“Speaking of Amarrians"

“It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of the Amarrian faith. The notion of a religion or spirituality demanding obedience and service to a man-made government is both sickening and manipulative to me! Nature recognizes no man-made government, therefore the human spirit should also reject such fiction in favor of true spiritual freedom that is unchained by the petty claims and laws of man! The mass enslavement of countless corporeal forms is in itself a horrific act. Yet the Amarrian continue their atrocities by enslaving the very spirits of just as many humans with their poisonous ideology.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“Speaking of Amarrians"

January 9th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Office of Venal Prosperity Agency Head Director Utatis Parinen.


"Yes, Suha…They’ve opened a branch office recently aboard the Assembly Plant in P-V.
Along with another branch somewhere out in Syndicate space."

“What kind of religion even is this Utatis? … Is this just another offshoot of the Amarrian faith?”

"Actually, according to the “head” of the church himself… it’s the orthodox religious teaching and not an offshoot. From my understanding, followers are under the belief that the Amarrian throne is, and has been vacant since Heideran VII and Dorian, Jamyl, and Catiz are all false rulers. Aside from that the religion supposedly follows all the main tenets of the mainline Amarrian faith.

“Also believes in total indiscriminate enslavement of non-belivers and envisions a utopian life for all Amarrians while the enslaved toil away for their benefit.”

“That to, thank you Avio.”

“This is… Disgusting! Another toxic superiority complex driven interpretation of the Amarrian’s cesspool they call a religion!”

“I mean, are we really the people to judge…?”

“No Utatis, maybe we’re not… Yet neither are they! These Amarrian types have such a fetish for thinking they’re somehow superior over other humans for arbitrary differences and all need to be subjugated to appease their worthless asses! It makes me sick… And they come to this region?! I rather share with Sani Sabik than this poison!”

“Ehhh, depends on the sect if you ask me. Careful what you wish for Suha.”

“Perhaps Avio… Who is the “Head” of this church anyway?”

“A Capsuleer named Nauplius… A.K.A The Butcher. One of the most sadistic bastards flying though the stars.”

“That so? You’ve dealt with him before Avio?”

“Not as directly as other pilots have, no. I’ve lost track of the ■■■■■■ up ■■■■ he’s been involved in, but to sum it up without scarring the room - It typically involves a colony worth of slaves and killing them all in sacrifice to some cause. Most of the time with an entire citadel to facilitate the atrocities.”

“… Would I be asking too much if we… Did something ab-”

“-Yes, Suha… You would.”

“And Why’s that Utatis?! Do we really want someone like that with tendrils in this region? Someone like that could ruin the goodwill we’ve tried to build! This Seda-Whatever ■■■■■■■■ is a liability!”

“It’s… Not. Infact if shouldn’t pose a problem at all. Shouldn’t even be a threat to your spiritual territory in this region… I don’t think this branch is opened up to flourish and have people flock to it… Won’t turn anyone down of course, but I think they’re here to put roots down and cultivate out of the eyes of the Amarrian’s reach… Religious refugees, if you will. I don’t think it’s wise to go starting religious turf wars aboard Guristas stations regardless if it was provoked or not. Would bring some unfavorable attention our way …”

“Hell, having them around could even make you look that much better! Let them have their space… And besides Suha, this Sedavacantism sect has little in the way to expand. It’s going to be an Incredibly hard to sell this ideology off to anyone that’s not Amarrian. Which is possibly one of the smallest demographics out here. Anyone that’s not Amarrian is to be a slave to them unwillingly join in on the reclaiming to avoid that. How are you gonna convince a bunch of freedom loving pirates that aren’t Amarrian that’s the religion for them?”

“… I think you’re right Avio. Still… If what you say is true about this Capsuleer’s history… What’s to stop him from using this region to more safely commit racially motivated atrocities? We’ve worked towards giving this region a reputation, and I don’t want this “Butcher” ruining it!”

“If he gets to doing that, we can look into doing something about it. For now though, we just keep our distance and let them preach their dribble to a few confused souls.”

“… Very well Avio, I’ll think nothing of them then… I still don’t like it! But I’ll co-exist with this Amarrian poison …”

“Speaking of Amarrians.”

“Yes Utatis?”

“I caught word of something… Odd with an Amarrian Capsuleer. The kind of odd you might like.”


"Yeah… Some Guristas stationed on a fringe outpost in Sharlehund Were visited by the ship of Capsuleer “Duke Shasta” who proceeded to supply them with a remarkable haul of munitions and weapons… For free even."

“That is… Odd. A good kind of odd!”

“Gets more interesting, even tipped them off on the Imperial Navy catching wind of their operations.”

“And why would he do all this?”

“That I’m not sure, the outpost was a bit confused at it too… Random ship shows up on grid wanting to trade, they let it dock so they can just rob them at gunpoint to save them the trouble, and to their surprise they just willingly planned on giving them the product to begin with…”


“… I take it you want me to look into it?”

“No…No Utatis, I think I’ll handle this one myself.”

“■■■■, sure about that Suha? Don’t just wanna leave this between us Capsuleers? I speak their language afterall.”

“I have no problems talking with Capsuleers Avio. Have you by my side afterall… No, I think I’ll contact this “Duke” for myself and see what their intentions are… This sounds like the kind of Amarrian I can like!”

“What are you thinking?”

"Someone warps to some random Gurista outpost in Amarrian territory and just GIVES them weapons and intel? Sounds like we have a sympathetic soul out there! A sympathetic soul in need of some guidance… I’m all for finding more Capsuleers willing to use their status and privileges to make the Guristas have an easier time. If I can somehow help them with doing just that, then I will do what I can.

“Well if you think you can handle it, I’ll let you handle it. Say no more.”

“Thank you Avio… Your confidence in me is appreciated.”


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