"I'm calling it how I see it, cousin."

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“I’ve not manipulated a soul! All I’ve done is liberate people both mentally and spiritually! I shared my worldview, my philosophy and spiritual teachings, and those in earshot of my words saw merit in what I was saying. Am I a manipulator because I don’t demonize and rain verbal scorn down upon the Guristas? Would I be considered wise, honorable and persuasive if I sung praise of the Empires and convinced others to bend knee to them without question? I’m no manipulator, I’m a liberator.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“I’m calling it how I see it, cousin.”

December 10th - YC 121

Myrskytuuli Regiment Command Center, Hoiyori, Nannaras X

“Cousin! So nice of you to contact me for once…What do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

“Avio…I think it’s time we talked.”

“Of course Tokitu, what would you like to discuss?”

“Well…I’d like to talk to you about this pet project you and Suha have been running in Venal these past few months.”

"The Prosperity Network?"

“Yes…I gotta ask, don’t you think this is all…Overkill?”

“What exactly do you mean?”

"What exactly do I mean? Well! How about we start with the fact that I sent you out to Venal ONLY to keep watch over Suha as she opened up her shrine in Guristas space."

“And I’ve done just that.”

“Yes! Along with also going off and building up a trade hub in the Guristas capital system by jumpstarting an industrial initiative that produces weapons and starships, enticing and creating a market network that the Guristas are now using to sell stolen wares, and enticing Capsuleers to come to the area to also help the Guristas out…You see where I’m trying to say this all overkill to what your original mission was?”

“Do you just expect me to sit on my ass and keep watch?”

“I expect you not go out and create a trade hub in the capital system of a pirate organization!”

“I think pirate is a rash label.”

“Oh ancestors choke! Avio! So you not realize the concern you’ve started causing us back home?”

“…Admittedly being out here has made me a bit disconnected with matters back home and wider New Eden cluster.”

“Your carefree assistance to the Guristas is causing a lot of trouble among members of the CORE council, Viokoro, Stelmari and soon Monden Searbier when the Ohrions get around to releasing him from mandatory care.”

“All I was doing was being good to our hosts out here…”

“I find it really interesting you’ll go to such extraordinary lengths to try and bring economic prosperity to a null security region owned by pirates, but you won’t come down here and do that to the system WE actually live in.”

“Oh you don’t want a bunch of Capsuleers mucking around over your heads, trust me.”

“That’s beside the point…My point is I believe some stronger force is controlling you, cousin. Controlling you into being an asset for the Guristas, more then the Zaibatsu.”



“What are you possibly talking about Tokitu?”

“I’m talking about Suha, Avio.”

“…My time with her out here has been eye opening. She’s given me a new perspective on the Guristas, one that I find myself agreeing with.”

“Was it her idea that you started actively helping the Guristas?”

“A contributing factor, sure. Like I said, i wanted to be good to our hosts and make myself of use. I certainly wasn’t also gonna go around scrapping Guristas fleets and storing casualties while Suha was trying to reconnect with her roots.”

“You built a trade hub…”

“Incorrect, I and other Capsuleers I’ve met out here have built a trade hub.”

“Would you stop bullshiting me cousin?! Talk straight already! Did Suha put you up to this?”

“She motivated me.”

“Motivated you? How!?”

“Yes…See, i saw opportunity out here looking at the markets. I saw inspiration that drove me to try something different, something that very well could result in my making a mark on this cluster. I shared these ideas with Suha and she encouraged me…She saw it as something that could help her people.”

“Exactly my point…You’ve gotten close to her, a little too close. Close enough that i can longer call this assignment professional. You have feelings for her and she has used that to turn you into a Guristas sympathizer like her and use your powers as a Capsuleer to benefit the Guristas.”

“I don’t appreciate you suggesting I’ve been manipulated Tokitu…”

“I’m calling it how I see it, cousin.”

“…So what are you trying to get out of this ‘talk’ you wanted to have?”

“I’m trying to get distance.”


“Yes…Distance between you and the Zaibatsu.”

“What is this…You can’t be serious! Afterall I’ve done!? You’re gonna throw me out!?”

“Relax! I’m not throwing you out…Nobody is. You have the Patriarch’s blessing that you are still one of us and a citizen of our Zaibatsu. However, so long as you’re out there being a contributing asset to the Guristas, we need you to just…Seek new employment.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing…”

“Cousin, the Zaibatsu would not be what it is today without your efforts and funding…This much is fact, and we’ve tried - and I mean TRIED - to do what we can to not trample over your liberties as a Capsuleer. Now however, we gotta draw a line and say that things are getting a little too far. I’m…imploring you to step away from us and do whatever it is you need to do in Venal.”

“…I feel betrayed.”

“Feel however you want, in time I hope you understand why we’re doing this. Like I said, you’re still welcomed here, this is your home. But matters are escalating in Venal to the point where I think it’s best you seek out employment more relevant to your goals out there.”

“Like what? A Capsuleer organization.”

“Why not…You’ve made your own network of contacts. I’m sure you should have no problem finding a corporation to sign on with.”


“You should think of this as what’s best for all of us, once in the employment of a corporation that’s actually owned by your kind, you’ll have more autonomy and understanding than you would here. On top of infrastructure and backup that we can’t provide you.”

“And you get your ‘distance’ from me…”

“Exactly. We’ll still support you where we can and certi-”

“What about Suha? Gonna give her the boot as well?”

“No…No we couldn’t even if we genuinely wanted to. The people love her, The Ohrion Matron especially wouldn’t dare let anyone even consider getting rid of her. She’s practically untouchable here.”

“Good…So, anything else you’d like to say to me, cousin?”

“No…Except good luck to you.”

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