"Some Navy washout named Jirai Laitanen."

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“The Guristas used to have competition when it was first founded. There were countless gangs sprouting up along the territories of the State long before Fatal and The Rabbit broken off from the Navy. These gangs would do very little… picking a soft target here, or a soft target there - Typically with ships not even built for raiding and pilots who you couldn’t even trust to fly a shuttle. Pitiful little cliques, squabbling over scraps of currencies and small pockets of deadspace to claim as their turf… Could I name one of these gangs? No, i can’t. Because their legacies have forever been washed over by something far greater, by men with fiery ambition and talents. These gangs either tossed aside their colors and joined the ranks and became part of the future, or were crushed by overwhelming firepower and tactical genius the Guristas had at their disposal… You know, The State should be thanking the Guristas! They’ve cleaned up their pirate problem far better than they could…”

  • Suha Raibuya

“Some Navy washout named Jirai Laitanen.”

November 30th YC 94

Sivala, Caldari Border Zone - Deadspace hideout of an obscure pirate outfit.

“How much is this setback gonna cost us Tiech…?”

“Oooh, so that’s what we’re calling the complete goddamn annihilation of my facilities? A setback? Well ■■■■, ain’t that just a fan-”

“-I asked you how much it was gonna cost us. Now you either tell me or I choke you out to stop your bitching Teich…”

"…Well, Don. Taking into consideration the laboratory, product, staff, and defending fleet? ■■■■, we’re talking millions. I’d give you a more specific number, but my accountant died in the ■■■■■■■ raid so I’m left to fend for myself when it comes to running the numbers.

“God damn… Alright, fine. We got a Caldari Constructions contact who stills owes us a few favors, we’ll hit him up and get the materials for a new station. We can hit a few Poteque Pharmaceutical convoys to get some chemicals to work with to get production ready to go. I’ll start probing my networks to get ahold of some university burnouts to come in and make the product itself”

“Okay… Now what about these assholes that razed my ■■■■ in the first place?!”

“I was getting to that Tiech, slow your bitch-made ass down…Helek.”


“What intel you got for me on these attackers?”

“Some crew going by the name Naughty People.”

What kind of name is that…?"

“Hell if I know Sir. Relatively new to the scene and aggressively out there making a name for themselves.”

“What kind of business they into?”

“Racketeering, kidnapping, hijacking, prostitution, narcotics and of course, piracy. And that’s just a brief rundown to save you time Sir. They’re doing anything for cash flow right now.”

“Who’s in charge of this outfit?”

“Some Navy washout named Jirai Laitanen.”


“That’s the word, went by the callsign Fatal and was apart of the 37th Octopus Squadron.”

“No ■■■■? He’s a Capsuleer then? That makes this much more interesting… Don’t see many of them breaking ties with the Navy.”

“My sources are a little unsure, but there’s a second man that broke off with him, can’t find his real name, but he goes by ‘The Rabbit’.”

“He also a Capsuleer?”

“I believe so…”

“Damn… Not sure if I wanna tangle with that. I hear some real ■■■■ about this Capsuleer tech.”

“Ayo, what the ■■■■?! You telling me we bitching out?”

“The ■■■■ is your problem now Tiech?”

“Well ‘Sir’ it sounds like to me that you’re quite fine with letting these bitches disrespect us.”

I’m being cautious… We haven’t even recovered fully after our beef with the Angel Cartel. I ain’t gonna drag us into another war just because some Navy defectors are trying to flex and act hard. Also I’d sooner try to get a gang with Capsuleer tech in our side before making an enemy of them."

“Tsk, man see… That’s the bitch ■■■■ I’m talking about. Always so diplomatic and trying to be friendly when we should be showing everyone who runs ■■■■ down here!”

“I told you, that ain’t what this is about.”

“That’s where the ■■■■■■■ money! All you do is let these ■■■■ crews come leech off our territory so you can be ‘diplomatic’, ■■■■ that! That ■■■■ is for bitches! We could be running the whole damn GAME by now if you weren’t being a bitch for once Don. Now look, what we need to do is gather our soldiers and get them-”

“-What we need, Tiech… Ia for you to shut the ■■■■ up, you feel me?”




“… Helek, how many ships we got unassigned right now?”

“Right now? Few bantams. Some badgers and one Ibis.”

“What kind of heat are these people packing?”

“Merlins, Condors, Kestrels, Comrorants-”

“-Where the ■■■■ are these nobodies getting this kind of hardware!?”

“I’ve seen plenty of reports about them raiding Caldari Navy anchorages for ships, but nowhere near as frequently to amass the fleet they got now.”

“Then how?”

“… I believe there’s someone building the ships.”


“There’s no other way, some of the ships used in the raids don’t appear in any registry. Only way that could happen is as if they were plucked directly off the assembly line.”

“So they got someone that knows how to build ships, military grade combat vessels no less… < sigh > We may be outmatched here if that’s the case. Capsuleers, ship production line…”

“What do you want me to do, sir?”

“Lockdown our ■■■■, don’t put any of our boys into any danger until I talk to these people and see if we can come to some kind of compromise that benefits us both.”

“Yo that’s-”

“-And we should keep in mind the kind of ‘setbacks’ these people are capable of creating and hold our tongues on trying to start a war with them…”


“Good… I do have one last order Helek.”

“What’s up?”

"Get me more Intel on this Rabbit character… have some boys shadow him and see what he’s responsible for… if my hunch serves me right, he’s more in control of operations and this ‘Fatal’ is nothing more than a poster boy to draw attention away from him.

“Might take some time, guy doesn’t appear on the surface level often.”

“Make it happen.”

“Yes sir… Do I have him iced if we get a clear shot at him?”

'No, just observe and get as much info as you can on him."

“You got it.”

“Excellent… This meeting is adjourned.”


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