"... I don't like this planet."

“I’ve already accepted science as a spiritual friendly pursuit to peel back the mastercraft work of our universe and discover the details and mechanisms that makes it the masterpiece it is. Though I admit at times it challenges me, presents me with something that i didn’t expect that someone would take as evidence that my spirituality is false and made of lies… I have three options. I can condemn it ad blasphemy, accept defeat that my spirituality is fraudulent or stand my ground and figure out where this new information fits into my spirituality. I choose the third option, to brand every challenge to my faith as blasphemy is a sign of weakness, proof that I have no confidence in what I teach. In order to show my own confidence and strength of my message, I must tackle these contradictions head on and make sense of them. Sometimes however, it can be quite the struggle…”

  • Suha Raibuya

“… I don’t like this planet.”

June 10th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Construction site for new Space-bound Windchime Shrine

< Ongoing Construction >

“Just set those over there for now, please.”

"Right away, Ms.Lang.

“Thank you… Has anyone seen Suha? No? Dammit, lost her again… Suha!”


“Suha!? Where are… Oh! There you are…”


“Uh… Stunning view, right? I’d figure renting out space with windows that let you see outside the citadel would really open the place up. Get a great shot at the planet we’re in orbit of too!”

< Suha sighing >

“… I-Is something wrong?”

“… I don’t like this planet.”

“You… don’t like it? I mean, isn’t this supposed to be some marvelous terraformed world that Fatal and The Rabbit both made possible?”

“Yes, that is the truth behind it… Said to be a toxic ball of waste turned into a paradise world. A testament to what the two were capable of, being able to take a dead rock and turn it into this is… Is marvelous to say the least.”

“Then… What’s wrong?”

“It’s… Still a dead world to me. The trees, bodies of water, mountains and temperature are all fine tuned to fit their desires and appeal to them. Both Fatal and The Rabbit had utter control over every little thing within this planet’s atmosphere from what I understand. Not a tree grew without their expressed desire to see it so… It’s all… Artificial, man-made nature. A world where the divine have no authority or control and it is entirely in the hands of a mortal… No different than the greenery we’re installing in this shrine.”

“… So you think it conflicts with your spiritual teachings, is that it? Well… ■■■■, I’m sorry, I should had-”

“Oh no! It’s fine Mumo it was… Inevitable that I have to acknowledge this world. As much as it may stand as a contradiction to what I try to teach… It is something that has been allowed in this reality, The Rabbit is a genius in figuring out the inner workings of this masterpiece the Maker has left for us, I do not think his work is unholy or sacrilege. He has accomplished something that our reality allows, therefore I ultimately can’t condemn this planet… Though I admit trying to justify this world in my wider message is a challenge I do not look forward to…”

“Is this how you feel about all terraformed worlds?”

“No, I wouldn’t go that far exactly, typically those worlds will be left to evolve on it’s own after it’s been terraformed. Nature will be given control over the ecosystem… Here nature has no control over anything, it’s all under the strict supervision of The Rabbit… To create some paradise world that I find to be spiritually dead… And I have to be careful not to cast any insults down upon it.”

“You don’t think they’ll take well to the criticism?”

“Most likely it would be an insult to the legacy and accomplishments of both Fatal and The Rabbit. I must remember that I am now no longer in my home system, I am in the capital of our region, home to the most powerful Gurista in the organization. As Utatis suggests, I’d do well to stay in my lane and not step out of it… For now I am a guest here. I don’t think they would take kindly to me coming here and immediately saying this planet is dead spiritually, even if that’s how I truly feel… My words have already put my life at risk and costed the lives of others… I must learn some restraint this time around.”

“Y-Yeah! We don’t wanna get our new place blown up right away! Right? Heh…”


“God dammit, I’m sorry… That was in poor taste and inappropriate of me.”

"It’s fine Mumo… Though I am worried if I’ll even be able to confidently do this again.

“Well you don’t have to worry about those EoM bastards again… They seem to have faded into obscurity again and after that incident even the Guristas even seemed to have clean house and dumped twenty of their operatives on the DED’s doorstep. I’d argue they even did that because of you…”

"Most likely it was payback for their dead personnel before it had anything to do with me.’

“It can also be both… point is, you won’t have to worry about them again… I-I hope at least…”

“I assume security here is gonna be stepped up from last time?”

“I’ve talked with Utatis in detail and we assure you what happened last time won’t repeat itself. We’re gonna get the very best for the job and perhaps those that are… Spiritually correct.”


“Well, we figured that we can avoid any security slip ups if we make sure those standing guard have some personal investment in the spiritual message coming out of here… And after we put out the notice of this new shrine opening, the Agency even got some offers from actual Gurista who are offering the services of their subordinates at reasonable rates. That’s professionalism at a good cost and from what I understand, these applicants present themselves as Wayists who wanna see this new shrine protected… The Agency will screen them before giving them a job and make sure they’re thoroughly tested if they end up getting it at all. I promise you, we won’t let this happen again Suha…”

“… Thank you Mumo.”

“Well, Utatis is doing most of the work I’d argue…”

“Well I’m grateful to have you both at my side. You’ve both been essential every step of the way.”

“I-it’s nothing Suha… Though I appreciate the kind words… Now then, I did come looking for you for a reason. I wanted you to see how the meditation park was coming along and see if you had an input.”

“Oh? Is it done already?”

“Nearly, the team behind it wants us to sign off what’s done already before all the final touches are added. Make sure there’s nothing we want changed or moved around.”

“I’m sure it looks phenomenal as it is! Though lead the way! I would love to see the progress made.”

“Of course, right this way.”

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