"Have a juice box and go sit in the corner."




  • Suha Raibuya

“Have a juice box and go sit in the corner.”

September 18th YC 122

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Office of Venal Prosperity Agency Head Director Utatis Parinen.

“Suha, Avio…”

“What is this all about Utatis?”

“Yeah, calling us at this hour? We’re bus-”

“-Busy having your cock in her mouth. Shut the ■■■■ Avio.”


“Suha! Ma’am… Please.”

“… What is this about Utatis.”

“… What the ■■■■ are you two doing?”

“What do you-”

“With the shitposting on the intergalactic summit. Avio.”

“Getting the message out there that Venal I’d a free haven to any distressed-”

“-Holy ■■■■ you morons… I’m just gonna come out and say it and get this over with. Those Gurista behind your little kidnapping stunt? They’re ■■■■■■■ dead!”



"… Speechless are we?’

“Who killed th-”

“-Guristas most likely”


" < sigh > Suha god dammit…"

“What’s this about Utatis?”

“What the ■■■■ do you think Avio?! You two are acting way out of line right now!”

“But… Why?”

“Suha it’s… It’s a warning. Let’s put it that way… A polite one at that.”


“They may keep this between you and them… Maybe not. But please, I need you to back the ■■■■ off this ■■■■ right now… Stop the shitslinging, walk away.”

"But why?!’

“I think we’re misinterpreting what the Guristas want right now… We’re getting a little too self righteous right now and we’re getting ahead of ourselves… In front of them even.”

“We didn’t give any orde-”

“You influenced them! It doesn’t matter Suha! They didn’t act under direct orders! But they acted under your influence and doing something to appease you! The captains involved had wind chimes made of dead comrades in their quarters… This ■■■■ doesn’t ■■■■■■■ fly Suha! This is serious!”



“… You guys want to know how some of these people died? Do we not get how significant this is right now!?”

“N-No that’s fine-”

“Let’s talk about how this one guy, Helde Jin. Throat slit open and his tongue pulled down though it and tied around his neck. He was just a janitor keep in mind, so he got something mild.”


“Gredenal Keloop. Stripped naked, and which it appears his entire body had been dipped in acid and presumably that’s what killed him.”


“Vieki Sugi, eyes gouged out - lips cut off, ears - assumingly in this order - before his chest was ripped open and all non essential organs were removed. Leaving just the main organs you need in the moment to live. Dying from that slowly.”

“Utatis… Please stop I-”

“Kainic Yonaro - died from-”

< Suha sobbing >

“… Do we understand now?”

“Utatis what the ■■■■ is your pro-”

“-AVIO! SHUT THE ■■■■ UP!”


< Suha’s continued sobbing. >

“-SevenEightNineTen - Okay! Suha… Do you understand now what’s going on here?”


“And Avio, do you understand what’s going on here?”


“-No more words from you. Just nod.”


“Good… Good, good…”

< Full on crying from. Suha >

“… Now, Suha?”


" The bodies were found in a storage container in Avio’s material warehouse aboard the Guristas Productions shipyard. There was a message among the bodies… Which was nailed to the head of-"

“Utatis! Please… W-What was It?”

“Have a juice box and go sit in the corner.”

“B-But why?! I wanted to hel-”

“Suha, Suha… Please. Please! Just heed this message, because it nails it right on the ■■■■ nose on what I think you should do right now. Believe me when I say… it’s a very polite message. It’s a very - VERY - polite message.”


“Ssssh…Ssssh, no words… From either of you! Lay low for a bit, please? Step away from all this. Build up Venal a bit more in silence… Which means no more public appearances Suha! Stay the ■■■■ home! Okay?”

“H-How long?”

“Till this invasion is over and done to be honest…”

“O-Okay… Okay!”

“What about me? I still got resp-”

“Stay the ■■■■ away from EDENCOM and keep your mouth shut and if you gotta do anything, it stays in Venal. Okay?”

“That ain’t gonna wor-”


“Avio! Please… Just… Listen to him.”

“… Alright.”

"Thank you…

“What about the people that are already here? The refugees?”

“They- Alright let me put it like this, if either of you wake up tomorrow with my corpse in your room? You round up every single one of them and you put them on a jump freighter out of here instantly. You pay that ■■■■■■ triple to move them in the moment. Understood? If it’s a dead Fedo, that’s good enough sign to move them, but they’ll give you a week max.”

“T-They would do that to y-”

“-Suha - Yes… Now then. I’m having those travel agents of ours to be super casual with their work… Willing people are willing people. But we ain’t gonna get aggressive about this… These people are gonna spend a day at the park and going to the noodle shop down the street before they ever consider reaching out to prospects.”

"… < Sniff> "


“… Step the ■■■■ back… Polite message. Very polite message… Don’t be rude.”


“Okay… I’m glad we have an understanding. Have a goodnight you two…”


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