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Hey Peeps,

So, I’ve only been playing for a couple of months, and I decided to see what the hub-bub was all about in lowsec. After all, I keep reading this and that about getting out of hisec, so I dipped my toes into the lowsec end of the pool and wouldn’t you know it, the FIRST agent mission I run, I get exploded up!!!

I saw her on local, there were about 10 of us in the system, and she had the red blinky next to her name. Wasn’t too worried at the time as I was gunnin down some baddies in my mission. So after I finished, I did my usual “scrappin for the loot” when all of a sudden on my overview…“RED BLINKY ALERT!” ACK!!! there she was, and before I could finish sayin “Holy Hamster Pants” it was “Frozen Dead Sydney Time”

So the first of 2 questions:
How did she get to me? I was in a mission and I had to use the drop down nav thingy to get there. I’ve left missions in the past and realized “oh no, I left my drones back there, let me go back and get the kids.” but I cant get back there because I "finished " the mission. Is there a trick to get to the area?

The second question is, when “Red Blinky” shows up on the overview, is it possible for me to GTFO! Or am I pretty much doomed? This is the 4th time I’ve lost my car, and while they aren’t that expensive (frigate girl here) it is rather cumbersome to have to hop around like a bunny to all the different systems to buy all the parts again. Ugh!
(we need some Amazon delivery around here) :slight_smile:

Thanks and have an awesome day!

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Fair warning, what follows is a bit like the blind leading the blind.

Combat probes. Make sure you can see them on d-scan, and spam d-scan when red blinky is around. Combat probes lets you find ships … anywhere.

Yes. Either keep a bookmark of your mission and/or bookmark a wreck … just in cases you ever have to GTFO and/or return for drones. Etc.

Of course. Just as long as, 1) you are quick enough to react, 2) your boat is quick enough.

Final point. I used to lose ventures (miner girl here) all the time. Usually to NPCs (how embarassing). I found buying three at a time, and leaving them all assembled and fitted in one place solves the bunny hopping.

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You got combat probed down if you see it and warp out but forget your drones inside they can probe your drones to get there.

Secondly you can get out yes if you are aligned and press warp there are also telltale signs more experienced players use as advanced warning.

You can set your directional scanner to show combat probes and just dscan constantly.If you think you were pinpointed you can narrow the range to see what’s about to come after you even a cloaked ship has to de cloak to use an acceleration gate


Thanks @Lily_Inkura @Dark_Engraver for the advice!

I’m chalking up this loss as a learning experience. Guess i’m gonna buy 2 of everything and go watch some d-scan videos on youtube :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Hehe, that sounds quite like my first loss in Low, too. But I was not podded.
If you lose your ship, just try to warp away the pod immediately to the place you already aligned to, they need a moment to relock you.

Some of them are very fast locking, so you won’t get away too often when they are already on grid. In Lowsec, you have to be kinda paranoid if you wanna keep your ship, so the tips above are very useful.

But keep in mind: Don’t forget to say hi to your killer, many of them like to help (after blowing you up), and most don’t want to pod you in Low at least.


Yea, she got me while I was picking up the mission loot, so I was moving at the time. Too bad there isnt a panic button that just warps in whatever direction you are facing, that would be handy!

Didnt think to say hi. good advice! however, after looking at her killboard, it looks like she wouldnt have too much time to chit chat as she was just mowing through the system smackin everyone in the face :slight_smile:

Maybe Ill go back in a little 5 dollar shuttle and play “Cat and Mouse” and see how long I can stay away from her practicing some defensive d-scanning… might actually be fun!



I wrote a blog post a long time ago on the d-scan and how to use it effectively. It is still accurate, though the screenshots in it are antiquated https://www.thewholefrigate.com/2012/05/questions-from-newbie-how-does.html

Hope it helps!

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Awesome! Looks like you’ve got a bunch of other stuff that can help too!
Thanks bunches

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