we decided to take actual action. Unlike the lazy ■■■■■■■ sheep that are gonna judge us who dont act and just watch the god damn news for something to be outraged about, we’re outraged because we’ve been ■■■■■■ over directly Treni. Quit forgetting that…”

“Is this really the only way? We can’t just try and convince people by talking? You know, discourse?”

“… With these people Treni? These fuckin ivory tower elitists cocksuckers? They dont give a ■■■■ about what we have to say… They think they’re above us because they had the money to go to some prestigious school and they come out acting like they’re better than the rest of us… Worst, they start acting like they know what’s best for us…”

“… Us?” As In-"

“You and me… They stick their noses up and start using all their big fancy campus words and act like they have all the answers, like they’ve seen the truth and that people like you and me are just dolts who need their guidance… They wouldn’t dare listen to what we have to say, because our opinions are inferior to them.”

“But why?”

“Because they think they’re better than us! You wanna know how much they think they’re better than us?! Just look at this ■■■■■■■ building Treni! All this ■■■■■■■■ about reaching out to rogue drones Treni. These are the kinds of people that preach about how evil and disgusting humans are and prop up these drones as a superior example that we should be like. That’s what these universities do to people… Indoctrinate them with batshit insane ideas and give them degrees to fill key professions across our nation so they can push their madness even more efficiently…Tell me Treni, did you say you had a brother that graduated from Callie University?”


“Do you know what his opinions on rogue drones are?”

“Well… Not specifically drones I don’t think , but he did say all sentient life deserve citizenship in the Federation.”

“First off, Drones can never be sentient. And secondly, Drones aren’t alive.”

“Well I’m sure he agrees.”

“I’m going to strawman him and say he doesn’t - Drone sentience is a lie, propagated by the people that work in this office… These people want to see drones… literal machines the same rights as you and me… You don’t see how ■■■■■■ that is?”


"… You don’t honestly think they deserve to be our equal, do you? They’re ■■■■■■■ machines Treni! I’m starting to think and hope that the sight of this building is just getting in your head… This right here? Is a symbol to what we’re fighting against. And I understand it’s intimidating, they’ve conditioned us to be scared at the sight to prevent us from fighting against them.

“What are we even fighting against?!”

“These God! Damn! Traitors Treni! These ■■■■■■■ pseudo intellectuals who want these machines to take over! The masses think its ■■■■■■■■, but you and me already seen it. We’ve seen it on the factory floor! We’ve seen it at the restaurants we went to on break. And we ■■■■■■■ saw it when they handed us our papers… Then, we see it all over with these ■■■■■■■ Triglavians and their pet drones! Invading New Eden! Cutting us off from our country men! Cutting me off from my niece!”


“… These people don’t give a ■■■■ about us. They think this is a great thing that we’re getting ■■■■■■ over by automation… Now they want the automation to be given the rights of any other citizen, give them the ability to vote even…”

“Isn’t that just it though? Why go through all of this when we can do it the legal way and vote for the people that understand how we feel.”

“Because none of them do…Every name you see on a ballot paid to be listed there by special interests groups… It’s all ■■■■■■■■ and our votes are worthless. You need to think of a vote like money… The more there is, the less valuable it becomes. Federation is made up of trillions of people and growing even faster, everytime someone becomes legally eligible to vote, your vote loses value. At this point, voting is just an empty gesture on the behalf of our government to tell us we have power and get us to waste time playing along with their rigged game…”

“But don’t y-”

“- Lemme stop you and just add that if people like the ones that work here succeed and see to it that rogue drones are granted rights and are able to vote? Then it’s immediately worthless… Because all they have to do is just manufacture themselves a trillion times and then bam, they become the biggest voting block over night. No delay in coming of legal age to vote for machines…They can just ‘Create’ voters. And what’s worse is that at that point a drone can become president, or a senator, or a judge even! Then we’re right ■■■■■■…”

“…But wouldn’t a machine judge or politician be better than a human to some degree? Sure they’re cold and calculating but… That means they wouldnt deviate from the law and follow the guidelines of their office, right?”



“… Are you in or are you out Treni?”


“I need you to decide now and not later.”

“… I don’t think this is worth getting anyone killed over. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle the thought of having killed someone!”

“Nobody is going to die! We’ve been over this… Whole office is closed for the night. Believe me Treni, I might have a lot to say about the people running this place, but I forgive everyone of them… I don’t want to hurt any of them, and we’re not going to. I staked this place out well in advance and by now, everyone has about left the building. No one is in there…”

“Could be someone staying late.”

“Could very well be, but we don’t know and I dont assume there is, I’ve seen every car come and go, into and out of this building and I’m almost certain the place is empty… Just their ■■■■■■■ janitorial drones left in there.”

“… So no deaths?”

“I promise you that nobody is going to die Treni… I’m not here to take human life, this is about humanity Treni! I know what I’m doing here…”

“Why did it come to this… How did we get here? This… This ain’t like you at all man.”

“No this is me Treni… This is my humanity coming out. You think this is wrong? I think this is natural of me… I didn’t understand at first, but I had help… Inspiration you can say.”


"Got some recordings of this ‘Guru’ i listen to who speaks of human spirituality and outright refuses the idea of drone sentience and explains what separates us from them… It’s like I finally heard someone I can agree with, who didn’t beat around the bush and just said it! Drones are machines! Nothing more, nothing less! And then opens my eyes that I don’t have to obey the rules of this system, that I can take control and fight back! And I’m going to take control Treni! I’m not a machine that follows orders without question, I will take control as that is what a human being does! Now are you in, or are you out Treni?!


“I need an answer Treni!”

“… I can’t do this.”

“… You got ten minutes then.”


“You got ten minutes to get out of this car and get as fast away from this as you can Treni…”


“I’m counting! Go.”


< Car door opens >



“… I’m assuming because we’ve had such a good friendship that you’ll keep your mouth shut about this and not run to the cops…”

“… I-”

“-Afterall! The bomb can be traced back to you as much as it can me…”


“… I thought we were in this together brother. Guess I was wrong… Give Opua my regards.”

“… Right.”


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