"What? Don't trust me?"

“I’ve lived on the streets long enough to know that trust is it’s own kind of currency. You only have so much and you gotta know who to invest it into… Sometimes you poorly place trust in someone when it’s already too late and you see the betrayal unfolding. When that happens? You can’t afford to just give up and let them hurt you, you gotta take a bigger risk to be one step ahead of them…”

  • ??? " Okiku" ???

“What? Don’t trust me?”

March 13th YC 123

Torrinos V Lunar Mining Colony - Colony’s Starport lobby

“So, why don’t you go ahead and let me in on your secret kiddo? How do you get into our hanger to begin with?”

“There’s a maintenance room right near the customer’s checkpoint all the traffic funnels in and out of. In side that room is a vent that’s conn-”

“-Wait, wait, wait… You’re telling me all we gotta do is climb through a vent to get to our hanger? Hell we need this kid for Capt-”

"-Because you fat grease-sippin roid heads are too big to fit through the vent and too stupid to navigate the ventilation network, where I’m small enough to comfortably crawl through and been in it enough times To know my way around.

“Tel, stand down son… Alright Girle. So you’ll crawl though and end up in our hanger, B-2 and reach the main door and let us in, yeah? You’ll need this…”

“What’s this?”

“A master key you could say… The console should have a port that will let you insert it and let you splice though it’s security and make the systems mistake it for the authentic thing…”

“Does it make any difference that I’m on the hanger side of the door? Why not use it from this side?”

“Well then I’d just snuff you out and be done with ya’, but the reason is that this side of the door won’t have a console and needs to be open remotely by the administration. The setup is impractical I’d you ask me, but whatever. Just sneak around, stick that key in and well be in.”

“If it’s that easy, then alright… How do you and your crew plan on getting past customs without raising suspicion?”

“That’s not your concern…”

“Yeah, that’s not foreboding in the slightest…Not at all.”

“We’ll handle getting to the hanger door… All you need to do is get us in. Simple enough?”

“… Then i’ll get my book back?”

“Sure, Sure… Deal’s a deal, right kid?”


“What? Don’t trust me?”

“Got no reason to, dealt with too many shady folk already to know not to blindly trust em’ right away. I’m not that naive afterall.”

“Heh, if you say so kid… Now I need a time frame, how long will it take you to get to our hanger and get the door open?”

“… About ten, fifteen minutes? Just to reach your hanger. Depending in how bad security is on the inside… Ten more? I’ll get your door open.”

“Fine, just don’t waste any time… Hell you waiting for?! Get a move on!”


Torrinos V Lunar Mining Colony - Starport Hanger B-2 9 (Police Angle)

“■■■■, the street value of all these narcotics must be able to buy someone a vacation home on New Caldari Prime!”

“I hope you’re not getting any ideas ‘Officer’ Bren.”

“What? Me? Can’t a guy comment on this motherlode we uncovered? It’s crazy to think they managed to dock with all this stuff and not get detected sooner…”

“We found corruption in customs both in orbit and up-front. Scum were just being waved on though without a second glance…”

“We got rid of them though, right?”

“Yeah, investigators managed to flag down like fifteen customs officials who were on the take.”

“■■■■ me, that many?”

"Mhmm… Command’s thinking that’s how that Trig Bomb got in the colony in the first place."

“So these people brought it?”

“Uncertain, the officials don’t seem to have answered to one group in particular, just anyone willing to slide some scrip to look the other way. Could literally have been any ship we’ve seen in the past month…. If it’s true these traitors were answering to anyone paying them, it would answer for alot of the Dragonaur and Anarchist smugglers coming through… Command are certain this ship are linked with the Guristas. Neither of the former have been caught with narcotics and blue and crash are right in the Guristas’ wheelhouse of poison slinging.”

“This whole colony is going to ■■■■. Every band of scumbags in the State are picking apart this place and benefiting from it except us.”

“Better do your job then and bring them all in Officer.”

"Oh sure! I’ll just single handedly arrest them all and play hero… Please, all this overtime has been blown out as it is… "

“Yeah I feel you there… Got about Four hours of sleep in the break room back at the precinct before being hauled off to this assignment.”

“Damn, have it worse than I do! ■■■■, I’ll just stop complaining.”

“Eh we’re all a little worn out, it’s fin-”

< Radio: All units! All Units! The Starport is currently under attack by five armed and violent assailants! Suspects just blasted their way through customs." >

“What the ■■■■?!”

“Shut up Bren! Command this is Officer Velsil 288 standing guard in hanger B-2 with Yellow Team. Please advise. Over.”

< Radio: “288, all teams are ordered to hold position and keep all their assigned positions secure. Over.” >

“Copy that command, holding position. Over and out.”

“Should had let that call die… Could had gotten us ordered to go chase these psychos down.”

“I know this is yellow team, but you ain’t gotta live up to the name you know.”

“Oh ■■■■ y- Hey, is that a kid?”

“How’d she get in here…”

“Hey! Kid- get away from th-”

< Hanger doors sliding open >

"-Oh ■■■■…"

Torrinos V Lunar Mining Colony - Starport Hanger B-2 9 (Guristas Angle)

< Weapon fire exchange >

“… Move in!”

“… We’re clear here Captain, Two officers down.”

“Tel, Kelm! Scout out the hanger and eliminate aanymorepigs among the crates!”

“On it!”

“If you see the kid, drop her! No loose ends if we can help it! Celera, watch the door! Zeesh, help me get these crates back in!”

“Really got the time for this Captain?”

“You just wanna leave all thus money behind? Hell no! We’re taking it with us.”

< Distant gunfire in the Hanger >

“They’re fine - Hurry up and grab the other end of this crate. Move it!”

< ‘Captain’ and Zeesh grunting as they lift up a crate >

“I hope you got a plan for us to slip out of here once we’re on board!”

“Don’t you know who you’re talking to? I always have a plan…”

“Sure! Sure! Does the kid have to die though?”

“Don’t tell me you give a ■■■■ about that brat! She just cause more problems if we let her live and frankly? She be worst off in police hands after this… It’s a mercy killing…”


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