“How are you still alive?”

“… That mother ■■■■■■”

  • Suha Raibuya

“How are you still alive?”

October 13th YC 125

6NJ8-V - Moon 6 - Guristas Production Shipyard, Lucky Crokite Casino - VIP dining lounge

< Suha tapping her fingers on the table >

“… This is ridiculous! I’ve eaten a full course meal and this prick still hasn’t bothered showing up!”

“Sure is rude ma’am. Mhmm.”

“I gave him a time and a place so we can talk business and he ■■■■■■■ ghosts me?!”

“Should we get going?”

“… Know what Felch? ■■■■ it! I’m still feeling generous! Ten more minutes….”

“Wow uh… That’s great ma’am.”

“… Is something the matter Felch?”

“Um… Permission to speak freely, ma’am?”

“This isn’t the military Felch… Just say it. Please…”

“Alright then… I really gotta piss! Like… Badly! I’ve been standing here the past forty minutes trying to hide it.”

“… Well I wasn’t gonna sit here and be hungry. Go…”

“Really? You’re gonna be fine?”

"Security here is tight enough… Just be quick about it!’

“T-Thank you! I-I’ll be right back!”

< Felch dashing off >

"… And be sure to wash your ■■■■■■■ hands!.. < Sigh> "

< Suha picking up her necomm and fidgeting with it >

< Unidentified figure walking up to the table, pulling a chair out and plopping down >

“Huh? O-Oh! < Throat clear > There you are!~ You really kept me waiting!~ Didn’t you Mr.Salgor-”

“-Your contact is dead.”


“I shot him in the back of the head. He’s gone. Deceased. Flatlined. Or… Moved on to his ancestors or some ■■■■. I don’t know nothing about spiritual existence or whatever you call it. You’re the Wayist, you’d know…”

“… I-Im sorry, W-What is this?”

“This? Oh this is nothing… I just got a question for you.”

“A Question?”

“Yeah! Just a question! I mean… I learn everything I need to know about you through Utatis, but there are some things about you I can’t wrap my head around and just leaves me with so many questions… And I’m taking a ■■■■ one day and it hit me… Why don’t I just go up and ask her myself?”

“… W-Wait, What did you just say about Utatis?”

“Whoops! I’m getting ahead of myself! Gonna give the whole game away…”


“I see I at least piqued your interest…”

“… Who are you?”

“Sortan Ramose. Something of an ‘Old friend’ of Utatis… And you? Are Suha Raibuya…You know? I guess you could consider me your biggest fan! I know everything about you afterall…”

"If that’s true. Then what could you possibly need to ask me directly about?

"How are you still alive?’


“Like… Really!? I can’t wrap my head around why you’re still breathing… After all the fuckups and embarrassments you’ve made trying to play pretend these past three years. You’re still alive? How is that possible?”


“I’ve seen people get executed for far less than what you’ve done! Good peop- Well okay hold - maybe not GOOD people - They were all shitty in their own unique ways, but I liked them! And that put them on a very short list of mine… And you wanna know something? That list had only gotten shorter with time… Because they were ■■■■■■■ idiots! My idiots! But idiots all the same! They tried to play games and act like they’re smarter than the system we got going on here… One guy I knew even tried to finesse the old hare himself!”


" < Chuckle >… Wow… You wouldn’t want to believe the things we did to those cocksuckers…I should know! I took care of them myself…"


"I remember being told you broke down crying like a toddler when you were read off the ways we executed those dumb ■■■■■■■ simps you duped into snatching people under trig invasions…"

“How do you know-”

“-Only three people were in that room if you remember. You, that pussy whipped egger of yours… And Utatis.”


“That reminds me! I have another question! Just where is your Egger pet? Hmmm? Hasn’t been seen near 6NJ for some time now…”

“…H-H-He’s relocated to P-V… C-Closer to Brotherhood of Spacers’ staging in PF-… H-H’s doing assignments for Kaikka Peunato and helping him secure his corridor of Venal…”

“Ohhh! They took your toys away! Is that it? I see, I see… ‘Relocated’, right…Told to ‘Stay the ■■■■ away, and keep their head down.’ Is how I would be putting that… Suppose its only convenient that band of autistic-wannabe-Guristas-demigods he calls an alliance are on the other side of this region for him to run off to…And they got him answering to the maneater, Kaikka Peunato himself?… Think if that egger stays around him long enough, he’ll flip on you?”


“If you need anyone to warm your bed? I’m up for the task < Chuckle >…Having an egger answer your call must’ve made all your cute little ideas seem obtainable… I get keeping you two apart to put your ambitions in check… Not that I blame you! If I had an egger pussy whipped, I’d be wildin’ out as well!”


“Yeah… Started sticking your ■■■■■■■ nose where it didn’t belong… Started skimming databanks of classified Navy research and making yourself a part of something you had absolutely no god damn business being Involved in… Could have jeopardized a lot of time and planning… The Rabbit REALLY likes his planning… Nothing goes unaccounted for when he’s at the helm. And when something does? There will be hell to pay…”


“Why do you get so many chances? Why is there so much patience for a junkie whore like you? Utatis can’t be the reason… Hell! Way I see it? For ever mess you’ve created, that’s one more example of Utatis ■■■■■■■ his job up!”

“H-His job?”

“Oh I don’t mean the job of him working for you or anything !That’s all pretend!.. You really think someone like Utatis looks to you for employment? Someone like him looked at you and thought ‘This is someone I wanna take orders from’… Naive thinking on your part.”


"The only reason Utatis is by your side? Is because someone placed him there… To babysit you. To wipe your ass and clean up your messes… I’d argue he’s ■■■■■■ that up royally multiple times now! Which only adds to my frustration as to why you’ve both haven’t been scrubbed and that ■■■■■■■ egger ran out of this region!

“T-Then ■■■■■■■ do it! K-Kill me!”

"… < Snort > "


< Sortan cackling >

“Y-You’re laughing?!”

" < Wheeze > Yes! Because you think you just sounded intimidating right there! Did you not hear your voice break just now?"

“That’s only beca-”

“-Oh just give it a rest! Start whacking a few spies yourself and you get it in your head you can start acting hard and tough… It’s all a farce like that charm you put on, am I right?”


“I know what you really are past the fake bravado and cutesy fedoshit fitting for a whore of your caliber… Deep down you’re nothing but a scared little girl. A scared little girl that got lost, and started wandering in the world I live in. I don’t know what or who is protecting you… But I’ve lost patience for it. Do I wanna kill you? No because I don’t give a ■■■■ about you, I never did. My only concern over you being alive right now, is that it keeps Utaris alive.”

“T-Then why tell me all this?!”

“Make his life harder… He’s got it too easy. Spying on you has got to be the easiest post anyone in the Guristas can land and we handed it to a ■■■■■■■ failure like him to get fat and lazy off of! You didn’t even question anything, ever! You blindly trusted him and he just fed me every little secret you have…”


“… Oh! Looks like your bodyguard is back from his piss break! I’ll leave you to process things…”

< Sortan pushing his chair back and standing up >

“Maybe lie down also… You don’t look so good…< Chuckle > toodles~!”

< Sortan walking off and Felch approaching >


“■■■■ ma’am! I’m sorry! I had to find the bathroom! Get in and have to deal with some pirate trying to sell me boosters while at the urinal and then-”

< Suha vomiting >

“Oh ■■■■! I shouldn’t have said that!”

< Suha coughing and gagging >

“… Suha? Ma’am? Are you alr-”

“-D-Don’t ■■■■■■■ touch me!”

“…Y-Yes ma’am! Sorry!”


“… Should we get out of here? Get you home?”

“… Y-Yes…. I think I need to lie down and… Process things.”

“Alright! Let me call for the waiter and we can pay up and be-”

“-■■■■ paying. I didn’t even digest the food…”

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