" It's just the winds."

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“While my teachings sometimes find residence In the heart of others, My efforts aren’t ever without pushback. I’ve dealt with this frustration all the way back on Nsyan III, I’ve had my efforts suppressed by a higher power who had it out for me and mine, did I decide to give up? No, I pushed back…”

  • Suha Raibuya

" It’s just the winds."

September 15th YC 118

Guristas Agricultural Colony on ‘Nsyan’ III - N5Y-4N, Venal region. Office of Colonly Marshall Akko Delbor

“-And as you can see Overseer, our harvest for this quarter has improved substantially. That tech the boys in two months back has been doing wonders for the farming done here.”

“Yes I can certainly see that Akko…Very good…Damm good in fact! I won’t have to worry about my superiors chewing me out this quarter.”

“Guess I won’t either then right?”

“Ha! Nah, you’re in the clear this time my friend! These numbers are phenomenal! I am very imp-…Is…Is something going on outside?”

" It’s just the winds."

“Don’t sound like no winds I’ve ever heard… Sounds like… Sounds like shouting?”

“Shouting? I don’t hear no ■■■■■■■ sho-”

“Akko! Akko! Sir I need you!”

“Daven! There better be a GOD. DAMN. good reason why you’re barging in here while I’m talking to the Overseer. There better be a ■■■■■■■ dead body uncovered somewhere for coming in here like this!”


“Daven I didn’t ask for your ■■■■■■■ Rabbit impression! Save it for a Tuesday night theater - I’m asking you what the ■■■■ is the problem?!”

“T-Theres a mob outside!”

“A mob?! Akko what is-”

“Overseer, please let me handle this - Daven, who the hell is in charge of this mob?”

“It’s…It’s Suha!”

“Su- Oh You gotta be ■■■■■■■ shitting me!”

“…Is everything alright here Akko?”

“Overseer, please just stay here while I handle this - Won’t take more than a few minutes to resolve. Just look through the documents till I get back and I’ll be happy to address any questions.”

“Hey! Don’t you walk away and leave me here Akko!”

“-Daven, come with me for a moment.”

“Yes sir!”



“…It’s a little crazy out there sir! I’m counting like fifty or seventy people! Then again I’m not great at math so I-”

“Daven - shut the ■■■■ up for two minutes - I need you to do two things.”

“O-Of course sir! What do you need me to do?”

“I want you to go rally any milita you can find and get them to surround this mob. You tell them to get the non-lethal and crowd control gadgets - you ■■■■■■■ - EXPLICITLY tell them that they’re dealing with a mob of our own people, got it?”

“Yes sir!..A-And the second thing?”


“Your…Your gun, sir?”

“Yeah, I need someone else to hold it As I’m at the end of my patience. I walk out this door with this on me and I’ll feel inclined to shoot this girl once and for all.”




“-Is it not dreadful that it comes to this? That we have to disrupt the peace of our colony and start a scene? People like Akko will blame us for doing this when it’s HIS authoritative command over the milita that is suppressing our spirituality and forcing us to come out here in force! Using our own relatives as pawns to push us down and stop us from constructing our own place of worship!”

“Hey! HEY! What the ■■■■ is this Suha!?”

“Ah! Look whose come to join us! If it isn’t our favorite Colony Marshal!”

“You brought a ■■■■■■■ mob to my doorstep Suha?! With god damn torches and ■■■■!”

“You brought this mob on yourself Akko!”

“Like hell I did! All of you! Go home and stay there for the reminder of the night! ANYONE caught outside an hour from now is gonna be in some deep ■■■■ with me in the morning.”

“Yes! Go ahead and do what you do best Akko! Bully and threaten us! Instill fear into our hearts so we obey every command you hand out. Works soooooo well for you in the past!”

“You’re on god damn thin-ice Suha! You’ve gone to far this time with being a pain in my ass.”

“Oh, I’m a pain in YOUR ass? How about you’re a pain in MY ass Akko! All you’ve done my entire life here is bully and demean me and use your position of authority to get away with it! And you’ve done the same to the rest of this colony.”

“Oh ■■■■■■■ grown-up Suha! I ‘bullied’ you? Please, what could I have possibly ‘bullied’ you about to get you to muster up this angry mob of yours?”

“Have you not paid attention to your own Milita forces preventing us from even coming NEAR the plot of land we wanted to build our shrine? And then when we moved the construction elsewhere you had the Milita come chase us off and confiscated our material and tools? And when we went into the wilderness for more materials, the Milita comes and drags us out and back into your jurisdiction!”

"Firstly Suha - That land you wanted to build your stupid-ass shrine-or-whatever-the-■■■■ was already being reserved by colony management for something more…‘useful’. Secondly we can’t have yall building willy nilly anywhere in the colony and THIRDLY I sure as ■■■■ can’t hand anyone venturing out in the wild without supervision.

“Are we not free to do with our lives? Is that not the life that was guaranteed to us by the Guristas? We ask nothing of you Akko, except to stay out of our way and allow us to build a shrine so we can practice our chosen spirituality without infringement from an authoritative power.”

"Denied - Now disperse! Everyone! Go on! Git! Go practice your ■■■■■■■■ in your homes!

“No! We’re staying here till we get your guarantee you won’t interfere with our construction anymore.”

“All you and your mob is gonna get is a whole lot of beanbags and stun grenades if you start acting up…Look around you. Just on que - you’re surrounded.”

“Ah!..Of course you’d bring in the Milita to silence us…”

“I’m bringing them in so they can do their ■■■■■■■ job and keep the peace in this shithole! Now enough of this ■■■■■■■■. Disperse! Return home! Now! Final warning!”

“We’re staying right here!”

"Wrong answer! Men! Ready the Stunners!


“We’ll see how cheeky you all are once these puppies go o-”


“…Dammit! Overseer! I told you-”

“I know what you TOLD me Akko, but last I checked, I’m YOUR boss, I tell YOU what to do.”

“Excuse me - you’re the Overeer? Overseer Temehanan?”

“Yes that’s me… And you are?”

“Suha! Suha Raibuya! It’s an honor to meet you in person!”

“I’m nobody special darling, but I’m flattered nonetheless… Now, can you by chance explain to me what this is all about?”

“Overseer I-”

“You’ll have your turn Akko! Let the girl speak…”

“…Kinda but to explain. To make it a long story short, we’re trying to build a shrine in the colony so we have a place to meditate and pray to our ancestors. We figured that the Sani sabik here have their own little church, why can’t we have our own?”

“What exactly kind of religion or spirituality is this shrine gonna be based off of?”

“We will dedicate it to the Winds, I’m a…‘Guru’ you could say, I’ve taught these behind me the Way of the Winds and I hope to help them understand their own humanity and aid them in grabbing hold of their lives and making them something of themselves”

Whistles That’s a tall order! You uh… you sure you’re old enough to be a Guru though? Look pretty young to me…”

“Do I have to be some worn out hag before I can call myself one?”

Ha! Nah I guess no, you’re prettier this way anyway… Okay I know what you want now, what’s preventing you? You need materials? Manpower?"

“That we can handle ourselves. We have people willing to construct it in their freetime, as well as chop down wood out in the wilderness. What’s preventing us is this man! He has been using the Milita to sabotage our efforts! They confiscate our materials! They push us off sites we’re trying to build in!”

“…W-Wait, is that true Akko?”

“It is…What? I can’t just start letting these people build whatever ■■■■■■■■ they want in the colony. We have very limited space to work with given how much land the fields alone take up. Its space better spent on practical facilities and not so some teenage girl and her slack jawed followers can get high off Blue Pill and talk about how the Winds have spirits n’ ■■■■.”

“I’ll give you that Akko - But I’d argue this space should be used for anything that keeps the people here happy and working… As you can see, when you deny them that - they start causing problems.”

“This brat never stopped chasing problems.”

“I have little time whatever petty feud you have with a child Akko, if they’re willing to get the materials and build the place themselves? Let em have it… So long as they ain’t bothering anyone else on the colony - Who cares? We gave the Sani a damn building of their own after all!”


“Overseer a I’m not giving this girl’s ‘cult’ any validation.”

“Then don’t, from this point onward Akko - you don’t concern yourself with whatever they’re doing. You won’t ever think about validating them again as I’ll do that myself. That’s what I’m telling YOU, as your boss.”


“Good man… Alright everyone! Shows over! Starring tomorrow you can build your shine after your assigned tasks are complete. Go home and get some sleep.”

“Thank you so much Overseer! This means so much to us! So much to me personally! Thank you!”

“Don’t mention it kid. Now Akko, I think we still have some figures to discuss. I found a uh…“Anomaly” in one of the documents when you left me and really need you to see it…”

“Yessir… I’ll be there momentarily.”

“Excellent… Suha, good luck to you.”



“… The ■■■■ you smiling at me like that for?”

“Oooooh just smiling about the outcome Akko…”

“Enjoy the feeling while it lasts, as my boss is only here temporarily. Now he’s gonna be looking for a built shrine for his next visit, so you won there…You still gotta deal with me directly when he’s gone however.”


“Ha! That’s what I thought…Last good thing Temehanan gave you alongside his blessing was an ounce of good luck. You’re gonna need it from here on out girl… See you first thing in the morning…”


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