"I think the real fight is about to happen!"

"I find myself silently observing Suha’s plans and schemes with an ounce of pity. Knowing that she doesn’t fully realize what kind of people she’s dealing with and thinking all her ideas will be enacted in perfection and everyone will be happy… I just nod my head and play along with what she wants of me, If it’s something a little too ambitious, I’ll step in - Otherwise I’ll let her have her fun, and I’ll be there to witness when playtime stops and she’s faced with reality… I almost find it satisfying.

  • Utatis Parinen

“I think the real fight is about to happen!”

September 30th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Rebirthed Fortunes Casino - Atrium, VIP Balcony

< Crowd below whistling and cheering >

< Suha gleefully giggling and clapping >

“Enjoying the show I take it…?”

“Utatis! This is all so absolutely electrifying! What do you think of the fight Okiku?”

“Which one? The one in the ring or the one in the crowd a minute ago?”

“The one in the ring silly~. Seeing these two finally go at it after all this time is everything I had hoped for~! Oh! Mumo!”

"Oh! Uh, yes Suha?’

“How are the numbers?”

“W-Well it’s no Splitterz or Mind-Clash, but there is definitely a considerable amount of money riding on bets. With bet fees and pay-per-view purchases… We’re actually making a decent profit! F-For once…”

“That’s phenomenal! Maybe we can eventually look into branching out into Mind-Clash and Splitterz next!”

“Well that is where the major money is-”

“-and the most ruthless and violent cutthroat competition you’ll ever lock horns with.”

“A-Ah! Y-Yes… As Utatis puts it, maybe best we stay where we’re at. Solidify our hold on this share of the market, don’t you agree Suha?”

“No rush at all! It seems everyone is enjoying what we have for offer right now! < Giggle > I almost want to go down and join the crowd~.”

“I just saw someone get a bottle smashed over their head down there. That crowd would consume you.”

“Oh just horseplay Okiku~.”

“No… The kid is right, you don’t need to be down there Suha… It’s not safe.”

“Oh Utatis~! I-”

“-Suha. I… insist you stay put…”


< Bell rings for round end >

“… I think you’ve had enough to drink for tonight. Putting crazy thoughts into your head…”

“Mmm? Ah yes… Maybe so Utatis… Eh, Okiku - H-How about you finish the rest of this for me?”

“■■■■ it, sure.”

“Real classy… Well, I’ll leave you two alone for a minute and talk with Mumo for a second.”

“Of course Utatis! Don’t let me keep you~.”

< Utatis walking away >

“… So who is he exactly?”


“Cyclops there. Is he your employee or something?”

"That’s Utatis! He works for me, yes. Though ‘employee’ is a bit underwhelming I’d say~. More of my personal advisor and my “Go getter!” I like to think < Giggle >. You did meet him one time when we first met."

“When you were too high to remember even calling him to your quarters? Yeah. I remember.”

< Suha giggling >

“Right well, guy kinda gives me the creeps… Stared at me with this ice cold glare when we first got here.”

“Utatis can be a bit cold at times… . But! He is loyal and reliable! Any problem I have - he takes care of it, 100% of the time! I swear, It’s a blessing to have him!”

“I dunno… Something strange about someone like him being a subordinate. Like,when he placed his hand on your shoulder and insisted you stayed put… almost like he was ordering you. Even had this look on your face like you were afraid of him.”

“W-Well about that… Umm…”

< Bell rings for start of round >

< Crowd cheering and whistling >

“O-Oh! It’s starting back up! Let’s watch!”

< ‘Okiku’ sighing >

“-Business aside, how are you feeling Mumo?”

“You know, with how cold and calculating I’m realizing you are, I’m starting to find it strange when you ask about how I’m feeling.”

“Consider me bored and just play along. How are you feeling?”

“… Honestly? I feel like complete ■■■■.”

“Physically? Emotionally?”

"… Both? Dealing with withdrawal symptoms, Viruda dying… I’m just not in the best of places right now.’

“You’re dead set on giving it up crash now?”

“I’ve… I’ve let it get out of hand. I need to fight this or-”

“-You end up like Viruda?”

“Y-Yeah….Um, hey. Can I ask something?”


“Who uh …. Who’s the girl? The one with Suha.”

“Ah yes, Suha’s newest vulnerability.”

“Um… What?”

"Calling it how I see it… Suha has introduced her as Okiku, a small stowaway she bought off some Gurista she was buying blue Pill from a couple of months ago."

“I’m sorry - She BOUGHT her? Off drug dealers?”

< Utatis chuckling >

“I dunno if you chuckling, or Suha purchasing a teenager is more disturbing.”

“Oh! her motives were as naive and pure as you’d hope from your precious little Suha… She “Bought” her outta impulse as the captain was about to execute her for stowing away on their ship…”

“S-She did it to save her life then?”

'Like I said, as naive and pure as you’d hope…"

“She looks so much like her too, like they’re sisters or she’s her daughter… What is she? 14? 16?”

“No idea. Around that number.”

“Well… You say she’s a vulnerability for Suha?”

“Children typically are. It’s why high-profile people with a lot of enemies tend to keep theirs on the down low. Moment that girl is kidnapped, Suha would crumble at any demands made for her safety.”

“I… Can’t say you’re wrong about that.”

“Of course you can’t.”

“The two seem… Close?”

“Not close enough. Certainly didn’t start this way. Kid had some sneering dislike for Suha. Disgust even. She ran away - Escaped - Only an hour after being ‘purchased’. I will say something must’ve happened between the two… Her hostility towards Suha seems diminished.”

“Well… She has a way with people!”

“No… No something more personal must’ve happened between the two. That kid is too smart to fall for Suha’s pretty smile and words. I would watch her if I was you…”

“You’re… You’re not scared of a kid now are you Utatis?”


“I… Look, I didn’t mean anything by it, I just-”

“No offense taken… But that girl has Suha’s ear now. You’d be wise to keep that in mind.”

“I… I see.”

< Bell dings for end of round >

I’m gonna have a word with the two, I’ll let you get back to your numbers."

“Y-Yeah, thanks…”

< Suha sighing >

“Something wrong Ma’am?”

“Oh! Utatis… I was uh, just thinking how I wished Avio was here to watch this…”

“He’s here in spirit.”

“He’s not here at all! I swear, ever since participating in those Liberation Games he’s been acting more strange…Disappearing on short notice!”

“I suppose he’s taken a liking to the nomadic lifestyle of the Thukkers.”

“Always running off and doing things without telling me. He did that when he ran off to Stain of all places to help Amarrians build a gate, did it for the Liberation games and now he’s just vanishing into thin air! Unbelievable…”

“Well, takes a lot to shackle a Capsuleer down in one place Ma’am.”

“I know I just… Wish he would say something…”

< Bell ring for round start >

“Oh! Here we go! Round 9! < Giggle > This fight is keeping everyone on the edge of their seats!”

“I haven’t been paying attention.”

“That’s a shame Utatis! This has been a remarkable first bout for the new prizefight commission! Both contestants are so evenly matched that-”

< Crowd erupts into rowdy cheering >

< Suha jumps to her feet and starts bouncing in place >

“Teron’s down! Teron’s down!”

“Suha, relax.”

“Nevermind that Okiku! Come on, count!”

< Crowd and Suha counting down >

< 1! >

< 2! >

< 3! >

< 4! >

< 5! >

< 6! >

< 7! >

< 8! >

< 9! >

< 10! >

< Bell rings for end of fight >

< Crowd cheering and booing >

< Suha bouncing up and down clapping >

“So that’s it… we have a winner.”

“A winner indeed Utatis~! Vellen Ultory of Helmatt’s Harriers is our first Prizefight winner~! Ooooohhh this is all so exciting! I should go down and… wait, What’s going on?”

“Seems those hoping Vepas’ lad would win aren’t happy about the results…”

< Crowd shouting and arguing among themselves >

“They’re jumping barriers to meet with the Harriers…”

“W-Why would they be doing that Utatis?”

“I think the real fight is about to happen!”

“Okiku, please.”

“No, the kid is right… Again. The real fight is about to happen.”

“No… No, no, no! Not like this! Everything was going right!”

< Brawling starting to break out among the crowd >


“You forgot what kind of people you’re dealing with, Ma’am…”

< Brawling escalating to a full on riot >

< Glass smashing >

“Drunk, beligerant and crazy - and maybe with your help in stoking the flame of Vepas’ and Helmatt’s rivalry you got people like this emotionally Invested into the outcome of the fight… just like you wanted.”

“N-No! This is not what I wanted Utatis!”

“This is what I wanted! This is ■■■■■■■ rad!”

“Okiku! Not now!”

“Let the kid have her amusement.”

< Tables and chairs being smashed and broken >

“This… This is a disaster! We gotta cut the feed! Call security! Something!”

“Let it run, let the region see what you’ve created. Might even be a special treat for those watching the stream. Besides, security here is beyond our control. That’s for the establishment owners to handle.”

< Ongoing riot >

“Ah, which reminds me that we might need to compensate the owners for the damages caused. Mumo, what do you think?”

“Well Utatis it’s… Gonna cut into our profits. How much depends on the damage caused.”

< Giant Aquarium shattering >

“… Yeah it’s gonna be rough.”

< Suha muttering to herself >

“Ma’am, I think we should evacuate. I planned out a route ahead of time incase of this event. We’ll be outta here safe and sound, I promise you.”

“It was… Going so well. For once! So close…”

< Suha sniffling >

“You’ll have time to cry your eyes out about it later, somewhere safe even. And if it makes you feel any better, they won’t go out if their way to kill each other… Though there’s a good chance a few deaths will come from this”

“Y-Y-You’re not h-helping Utatis!”

"Oh believe me, I am. Now we need to go. Before the chaos moves up here. Mumo, pack it up, we’re moving.”

“Ah! Y-Yes… Right away”

< Mumo packing up her equipment >

“Can’t we just stay a bit longer? I just saw this Brutor get picked up by two guys and powerbombed into a table. It was sick.”

“Okiku… please.”

< sigh > Fine….”

“Right this way ladies, Stay behind me and don’t stray… For your own safety.”

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