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“Turmoil” Arc

The “Turmoil” arc as I’m calling it is the continuation of the former “Prosperity” arc I did for the Guristas-Themed storyline I ran between 2019-2022. Both arcs feature the same characters and contitunity, just being separated because I feel the writing moving forward is gonna be of a different tone and direction that it warrants a new branding behind it.


  1. “Looks can be deceiving~”
  • A year after the events of the Guristas’ heist of Caldari capital ship construction research. Suha Raibuya and Utatis Parinen continues to lurk in the Venal region rooting out low-threat threats to the Guristas cartel
  1. “How are you still alive?”
  • Waiting for what feels like ages for any other business contact, Suha is instead confronted with the man holding the strings to her closest advisor Utatis Parinen and given the truth behind his motivations for working for her.
  1. “Aren’t I just one mischievous little bunny?!~”
  • Now armed with new information on Utatis, Suha confronts him in person for confirmation.
  1. “I’m gonna treat it like it’s none of my business.”
  • Two of Suha’s bodyguards chat over a meal in their downtime before work about the recent happenings of their employers
  1. “Cooooooomando Guri!~”
  • Be it frustration or plain madness, Suha takes bolder steps towards reclaiming her influence in the Venal region.
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