"Touch me."

“I… have this problem where I tend to mix pleasure with business. My heart is torn between dedicating myself to the work I do and the person I have deep feelings for… To add to that, this same person dedicates their entire existence to helping me with my work, helping turn my dreams into reality - yet I can’t ever seem to return the favor… In fact I’m starting to realize how much I’m taking it for granted, how calmly I take more and more of his dedication for my own ends and ambition… I love him, but I love my goals just as much.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“Touch me.”

March 16th YC 123

N5Y-4N VII - Moon 20 - Guristas Logistic Support, Personal Quarters of Suha Raibuya

< Suha panting > W-Why’d you stop?”


“Avio? Is something wrong?”

“Eh… it’s… It’s Nothing.”

“Avio~ talk to me~. What’s the matter?”

“It’s… Your nightstand.”

“My nightstand? Oh! I’m sorry! You referring to my copy of Bad Bunny, yes? I was looking through your pictures before you came over~.”


“… Is there something wrong with that?”


“Avio! Baby! Talk to me… Please.”

“… I never wanted to pose for that ■■■■■■■ magazine.”


“There, I said it! Only after the fact, but there it is… I never wanted to strip and have my picture taken and published for the public to see.”

“Oh… I-If that’s the case, why did you agree to it? You could had just said no and I would have understood!”

“That’s the thing Suha… I couldn’t say no. And you know that.”

“I do?”

“You do! You know damn well the lengths I’ve gone for you! Y-You’re fully aware of the grip you have on my heart Suha! God dammit Suha! I love you! You knew this and you used that to make me apart of your magazine… I… I felt like you used me!”

“That’s not true! I needed you Avio! Your contribution helped Bad Bunny be the success it is!”

“Right… you needed me. Like you needed me for everything else. That much I didn’t give a second thought, I did it knowing it would help you make your dreams come true. That was as good enough motivation for me to do everything you ‘needed’ me for… But that? That… That crossed a line I wasn’t comfortable with Suha.”

“What’s there to feel bad about? Your pictures are phenomenal! Captures every feature I love about you perfectly…”

“I felt ashamed, embarrassed and vulnerable… You gave me that list to read aloud… You exposed yourself in front of all those strangers and then, after you shattered my defenses you reveal in the middle of it all how you need me to strip and do the same? And have it all published for the public to buy up and look at? I never felt so… Powerless. So humiliated before… And I was suppose to be the most powerful thing in that studio! I’m a Capsuleer! I’m suppose to be this symbol of power and wealthy yet I felt pathetic…”

“I’m… I’m sorry Avio, I… May had gone to far with that.”

“You didn’t even think to talk to me about that in advance! Instead you take my guard down and put me in the spot!”

“I thought it was a surprise! You enjoyed watching me, didn’t you?~”

“If I wasn’t surrounded by a bunch of strangers also ogling you… Sure. Now with your pictures out there, other men - Women even - all using the material to fantasize of you being theirs… Then there’s my photos with people doing the same exact thing… Makes me feel so uncomfortable Suha. I don’t like the thought…”

“… Avio, the reason we did what we did is to show people that we shouldn’t be suppressing ourselves sexually. That we should embrace such carnal desires… If making this message clear that means allowing the world to project their fantasies onto me? Then so be it.”

“Then that’s you! Fine! But I don’t think like that! I’m not… Comfortable with strangers projecting fantasies onto me.”

“My features only appealed to half the demographics I aimed to please, while yours would cover the other half… I needed you and you came though for me Avio, like you always do… I’m sorry it makes you feel this way, but we’ve done good, you and I… We should be happy!”

“I-I-I don’t think-”

“Touch me.”


“All these people get are pictures! They only get to have fantasies and thoughts while you get to have the real thing. Much like I get to have the real thing with you…”

“Suha, I’m trying to-”

< Suha forcefully kissing Avio >

" < Cough > What the hell did I just swallow?!"

“Something to make you happy~.”

“Suha, did you-”

“-Sssshhh, just relax~. Nothing bad is gonna happen…”

“Suha I… I love you!”

“I love you too~. Now let me do all the w-”

< HoloCall ringing >

“Oh god dammit!”

“… Work calling?”

“… It’s Utatis!”

“Why does he always call at the worst times…”

“I’m gonna find out…”

“You going to get dressed before you accept the call?”

“Why bother? < Accepts call > Hello Utatis…”

“Suha, ma’am - sorry to trouble you at this hour. Mumo called and-… uh.”

“Yes? Mumo called annnnnd?”

“… Did I interrupt something?”

“Yes! As a matter of fact you did Utatis…”

“… Right, my sincerest apologies Ma’am.”

“Whatever… Just get on with it, yeah? What’s this all about…”

“… Are you aware of a bakery on the leisure levelof the Rabbit’s Warren that the Depository helped bankroll?”

“Of course, I try to patron them once a week… They make remarkable bagels and-”

“-it got blown up Ma’am.”


“A bomb went off not too long ago… Killed three and injured six. All in all, small numbers - But a business we helped bankroll is caught up in the middle of something”

“Caught up in what exactly?”

“Based on my experience? A feud between Gurista. We ain’t got no evidence to say who bombed the place - But the owner of the bakery was a high ranking captain part of a cell that had some boiling tensions with another…”

“W-What can we do?”

“Well for starters - Stay the hell out of whatever beef these people are having. Secondly, if you’re concerned about our client’s business and investment - Mumo suggest you meet with them to discuss the matter… And ONLY the matter.”

“I… I Understand.”

“Good. Mumo already forward you all the contact information you need, you ain’t gotta get to it right away - but should try and make contact as soon as you’re… Unoccupied.”

“I get it! Thank you… Now, if you mind?”

“Of course, sorry for the intrusion Ma’am… You as well, Avio.”

< Call end >

< Suha sighing >

“… You going to be alright?”

“I don’t know Avio… I’m sorry for all this, I’ve killed the mood two times over now!”

“It’s fine…”

“No… No it’s not. I keep letting work get between the two of us, that’s my fault…”

“I do admit that I’ve found it frustrating at times…”

“Rightly so… You deserve much more attention. How about this coming weekend? I’ll hand responsibility off to Utatis and it can just be me and you~. Nothing to get between us.”

“Just for two days?”

“One of these days it can be a whole month. Sadly too much is going on right now, I still need to show face Avio… We have a responsibility to this region now.”


“Just be patient with me. I’ll make it all worth it in the end… I wanna show you something!”

< Suha searching nightstand drawer >


“Here it is!”

“A notebook?”

“Specifically a page within it… Right here, take a look!”

“… Are these lyrics?”

“Mhmm! I’m… Wanting to write a song to sing. Maybe even in front of an audience!”

“What kind if music?”

“Well, I admit I find the spectacles of popstars in the Federation to be thrilling! The energy, the rhythm and the flair! I got t ok thinking that… maybe I could do that. My-My lyrics need lots of work! Maybe a few months more even…”

“So you want to sing? Writing music is a bit if a undertaking I’m unfamiliar with but… I think you can pull it off. Question is if you think you can write a song that people here would even like.”

“I can do it. It’s going to take loads of practice and revisions, but in time, I’ll be singing to a crowd of people! It’s going to he great!”

“… Well if you need my help, I’ll be there for you.”

“I know you will…”


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