New player diary

First things first. Shiny game, shiny stuff. Awsome game.

Why is this game so addictive. Shiny lasers, beautiful ships… star systems I want to screenshot and turn into my computer desktop.

Caved into my inner demons… fitted up two frigates, and went wandering into the ‘dangerous null’. 60 jumps, halfway around eve… I finally run into a player looking for a fight… smartbombing ship.

He was polite, awsome, explained the mechanic that killed me, I wished him happy hunting.

Fitted up, went out again. I’m gonna find something and that. More beautiful systems, ran into… npc mining? Suddenly, a crow lands on me. run off, 3 systems later, I jump off a gate, and suddenly a big shiny bubble appears and stops me from warping. Wake up back in station… convo the people who killed me.

Find out what a sabre does, and why they are EVIL EVIL SHIPS. :smiley: And awsome. And now i want one. :smiley:

WHY IS this game so addictive. I’m happily running out of money, need more ships need more fun.

So, this game, so addictive. So evil . I’m hooked, I’m kinda sad i’m going to be having to go back to killing npc’s instead of running for my life.

Next goal. Figure out how to get into wormholes, to have a crack at dying there :smiley:


Nice seeing players actually discussing the game being played instead of the everlasting ganking thread meta.


ctrl f9

preferably not while in combat, great for screen shots



heh. This game is, well, so shiny and awsome. I really want to get into the pvp, but I know my skills at like 4 days old is… hilariously bad… but thanks to help from corp and from rookie channel, I think my fits, while, ‘cheep’ are at least passable.

The way I figure it, is ‘go out and explore’ Whats the worst to happen. I explode? too late. ITs fun. Its learning. I want to do it more. Well, not explode, I’d like to make others explode. but, now… DANG IT i got mr torgue going EXPLOWSIONS in my head… :smiley:

PVP is definitly very solid in this, from the little I’ve seen. just because I am crap at it, doesn’t mean I dont want to do it more.

OH, that and capitals. I’ve seen things like a nidhogger and a nyx on dscan… would love to see one up close. Again, dont care if I die, but, BIG AND SHINY :smiley:


People often said that PVP is not about skills, and sometimes skills are the least relevant thing.

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I suppose yeah. But things like range, speed, velocity, etc. IF they can outshoot me, out run me, out… tech me, Its a problem :smiley:

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Even the best ships can be outnumbered.

Mail me some of your lossmails ingame :parrotcop:

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Haha, figured out how to dig up my loss’s. :smiley: yay skills.

dear diary. Figured out how scan. Its a pain in the exaust. But amusing. So many wimpy sites, wandering to find a wormhole, and find a wormhole I will… death to be found within :smiley:


Welcome to EVE, Faith.

You sound like you’re having a lot of fun. May death find you, and in turn may you inflict death on others, such is the way of things in New Eden.


thank ya pix. OH I intend to die alot. Maybe eventually kill someone. But til then, Keep my research cue full and as long as I can afford it, keep flying into low and null, with a ‘gank me’ sign on my back :smiley:


Come to JSpace! We can’t wait to see you there :smiley:

OP, it’s not often that I can honestly say I’m impressed with a new player. Your attitude, your willingness to try things and learn from them, it’s hands-down the best attitude a new player can have.

You will excel in this game, I expect. Having looked at your recent losses, the advice I offer you is Pyfa and osmium.

Although there are some terrible fits on osmium, it is an excellent place to start looking and learning.

Armed with some general guidelines from osmium, plug them into Pyfa (add your API in so you can project your skills onto the fits) and tweak the fits. I oftentimes spend more time in pyfa than I do in-game, because I enjoy the min/maxing.

Well we all hope you learn to enjoy the salty tears you’ll get from your future targets. I must admit to some jealousy as you are much braver tham I am.

Welcome to New Eden, fly safe, fight hard, Die Gloriously:skull_and_crossbones:

Thank you everyone for the warm warm welcome i have been getting both in game and in forums here. thank you for the tips about websites and things to do… and bravery… what bravery. I’m just happy ‘ooh this is shiny’… lets go poke the shiny. I went boom? AWW AGAIN :smiley:
If this game wasn’t quite so shiny… i dont think it would be as addictive. but, BOOM!!!

Next entry in the diary:

Messed around with a few frigates. Some had too few mid slots… some had too few high slots. Settled on my ship of destiny, the handy executioner I’ve been using all this time.

Spend a day, wandering in and out of wormholes, finding nothing but these 'astrahaus’s, empty places, and really beautiful sights… like this ‘twin’ system, seemed to have like 2 stars or something.

Run out of wormholes, get dumped into lowsec, go roaming… either for something to shoot (almost had a probe… but it dissapeared and re-appeared on me before warping off :S) or something to get shot by. Lots of ‘combat’ sites on the scanner, lots of data, and such… but no wormholes.

Find a wormhole. YAAY. Scan it down, jump in. See nothing. Warp to a planet, set up and align, and start scanning. 3 signatures. 3 wormholes. Dealers pick of next destination. Suddenly, Dscan explodes. like 5 Svipuls, a loki, and a dozen other ships that I dont recognize. And sabres, lots of those.

I’m ok, I’m ok… lets just pack up and warp out… Yeah… stupid sabres.

And thats how I learned what an ‘instalock’ is. Warping… warping… warping… ooh, look bubble… why is 95% of my ship missing as I come out of warp?

Message the two people, say thanks, wish them luck, grumble about sabre’s… you know, the normal routine. Back in high sec, back to building a new ship. Amazed that like, 10 people turned out just for me.

I feel special today. Now, what next to go die in?


A tip for a new player - doing the training scenarios for the Career Agents at the different Empire training stations will net you some cash and a few ships, some of which are useful (and the rest you can sell for a little more cash). And you can do them all - the three stations for your faction AND the 3+3+3 for the other three Empires. Boring but it’s easy money (and ships) while your training queue ticks down a bit.

Another easy cash grab (well, as long as you can fit a destroyer for a couple of the fights) would be the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc, Bloodstained Stars. Safe High-Sec stuff, not running wild in the uncharted reaches, but worth doing at least once. :wink:

Also kudos on being braver than me. I’ve barely dipped my toes in the dangerous null-sec myself yet, still looking at options.

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