Bloody NPCs

Went to our home system in nulls for the first time in Astero. Was crackin cans along the way, otherwise what does one do when it’s XX EVE event, right.
Got killed by NPCs with 200M in cargo. Fck.
Went to the nearest trade station got another Astero with a light fast fit to pick up my sh
t from the wreck. Got popped by NPS’s in an abandoned bubble.
Got back, got Magnate, got popped, got back, got Anathema, got popped… Am I an idiot or what?
Almost always got popped in those f*cking aftermath wd bubbles. =(


I mean maybe don’t ask such specific questions especially if you are not prepared for a true answer. :stuck_out_tongue: :thinking: :innocent:


Dying repeatedly to the same situations while expecting different outcomes is not stupid, it’s the definition of insanity as of Einstein.

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Well, I fully sympathize with your situation but I gotta say you definitely made CCP’s day, they get their jollies off by viewing NPC player kills…

I could give you some pointers, but considering your Astero fit has a cargo scanner, I think I’ll laugh instead.

No, you are just an NPC , but don’t know it yet.


But not one of the diamond ones that’s for sure. :smirk: :smiling_imp: :dealwithitparrot:


I got it. Sometimes I switch my brain off I guess.

You shouldve tried one more time.

That would have definately got it done.

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again ” - Robert the Bruce

It’s time somebody swatted that spider ” - Zaera Keena

Nailed it…

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