“Cooooooomando Guri!~”

“You know… I THOUGHT i was working with alright people… Utatis was rough around the edges, but he answered to Suha, right? Suha always wanted what was best for people… Generous with her money and time. Did things to try and improve other people’s lives in this region… Now I’m not sure about that. Now I find myself working for two people who don’t seem stable… Caught between a rock and a hard place? Yeah, try being caught between a psychopath and a sociopath…”

  • Thulun de Vryes

“Cooooooomando Guri!~”

February 9th YC 126

H-PA29 IV - Moon 2 - Guristas Assembly Plant - Residential red light district, Temptations Pleasure Hub - Backroom staff area hallways

< Club beat echoing though the hallways >

“Thulun! Are we clear?”



“Y-Yeah Utatis… We’re clear. He’s dead…”

“You need to answer me quicker than that!”

“I-I was zoned out! Alright?”

“That will get you killed. And make you a liability in combat for others… “

“They’re all dead aren’t they!?”


“D-Don’t look at me like Utatis…”

“I need a professional right now. Get it together…”

“YeahYeahYeah, Professional… Right.”

“Acting like you’ve never shot someone before.”

T-That was different! This was just… Murder! They were just doing their jobs! You know?! Their job to… Stop us! W-We shouldn’t be up here…”


“T-This isn’t like Suha to have us do this!”

“Since you mentioned her, it’s best we get a move on-”

“-Oh! Because we got a ■■■■■■■ job to do, right?! N-No time to process things! I just gotta bottle it up and-”

< Utatis charging and pinning Thulun up against the wall >

“-S-S-■■■■! U-Utatis! I-”

“-Shut Up…. Either you get a grip and pull yourself together. Or I’ll shoot you myself and tell Suha you took a stray shot…”


“Am I not making myself clear?”

“…Y-Yeah! Yeah Utatis! ■■■■! I’ll g-get it together! J-Just keep it cool man…”


< Utatis releasing Thulun >

“I’d find some composure then if I were you…We’re gonna go join in on the talks with the owner here. ”

“Don’t think they heard all this commotion?”

“The music playing out on the floor should’ve covered for us.”

“The keyword there being “Should” right?”

“…Come along. She should- AGH!”

< Utatis tripping and slamming against the wall >

“… Y-You good Utatis? Did you… Did you get shot in the leg?”

“… Forget it! Old age… Let’s just keep moving.”

“Yeah… Right behind you Utatis…”

Personal lounge room

“So!~ I love your establishment Mr.Yemoto!~ Lovely ambiance, surplus of amenities and these chairs are very nice!~ That said…If I may ask, why is it that so many of your dancers here sport augmentations…?”

“You’re asking like there’s something wrong with that.”

“Weeeeeell, if I’m being honest… I do find it distasteful. Ugly even… What’s so erotic about cold steel and wires? I only see people I’d likely cut myself on trying to touch…”

“Cold Steel? Please… Thermal regulators to adjust body heat to suit whatever the client wants. They’re only cold if you want them to… Among other things, lot of these ‘Adjustments’ my dancers underwent allows for certain maneuverability that people around here like to take full advantage of… If it ain’t your taste, then by all means - But the appeal is undeniable. Maybe when you start working here, you’ll see how many more customers you’d have if you modified yourself some.”

“… Work here?”

“Pretty face like yours with that kind of body? Can’t see you doing anything else…”

“…You think I’m here to WORK for you as a dancer?” “

“Why else would you be here?”

“… To takeover.”

“Excuse me?”

< Lounge door sliding open >

“Oh!~ Utatis!~ Thulun!~ Perfect timing…Like, incredible timing! Really, that was thematically on-point!~”

“Me and Thulun strived for punctuality…”
“Y-Yeah… We sure did.”

“…Who the ■■■■ let you two up here?!”

“Oh no need for that tone Mr.Yemoto!~ They let themselves up here!~… After All, this place is as good as ours by the time we’re done up here!~ Might as well act like it already is, no?”

“What makes you think I’m handing ■■■■ over to you?”

“Because you have no leverage to negotiate with!~ Your men are dead… Mine are here before you, and I have a solution to make this a win-win situation!~”

“And what’s that?”


“Mr.Yemoto… Financially speaking, your club is failing. You can’t keep up with your overhead, you’ve invested too much into your dancers and renovations. And to top it all off you owe a substantial debt to the HP-A Crew… Something to do with your days in the Guristas before you retired? Something about a lost shipment of boosters that was loaned out to you that was lost to Federal Customs

“A shipment the HP-A Crew hasn’t forgotten about!~”

“You owe them compensation Mr.Yemoto… And you haven’t been returning their calls.”

“■■■■ happens, they should’ve had me put down a collateral if they cared that much…”

“They care enough that they put a bounty on your head… I’m sure you’re aware of that… Hence why you barred members of the HP-A Crew from entering your establishment, no?”

“… So what’s the play here?”

< Suha clasping her hands together >

“Simple!~ I purchase your establishment for what you owe the HP-A crew and you make the transition of ownership a smooth process for me!~”

“How generous… Why me? Hmm? Couldn’t you have done this ■■■■ to that jagoff a level up? Why not take his joint over?!”

“Oh!~ See, that’s the thing… It has to do with your patrons!~ The hub above has become synonymous with Helmatt’s Harriers. The gate connection has made it easier for the Harriers to poach more members from the Cartel and that hub is working well for them as I understand it… But that’s none of my business!~”

“But the Commando Guri are…? That’s what this is about then? Because those assholes like coming here you gotta be pulling this ■■■■? Look… All offenses intended. You look a bit too cute to be dealing with these folk…”

“Aww, what’s wrong with that?~ I mean… The name Commando Guri alone is kinda cute, ain’t it? Coooooomando Guri!~


“Come on!~ Say it with me!~ Cooooooomando Guri!~”


“Thulun!~ You give it a try!”

“C-C-Commando Guri?”

“NoNoNo! Coooooomando Guri!~ Utatis, you-”


“-Okay fine! Be a spoilsport…Mr.Yemoto! Just give it a whirl!~ Cooooooomando Guri!~





“Get that ■■■■■■■ smirk off your fa-”

“-Cooooooomando Guri!~”

“… So what do you want with them?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?~”

“Bottomfeeder like you? Could only wager you’re gonna try and suck up to this new outfit Esri’s been given command of… The ■■■■■ only been here a year and she’s been giving command of a whole swathe of eggers to plunder low security backwaters with. Now everyone wants a piece of the action Esri got handed to her by the Rabbit… Now that I mention it, you got a thing for eggers, don’t you? What? One not enough? Gotta sleep with more and make them everyone’s problem like the first one?”

“… Do you want the deal or not?”

“No… And you know why? Because if I’m not gonna bother with those H-PA shitheads and tell them to go ■■■■ themselves when they come asking for money. What makes you think I’m not gonna tell you thr same? In fact! All of you can go ■■■■ yourself! I ain’t handing ■■■■ over.”

“… < Agitated sigh >

< Suha standing up from her chair >

“Well you won’t have to willingly at least… I’d hope we’d come to more cooperative terms… You hand over the passwords and encryption keys to the backend of this place… Now we gotta figure that out the harder way! The more expensive way at that… Ugh!”

< Suha walking over to Thulun >

“Thulun!~ Hand me your weapon…”


“Just let me see it!~”

“Go on Thulun… Give it to her.”

“U-Utatis?! Why- Uh… H-Here, Suha…”

“Thank you!~”

< Yemoto standing up from his chair >

“What? You’re gonna shoot me yourself?”

< Suha walking over to Yemoto >

“Shoot you?!~ Who ever said anything ab-”

< Suha pistol whipping Yemoto >

< Yemoto dropping to the ground >

“Think I’d work in this shitohle?!”

< Suha pouncing ontop of Yemoto and clubbing him in the back of the head… Repeatedly >

“… Holy ■■■■.”


< “■■■■■■■ deadbeat trash! What you think you know about me?! huh?! >

< Suha continuously beating Yemoto to death >

“…U-Utatis man, you gotta stop this!”

“Hmm? Oh, don’t worry. She’ll wear herself out…”

“… What the ■■■■ man?!”

“Maybe even pull a muscle.”

< “Let’s see you run this place without a ■■■■■■■ brain cocksucker!” >

“…Utatis I’m begging you… Stop this. It’s too much man.”

“… < Sigh > Suha…”

< Suha continuing to club at Yemoto’s skull >


< Suha continuing >

“Suha! That’s enough!”

< Suha panting >

< Utatis walking over >

“…Are you good? Did you get that out of your system?”

“Yeah…. Yeah I think I did… Help me up, would you?”

< Utatis helping Suha to her feet >

“What the hell…?”

“Hmm?~ What’s the matter Thulun?”

“I think he’s looking at the blood on your outfit…”

“My…? Oh son of a ■■■■■! I completely forgot I was even wearing this! Ugh! It’s ■■■■■■■ everywhere! There’s no way any of this is coming out! ■■■■!”

“We could find you another.”

“This what you two are concerned about…?”

“Yes! I looked so cute in this and I go and ruin it with this fuckhead’s blood!”


“Oh! Yes… Here’s your gun back Thulun…”

“Oh… Oh god…”

< Thulun vomiting on the ground >

“… Oh great! Let’s just add more messes to clean! There was a trash can RIGHT over there Thulun!”

“I’m s-s-sorry… Suha.”

“… Oh it can’t be helped… Do me a favor would you? Go out there and start telling the staff to close down the place early… Make sure the guests all exit in an orderly fashion!~”


“Excellent!~ Run along now!~”

< Thulun walking off and out of the lounge >

“… Utatis!~”


“I want you to contact the HP-A Crew and offer them what he owed back, just so there’s no hard feelings between… Let them know their members are also welcomed here anytime!~”

“Understood… As for this hub? Any immediate changes you wanna make?”

“We can start with the dancers… Bring back real flesh for the people to lust for! Let the augmented ones find employment elsewhere… I’m sure they’ll manage!~”

“Any renovations in mind?”

“A conversation for another time! I reek! I need to get out of these clothes and take a shower!”

“Hmm… I’ll leave you to it then.”

< Utatis walking off >

“Oh!~ Utatis!~ How’s the leg…?”


< Utatis walking out of the lounge area >


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