"You think I'm making this up?!"

((Footage linked is not to say THIS IS THE PILOT, but rather to give context behind the events))

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"It brings a small smile to my face whenever I hear about a raid carried out against a Quafe Warehouse or convoy… Not really a fan of their products, and why should I be? All they make is poison that manipulates you into consuming more and more. Their soft drinks and cheap processed snacks only dull the mind and weaken the body, all of it finely combed over by scientists who try to ‘improve’ on the formula to get more and more people hooked on the taste in exchange for a quick shot of dopamine… It’s cool to like Quafe! It’s what’s hip and trendy in New Eden! It’s branding is a fashion statement! Quafe is so powerful that the Caldari State even swallowed it’s own pride in one chug and let the Quafe Corporation take root in their economy… When you think about it? The Quafe Corporation puts the Serpentis to shame.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“You think I’m making this up?!”

June 19th YC 122

Saranen V - Moon 16 - Ishukone Watch Testing Facilities - Personal office of Watch Commander Alakuda Kurori

“So what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

“Commander Alakuda, I’m Agent Tehti and this is Agent Ransuu-”

“-A pleasure to meet you Commander-”

“-And we’re here representing PKN Interstellar.”

“Of… Course you are… Alright, what can I do for you gentlemen?”

“Ma’am, I assume you know why we’re here?”

"On such short notice? The Guristas raid on the Quafe warehouse in system, no?"

“Correct, my superiors have dispatched us to get as much information as we can on the incident. We’re here for something else you, but we’ll get back to that…Oh! I hope you don’t mind that Agent Ransuu records our conversation? Far easier than taking notes you see…”

“Go right ahead.”

“Excellent! Ransuu?”

“We’re live, sir.”

“Good - Well Commander, would you like to start by explaining to us what happened?”

“Well at around 11:00 New Eden Standard Time an alert goes out that both Quafe Warehouse stations in system were being attacked by two Guristas fleets simultaneously. Standard fleet loadouts, Worms, Gilas, Rattlesnakes - The works. Ishukone Watch scrambled to provide reinforcements to Quafe security forces both in space and in station. The Guristas were pulling out as quickly as we got in, they cleared out at 11:15 New Eden Standard Time. Not to say we made them retreat, but it appears they got what they were after. With ease too - there exists signs of having inside access to the warehouse’s storage. Plenty of Quafe was stolen, but not nearly enough to justify the losses they took in that raid, maybe they got something else, but I’ve already been told that much is classified.”

“Nevermind that last part, does the Ishukone Watch have any intel on where they may have headed?”

“… In system.”

“…Pardon? Commander?”

“In system…The Guristas forces that attacked the warehouse’s retreated into a Deadspace base in system.”

“…I assume a counter-attack is being planned already Commander?”

“No… The defences of this base are… Unconventional, for lack of a better word.”

“My superiors won’t appreciate vague answers, Commander. What do you mean Unconventional?”

“First I should probably explain this base and it’s function… This base in system being used by the Guristas is an old shipyard. This shipyard was a damn stronghold for the Caldari Navy for this constellation. Defenses with such depth that no typical Gurista would mad enough to attack.”

“If the Guristas are in control of it now, couldn’t have been that deep.”

“I’m getting to that… This shipyard was the key to bringing order to this arm of Lonetrek, the Navy could keep an eye on the Pure Blind border from here, act as a jumping off point for merchant freighters and house an entire fleet to mobilize to any system in this constellation with maximum efficiency. Aside from a fleet, it had a massive surrounding minefield covering all angles of approach, along with launch tubes for fighter squadrons. When I say this place was a stronghold, I mean it.”

“Then how is it in Guristas hands now?”

“It started with a soft raid first… YC 118, a convoy was making it’s return - bookmarks handed out for this site landed any ship out of warp on the periphery of the minefield. The mines were programmed to recognize whitelisted ships and deactivate on their approach. Tedious to slow burn to the shipyard, but fhis system worked as it minimized the danger of any bookmark leaking, as hostile ships would still have a minefield to run if they wanted a shot at the base. The lunatics that pulled this raid off however managed to sneak into the convoy with several stolen frigates and… A single fighter craft.”

“A single fighter craft ?”

“Don’t ask about that just yet, it gets worse. Anyway, once the convoy clears the minefield - BAM - one of the frigates in the convoy explodes abruptly, with no shot fired from any ship. Base scrambles it’s defensive fighter wings without hesitation to combat a potential pirate threat, but it took them a good minute or two to pin point the exact ships apart of the raiding party. The lone fighter craft the raiders had wasn’t even detected until after command started noticing their pilots getting blown out of the sky in record timing and started asking questions.”

“An ace pilot?”

“Again, it gets worse - So let me continue.”

“Alright, go on then Commander.”

“The shipyard’s entire roster of fighter pilots was pretty much scrubbed in this raid, this single fighter craft wiped the floor with them. Ishukone Watch was called in to provide reinforcements, but by the time we arrived the raider were already making a retreat though the minefield… Somehow the protective shield those mines had were lowered and that same lone fighter was blasting a way though for the surviving raiders… About four? Three? Maybe two? Memory is a little foggy, and irrelevant, as the Navy wouldn’t learn till much later that the raid was softening them up for something much worse, doesn’t help that they uncovered cloaked listening devices in three locations along the shipyard’s hull only three days before the real show of force.”

“What happened?”

“The shipyard was reinforced with a small fleet, accompanied by a Wyvern-class Supercarrier to bring the shipyard’s fighter defenses back up to speed. Navy figured this would be enough to protect it from another attack, but then the minefield just….Shut down.”

“… The whole thing?”

"Every single mine just… Offline, instantly. When you take into consideration the listening devices, not hard to figure out that they had an inside man for this… But the field goes dark and what comes next is a Guristas fleet in equal size but thirty times more ballsy… They had their own Wyvern with them, but they didn’t launch entire squadrons off it like the Navy did… Just, one lone fighter craft."

“How were they even capable of overthrowing the defenders then?”

“… The Navy Wyvern could had easily tanked the fleet - no problem… If not for some virus bringing down it’s shields… Then that ■■■■■■■ lone fighter swooping around the ship’s hull and delicately hitting sensitive and essential components before taking out the ship’s core and…Setting it off… Remaining Naval forces gave the retreat signal and surrendered the shipyard to the Guristas, we lost way too much to justify fighting them.”

“So let me get this straight commander. We’re to believe that the Navy lost this stronghold - Several squadrons of fighters - and an entire supercarrier - to a single fighter pilot-”

< Desk slam >

“You think I’m making this up?!”

“I didn’t-”

“Who am I making look good with this story?!”

“The Gu-”

“Admiral Rarkko Rerta! - Captain of the Wyvern that fought to prevent that shipyard from falling into Guristas hands! - One of the few survivors of the ship’s destruction! - Someone I would call a friend! - Voluntarily, on his own orders, submitted to the Tea Maker Ceremony because he felt so much shame and grief for losing so many lives and a strategic outpost to a single fighter pilot! - You seriously think I’m gonna piss on this man’s pain, sorrow and honor with some made-up excuse?! ■■■■! You!”

“Commander plea-”

“You wanna know why I’m not planning a counterattack!? Because I refuse to toss more lives at reclaiming this shipyard! There are only more fighter crafts than before protecting it at all times! I will not let pride or bravado let me hand out death sentences to those under my command just to get back some secret Quafe formula or rare limited-edition Quafe can collection! You want that ■■■■ back?! Toss your own men into that godamn meat-grinder! I will not!”


“-I drink Starsi!”

“…Commander, I do believe you and I will not press any further on that matter. Thank you.”


“…Now, there is a second matter I’d like to discuss.”

“Go ahead…”

“We’re to believe that the Watch has taken custody of a suspect believed to be a saboteur that assisted the Guristas in the raid.”

“What about him, Agent?”

“My superiors would like that you hand him over to us.”

“Denied. Look, I’m being very generous as it is holding this talk and letting you know what’s up. But last I checked, Ishukone isn’t apart of your cute little PKN club…So no, this is Watch jurisdiction, and we will question the suspect and provide Quafe with anything we think they should know.”



“…Commander, I respect that you have to stand tall and not let me March all over your authority, truly I do. However I think you’ll find that we’re making the request in cooperation with Ishukone already.”

“What is this?”

“Give it a read…”





“Keep going commander…”

“… < sigh > I assume you have a ship ready?”

“We do, Dock 7, Gamma deck.”

“Two hours We’ll have him loaded into you’re ship.”

“Excellent! Thank you for your cooperation Commander. We’re done here Agent Ransuu.”


Nice story. Keep up the good work :yum:


yup, very good stuff here.

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