"A suicide bomber."

"This was the closest brush I’ve had with death… I… I’m having trouble processing it all. It just happened so fast, one moment I’m looking at those that I’m to hear me speak and in a mere blink there’s nothing but, blood, destruction and chaos. I may have survived but so many others weren’t as lucky… This attack was meant to kill me, but it instead took the lives so many others instead. I feel responsible! I feel… afraid."

  • Suha Raibuya

“A suicide bomber.”

May 12th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Office of Venal Prosperity Agency Head Director Utatis Parinen.

“Ma’am, how are you feeling?”


“… Is she alright, Avio?”

“I’m guessing she’s still a little shocked, Utatis. She’s been quiet like this for-”

“-I’m fine. Really…”

“… Do you need to talk about it before we continue Ma’am? I’m about to hit you with some serious stuff and I’d think you benefit from getting whatever thoughts you have out there.”

“… I-It happened so suddenly. I was just giving my closing remarks and something just erupts from the audience. A bright flash… I’m blown back into a wall, and it starts raining body limbs! Blood everywhere! I could barely feel my own body and all around me I hear people making these horrible horrible sounds! I was terrified! I… I pissed myself Utatis! I litterally ■■■■■■■ pissed myself right there in fear! Just staring at what became of everything I was just looking at seconds ago! I… I…”

< Suha sobbing >

“Suha!… It’s alright, You’re safe now.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that Avio… Someone was after Suha with that attempt. I doubt they give up after the first try…”

“Well I’m hoping you found something out, Utatis. Who the ■■■■ did this?”

“Oh believe me Avio… I may have my right arm in a sling and in constant pain still, but that didn’t stop me from immediately getting to work searching for answers. And thankfully this incident wasn’t anything too complex…”

“Yeah? Like what?”

“Given Suha’s sensitivity to these events, I’ll avoid showing the actual footage… But we analyzed the security footage of what happened. Pinpointing the source of the blast we scoured footage before the session to see if anyone planted it in advance - no - Then we went to the actual session and watched if anyone entered, planted the bomb while sitting down then left… No…. Someone came in, with the bomb and detonated it on the spot.”

“A suicide bomber.”

“Precisely Avio… I don’t know about you, but that tells me we can rule out that this was a hired hit put out by anyone. Nobody gets paid enough to go blow themselves up to kill someone else… No, this was done with religious motivation.”

“It’s those EoM cocksuckers ain’t it?! They did this ■■■■! Their shipyards have been appearing all over New Eden and especially in Venal for the past week now! ■■■■■■■■■■■■■!”

“That’s the safe bet Avio… Suha recently made critical remarks on the group and is actively preaching a message that goes against everything the Equilibrium of Mankind believes… That ontop of the seer collateral damage involved also seems to be right up their alley.”

“I-I-Is this all my fault? Did my message get all these people killed…”

“In your defence Ma’am, I think blame is on security for this one. I already did my part and drilled those on duty and… maybe literally drilled one of them.”

“Hell is that supposed to mean Utatis?”

“Well Avio, if you look over yonder to my carpet in the corner over there you’ll see some blood stains I’ve yet to have them cleaned out.”

“I thought you just spilled coffee over there.”

“No Avio, that’s blood.”

“U-Utaris! What the ■■■■?! Hasn’t there been enough death already!? Why are you killing our own people now?!”

“Suha, Ma’am - Let me explain that after questioning security detail that evening I deducted this one in particular of being the most responsible… Handling the door and passing our sucicde bomber through without frisking or checking them at all. Apparently the bomber brided our man here to let him pass and without thinking this through, accepted the deal and let him pass with an explosive with him… Given this actions placed you in a life threatening situation, I took the liberty of showing him the cost of selling us out for a handful of scrip…”

“Suha, I’m gonna agree with Utatis here and say he did the right thing killing this prick.”


“Ma’am, he’s a Capsuleer that kills hundreds on the daily, he’s quite desensitized about such things and frankly? It was better I put the bastard out of his misery instead of leaving it to the Capsuleer you’re ■■■■■■■ to deal with. What I did was a mercy killing…”

“He’s still not wrong Suha…”

“I… I just can’t right now! T-This is all too much!”

“I understand Ma’am, which is why I feel it is in your best interests to lay-low for a bit.”

“…Go into hiding? Again? No! No-No I can’t! I can’t let this scare me back into hiding! I Just-”

“-Suha you just got done confessing how you pissed yourself in fear. You’re in no god damn position right now to try and act tough all of a sudden to me. Play this smart, and keep your head down.”

“Suha I’m… Not having any argument with Utatis thus far. You need to keep your head down until this whole business with EoM clears up.”

“Not to mention the dead Gurista personnel we got at ground zero. I doubt the Guristas will take any frustrations out on you for this, but if your words are what incited this attack, it’s probably best you keep quiet for awhile to avoid any more suicide bombers trying to take you out and anyone else in proximity.”

“… I Understand.”

“Think of it this way Suha, you been through something and it’s best you take some time off to reflect and process what happened. I’ll be sure to visit you and make sure you’re alright, okay?”

“W-What will you and Utatis do in the meantime?”

“Well… I was already making an effort to raid any EoM operations in the region, guess after this I’m just more motivated to evict them from the region. Utatis on the other hand-”

“- I’ll head up my own operations in seeing about any EoM cells embedded on Guristas stations… See about hiring some people to track them down and remove them so they can’t spark anymore attacks. At this rate I want some people outside the region to handle the matter, people who prolly have a strong vendetta to want these people gone… Got contact with an Amarrian company, Dark Wolf Legion? I’ll see about getting them out here and making them apart of our “Investigation” team.”

“That company is ran by a Capsuleer ain’t it? Shasta?”

“Correct Avio, that’s the one.”

“Think maybe we could contract some security for Suha here? Im also skeptical about who we got on the payroll.”

“I’m sure they wouldn’t mind… So long as payment is supplied.”

“That won’t be an issue. Pay them whatever.”

“So be it… Suha, are you fine with all this?”

“… Yes, yes I think I am.”

“Good… Well Avio, if you’d see Suha to her quarters, I’ll make the arrangements.”

“And i’ll get back to work…”

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