"You never wanting to see me - that's what's hurting me."

“In life, there’s no goal or search more important than discovering yourself. How can we hope to fully understand the world the Maker left for us if we don’t not understand ourselves first? We can think we know everything about ourselves, only to encounter something that puts that into doubt, reveal the truth about what we really are. It’s exciting! Also terrifying for some, to be in doubt about how you truely think and feel - It’s a hurdle no doubt, but to overcome it and accept who you really are? Well, the reward for that is feeling something remarkable.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“You never wanting to see me - that’s what’s hurting me.”

June 26th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Office of Prosperous Venal Depsoitory’s Executive Officer, Mumo Lang.

“Uh… Ms.Lang?”

"Yes Grego? What is it?:

“There’s a woman down here asking to see you. Her name is Viruda Dullom, representing the HP-A Crew.”

“Wh- No! No… I-I don’t wanna see-”

“-Ma’am with all due respect she has a gun to my head and I’d really appreciate it if you agree to see her!”

“I-… O-Okay! Okay! I’ll see her…”

“T-Thank you…”

< Call end >

< Mumo inhaling and exhaling >

“Alright… Alright I can do this.”

< Mumo rolling her chair back and getting up >

"I’ll tell her like it is… I’m going clean….Viruda - I’m going clean, apologies for cutting our arrangements sh-… No-No-No, too formal. Uh… Viruda! I am making an effort to stop my drug habits before they be the end of me… Little dramatic ain’t it? Ummm.… Viruda! I… I’m not snorting crash anymore! I gave it up!.. Yeah… Yeah, I just gotta be blunt and that be it… Alright, one more time-

< Office doors opening >

“Viruda! I-… Uh…”

< Office doors closing >

“Well… Ain’t this cute. You practicing your lines before talking with me?”

“Viruda… I-I didn’t expect you to be showing up.”

< Viruda walking slowly towards Mumo’s desk >

“Oh of course you didn’t… I do like surprising you afterall.~”

“Y-You mind telling me why you held my receptionist up at gun-point?”

“He was standing between you and me… I could had done far worse after all, could had just shot him and anyone else that stood in my way… Just so I can get to you.”

< Mumo sitting back down >

“W-What do you want with me?”

< Viruda stopping in front of Mumo’s desk >

“… Why don’t you ever call anymore?”

"… I… I’m making an effort to give up crash… I-I can’t keep using that ■■■■ anymore, I need to give it up for my own health. T-That’s why i don’t call for you anymore. I-I-I’m sorry! I should had informed you and-

“-You think I’m concerned about you calling me for a fix honey? If you wanna give it up, that’s on you. Not to say I didn’t bring a little with me for this visit… But you not wanting to do business with me anymore isn’t what’s hurting me Mumo…”

“… T-Then what is it?”

“Can you look at me when you say that?~”

< Mumo taking a deep breath >

“… Then what is it that’s hurtful?”

“You never wanting to see me - that’s what’s hurting me.”

“…I uh…”

< Viruda walking around Mumo’s desk >

“D-Don’t come around here!”

“Why? You think I’m gonna hurt you Mumo?”

“I-I-I don’t know what you’re gonna do!”

< Viruda turning Mumo’s chair to face her desk >

“Ssshhh… Everything’s gonna be fiiiine…”

“W-What are you…do-…-ing… Ohhhh…”

“Your shoulders are remarkably tense…”

“I…I ain’t seen my masseuse since I last worked for the Intaki Bank…”

“I can tell… How’s it feel?”

“It… it feels nice…”

“See? I’m not here to hurt you.”

“Y-You can still grab and snap my neck at any moment.”

“There’s no fun in that now… No, no fun at all… Now, lemme ask you something. Sitting at this desk, having complete access to the finances of this Depository at your fingertips and having your shoulder messaged… Does it all make you feel powerful?”

“Powerful? T-That’s a specific feeling you’re trying to invoke out of me.”

“Isn’t it the feeling we all want? To feel like we’re in charge, that your words carry authority… What if I told you that you can order me to do anything right now…”


“Anything you want… Want me to keep working your shoulders? I’ll do just that. Want me to help.you release tension another way… I can do that. Just tell me what it is you’d like for me to do…”


“Yes? Go on…”

“… I-I’d like you to leave!”

“… Leave?”

“Y-Yes! Leave… You’re a distraction right now a-a-and I have plenty of work ahead of me still! So please… If you would…”

“… Tsk.”

< Viruda sitting up on the corner of Mumo’s desk >

“Why are you making this so difficult for me?”


“Yes… Difficult. I think you know what I really want right now Mumo. You can’t be that naive…”

“… I can’t.”

“Sure you can.”

“I’m working!”

“You could do with a break right about now.”

“You’re pressuring me!”

“I’m giving you the opportunity to do what you really want.”

“D-Don’t you start projecting yourself onto me!”

“Listen to yourself as you even say that, so nervous, like I hit a cord with you…”

“S-Shut up.”

“Tell me, you said you had a masseuse back when you worked for the Intaki Bank? Any particular reason you saw a female massage professional specifically?”

“S-She was merely good at what she did. Y-Your reading too much into it.”

“Implying I’m even reading into it to begin with. Mumo, I don’t think you’re being honest with yourself…”

“I-I think you’re trying to gaslight me right now!”

“You know, when I told you that you knew what I really wanted - Your response was that “You Can’t” followed by the reason why you can’t is because you were presently preoccupied with work…”

“T-That’s not what I meant when I said I can’t!”

"Then what? You think there’s something wrong about it that makes it to where you “Can’t” do it?

“Y-You’re twisting my words!”

“Then what do you mean by “You can’t” Mumo?”


“Oh You poor thing… You don’t have it in your head that you have to live up to some expectation that you need to wait around for some man to come around and sweep you off your feet, do you? Such a… Narrow way of thinking, I wonder who fed you that. Your parents?”

“P-Please don’t drag them into this conversation.”

"Then what is it? Is this what you were initially scared about? Accepting something that you had doubts about? For… whatever childish and naive reason? That acknowledging it somehow goes against who you think you are?”


“Is this office bugged?”

“…N-No, why would it? At least I don’t think it is”

“Just asking… If nobody is listening in or watching, what’s there to be shy about? Just you and me in here…”


“… You know, letting you order me around is still on the table.”

“You didn’t even follow my order when I said I’d like you to leave…”

“An order I disobeyed knowing that’s not what you really wanted.”

“Again with this…”

“That’s right… Now, let’s try this again - What is it that you want me to do for you?”





“I’d… like you to start rubbing my shoulders again.”

“Yes ma’am.~”