"Hey, don't disrespect my swagger."

"I play along with the position I’m given because it is the job given to me, both by Suha and… My “Higher ups” back with the Guristas. It’s no promotion of course, every week it’s a new source of embarrassment for me to be stuck here, wiping the ass of some spineless drugged up failure like Suha… Despite the dissatisfaction it brings me - I’ll do my job. But my job is to work for one of the most pitiful Guristas wannabes I’ve ever seen, a naive girl who doesn’t understand her position of leadership, who doesn’t truly understand the environment she’s in and someone who cowers where actual Gurista would spring Into action… Maybe there’s a softie inside me, but I have but just one dwindling bit of hope left in me that one day she’ll catch on and show some teeth.

  • Utatis Parinen

“Hey, don’t disrespect my swagger.”

October 1st YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Rebirthed Fortunes Casino - Ground floor

“- Do you have any idea how much this is going to cost me?!”

“Mr.Derup I implore you to remain calm and-”

“Oh don’t start with that ■■■■ you one eyed prick! Thanks to this bum fight YOU made me the host of - I’ve now lost every bit of profit I made since opening up and then some!”

“We will be more than happy to compensate you for the damages that occurred here.”

“Just the damage?! What about the theft?! These goddamn neanderthals started smashing my slots and looting the valuable components inside ! My bar was robbed for every bottle it had that wasn’t already shattered into pieces! My decorations - RIPPED - off the god damn walls! And I’ve watched the recordings, I’ve seen these degenerates running off with my casino’s property! When it comes to my losses here? It is in damages AND theft. Are you people going to cover THAT?! Because let me tell you - you’re gonna be paying a small fortune to “compensate” me.”

“Well, without a complete log of all the missing items and proof provided of the theft, we can come up with a estimation to-”

“An estimation!? I don’t deal with estimations! You need a number, you talk to my guys for it.”

“Unfortunately we don’t operate like that and need to do our own math to best determine-”

"What was your name again? Utatis right? Utatis I’m gonna need you to go ■■■■ yourself, as you’re saying you’re gonna offer to pay my damages, but playing games to avoid paying me in full. So I need to ask, which is it? You paying me or not?

“… We will pay you a compensation fee that will ease the financial wound inflicted on your establishment.”

“I’m sorry, ‘Ease the financial wound’?. What kind of ■■■■■■■ wording is that? Just tell me you’re not paying me in full, how hard is this?”

“… We’re not paying you in full.”

“Should had figured… Gonna walk off with all the profits and leave me with all the damage and just give me some ■■■■■■■ cheque to ease things over? ■■■■ you! ■■■■ you, and your blonde ■■■■ of a lackey of yours that walks around like he’s got your dick up his ass.”

“Hey, don’t disrespect my swagger.”

“Go ■■■■ yourself.”

“Thulun, please… Mr.Derup As I said, I implore you to remain calm. As this is not the appropriate tone you want tk take if you want to discuss financial support for this disaster.”

“You know what? Forget that. You put up a scary game when we first met. Coming in my place with brain chunks on your god damn shoes - real edgy boy you are - I let you walk over me, but now? That ain’t happening. I want nothing to do with your people from here on out - and your gonna pay me in full or-”

< Utatis walking forward >

"-Or what? Mr.-

< Several weapons in all directions being cocked, unholstered and aimed at Utatis and Thulun >

“… Friends of yours Mr.Derup?”

“You could say that… Had some muscle from the Syndicate called in to help me stand my ground and defend my interests…”

“I assume you’re gonna do more than ‘defend’ your interests with people like these…”

“You could say that… I want my money Utatis - In full - within a week. Otherwise? I’m gonna have to teach you how paying for your own damages are like.”

“That’s a threat if I ever heard one…”

“Don’t take me seriously? Go ahead then - I don’t hear from you in a week from now about my money? You’ll see what’s up… You people ain’t under any Guristas protection.”

“Neither are you.”

“Dealing with people like you? I don’t need to be. See, apparently you people are nothing more than a bunch of pushovers from what I’m hearing. Easy pickings.”


“Yeah you spooked me at first, but I ain’t gonna be let some ■■■■ stain organization on the Guristas’ bootheel take advantage of my business and ■■■■ me over out of my money. So here’s what’s gonna happen… You two are gonna leave my casino, talk to this ■■■■■ in charge, and get me my money. I don’t hear back from you? Then I’ll get my money back another way, understand?”

“… Perfectly.”

“Good… Well, go on then. Get.”

“Thulun, let’s go.”

< Utatis and Thulun walking away >

“… Hey uh, Boss?”


“You… You alright?”


"Look, dunno if it’s my place to ask but uh… We gonna let receding hairline there push us around next?’

“Not my call Thulun… Not my call.”

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Meeting Room for Venal Prosperity Network Leadership

“-And that’s the situation Suha… He’s making vague threats of retaliation if we don’t compensate him in full. Paying for the damages - and apparent theft.”

“…W-Well… Seems obvious we should repay him! We should always look after the well being and success of our clients!”

“Oh God-■■■■■■■-dammit Suha…”


" < Sigh >… I do apologize for that outburst ma’am. Frustration got the best of me I’m afraid…"

“… Well, what do you suppose we do Utatis?”

“Oh I don’t know… Mumo, how about you tell Suha about how much we’re expected to pay should we go through with compensating him?”

“According to the numbers his accountants from the Intaki bank sent…We’re looking at all of our profits from the fight going to him, and then some. And knowing the Intaki accountants first hand - These numbers are crisp and accurate without a doubt.”

“A-All of our profits?”

“Yes, all of it Suha. And then some. We’d be in the negative after this whole debacle.”

“It’s… It’s the responsible thing to do?”

“Well… Suha? If I may…”

“Of course Mumo.”

“I… I can’t really accept giving away all our profits to this guy. You know how critical I am about having ventures that can profit on their own for once and I was incredibly happy to have seen the money we had rolling in from that fight. It felt like things were finally turning around for us… I-I just can’t stand the idea of taking a step back just to appease this guy. And for what? So he can make even more money off the back of our services? While Utatis hasn’t out right suggested it… I can tell he shares my thoughts on this. We shouldn’t pay him a single digit.”

“But what about these threats of retaliation?”

“Honestly? I’d like to see him try.”

“But our people could get hurt, Utatis!”

“That much is expected.”

“Utatis, I-”

“-Suha, I’m just gonna stop you right there. I’m just gonna come out and say that maybe you just need to grow a ■■■■■■■ spine for once.”

“I… I uh…”

“No - Don’t talk. You know what this man said to me? That he’s starting to make demands of us because he KNOWS we’re a bunch of pushovers that would fold at the slightest bit of resistance and I’m… Inclined to agree.”


“I understand why you’d fold in the face if the Guristas, admittedly I’m partially at fault for that - but now if we give in to his demands, we’ll be showing the region we can be pushed around by any outsider that comes our way… How you think that’s gonna go over?”

“…W-What do you purpose I do?”

“Tell him no? We keep our money we earned and leave him to deal with the damages himself. If he retaliates? We retaliate even harder…”


" < Sigh > If you wanna give him the money, I’ll stop now and I’ll follow along with your orders ma’am. I will never address it again and we can put to rest this problem… Though I doubt you’d be earning any respect from the Guristas if you continue to be a coward."


“That’s how they might perceive it… Might even start taking advantage of us anymore…. Maybe we can just take this whole issue of ours as a learning experience. An opportunity for you to show you actually have a spine worth taking seriously.”


“Well? What are your orders ma’am?”

“We… We don’t pay him. We stand our ground!”

“… So what would you have me do, ma’am?”

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