"One Name."

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“Money? I don’t crave it like most people, that doesn’t mean I don’t see the value in it. This is a resource that opens a lot of doors, gets things you need and entices people with skillsets to aid you. I don’t want money so I can be rich, I want it so I can chase goals and motivations I see more meaning in. I see money as a tool before I’ll ever see it as the end-goal.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“One Name.”

May 15th YC 122

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Office of Prosperous Venal Depsoitory’s Executive Officer, Mumo Lang.

“…Did you read the news Mumo?”

“What news Suha?”

“The news the Scope has been putting out These past few days.”

“Oh, with the elections? Of course, it’s hard not to hear about it, even out here. New administration for the Federation is pretty big news.”

“Agreed, A new administration comes a new strategy for the Federation. The Guristas should be paying attention to that part of the news so they can plan ahead for what opportunities this new President will reveal to them… I want to leave that discussion to the actual Guristas though. There’s another part of these election articles that has caught my eye.”

“The raid that went down in Tamo I assume?”

"Precisely… 100,000 Subcranial Nanocontrollers taken from a heavily protected Lai Dai facility by attackers - suspected to be Guristas. Specially calling them the ‘Main suspects’ leaves room for doubt, but has got me paying attention to these small little blurps of information related to the raid… Honestly wished the story got more attention.

“I mean the Elections and Amarrian/Matari conflict in Flosewin are a bit more important than an everyday raid by the Guristas if you ask me Suha.”

“No I agree… Not really breaking news that the Guristas raided some facility in Caldari Space. It admittedly makes me frustrated however…”

“Why’s that?”

“Because why is it that my only source of what the Guristas are up to is some new agency operating out of Federal space? Here I am in Venal - trying to find some opportunity to help, to be of use to them! But they’re not telling me anything… Nothing! The lack of communication is deafing! I-… You wanna know the most embarrassing part of this?”


That I encouraged the production of six thousand ships, frigates and destroyers - and we presented them to the Guristas during their recent Hunt - and no word came of it. That fleet is now collecting dust in that same station they were built in as a ‘reserve’ fleet… Frankly I find it humiliating.”

“Maybe the contract information for those ships got lost in the paperwork. Never got around to it OR didn’t need the auxiliary hulls. wouldn’t take it personally, I’d think you’re doing good work for them.”

"One can hope… I did have a reason to bring this raid up though. I just got sidetracked with my little tangent there.

“It happens… So what about it?”

"These Nanocontrollers…They’re Involved in something larger. There’s mention of the Quafe Corporation using 'soft-drink responsive Subcranial Nanocontrollers,"… What in divinity’s edge could that possible be about? And why is there another article mentioning that the Lai Dai corporation and the Quafe corporation denying that this had any effect on their planned roadmap for consumer tech? What do ‘soft-drink responsive Subcranial Nanocontrollers’ have to do with this roadmap?


“I feel like I’m looking at a conspiracy everytime I see these little footnotes! What exactly is going on here? I need to know more… But again! Who are my sources on all this? The news agency and not the Guristas themselves… I feel alone out here sometimes… Like some unwanted child!”

“Well it might not even BE the Guristas behind the attack Suha. They’re just the main suspects because the State can really just credit any pirate attack to them and nobody would question it.”

“Well I am gonna question it… I think… Whatever! Regardless, I need help from you Mumo.”

“What can I do?”

“I… I need you to keep an eye out for any Nanocontrollers entering any Depository storage. As well as any being listed for sale over the Network.”

“I mean anything listed for sale is public knowledge…But I find it a little sketchy to be digging our noses in people’s storage. Trust a big deal when it comes to banks Suha. And with the Guristas? Probably wanna be even more careful with their privacy… Infact this entire Depository guarantees some privacy between tellers and clients. We will be betraying people if we start spying.”

“I… Understand, maybe got ahead of myself there…I just need…One name.”

“… One name?”

“One name.”

“… And what will you do with this ‘One Name’?”

“Maybe contact them… Present them an offer for those Nanocontrollers.”

“… You want to buy the Nanocontrollers?”

“Yes… It’s better they enter my hands if the raiders decide to sell the gains rather than keep them for some other purpose. If they by chance try to sell them in Venal or rent out storage at the Depository, I’d want to know about it. They very well could be planning on selling them back to Lai Dai, or to the Khanids, or Sansha’s Nation!”

“So you’re gonna buy them instead before any of them to do… What with?”


“You went planning on… Destroying them, were you Suha?”

“Is there something wrong with doing that?”

“Something Wro- it’s practically an act of book burning if you take a bunch of tech and burn it around here! You can’t be doing that around here! You’re upset about not getting the Guristas’ attention, but you’re gonna catch the WRONG kind doing that.”

“If I buy it - Is it not mine to do with? What if I see enough value in destroying it to pay for them?”

"Suha it’s… Look, I already expressed this once but I feel as if i must say it again - I respect whatever spiritual or religious pursuit you’re motivated by - But you’re letting this effect the platform and service way to much to the point where you’re literally asking me to violate a potential user’ privacy so you can poach goods from under them to destroy. You kinda already pushed it with those little pop-up ads you had for people looking up cybernetics and drones."

“…sigh you’re right… You’re right! I’m getting a little too drunk with power of late, haven’t I?”

“Well I wouldn’t say that… Just a little too passionate about something while wielding a lot of resources.”

“True, never before have I had the resources I do today. Part of me feels proud about that - confident even. Other part of me however? Not ready to settle for just that, the other part of me sees potential to do more than what I’ve already done!”

"That’s great and all Suha, but you don’t have to keep hurting the quality of the service with your spirituality to do that!

“I’m ‘hurting’ it?”

“You are, by alienating user demographics with this kinda messaging. And you’ll be hurting it further if you try using backdoor access to the Depository to poach deals before they’re ever posted. So forgive me Suha, I do have to stand up and put your authority In check for the good of the service.”

“…Good, I can respect that and find myself unable to hold that against it. I’m actually very happy to have you managing the Depository now after you said that!”

"Well…Good, I aim to please.

“…If the attackers behind that raid DO show up In Venal and DO end up trying to sell the Nanocontrollers over the market, it’ll just be sold to whoever and that’ll be it. Maybe they’ll come nowhere near us at all.”

“The chances are rather slim when you think about it…But if these Nanocontrollers do come though the Depository…I can look out for a name - AFTER - the owners either sell or move them. You won’t get anything in the moment nor will you get anything related to the buyer side of the deal. But…I can maybe give you a name. If anything I imagine they’ll just use some burner allias to make the transaction anyway.”

“Even that would Incredible information!”

“Just…Don’t make me regret it, please?”

"I assure you I won’t doing anything brash, I merely want to…Observe.

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