"I want you to track down this worm."



“I’ve never felt such soul crushing humiliation before. Caught up in my own success I got too ambitious and let my guard down for reality to come crashing down on me… I had a chance to prove myself that I belonged with the Guristas, a plan to take a fight to the State on my own terms! But it all failed… Up in flames at the intervention of Intara Direct Action. All I have to show for my work is a badly written article promoting the arrest of those that trusted my planning… My plans might’ve just been collateral damage in a bigger scheme, but I swear I’m gonna get even one day… I’m gonna make these Intara pawns regret this! I’m gonna make sure they know my name and fear it!”

  • Suha Raibuya

“I want you to track down this worm.”

July 12th YC 122

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Office of Venal Prosperity Agency Head Director Utatis Parinen.

“■■■■■■■! Fedo-■■■■■■■ deadbeat pecies of ■■■■!”

“Suha! Relax!”

“■■■■ you Avio! Don’t tell me to relax! I’ve just been ■■■■■■ by Intara Direct Assholes!”

“Just let her vent Avio…”

“All my plans! Ruined before they could even get off the ground! All because of these Intara cocksuckers! I’ll make them pay! Oh those fucks are gonna pay alright!”

“Suha, let’s not get ahead of ourselves-”

“Why the ■■■■ not Avio?!”

“…Because maybe we should slow down and approach this cautiously to avoid causing anymore damage on our end. Look, you’re upset - I get that. But me and Utstis here are trying to talk to you about this so we can figure out a solution.”

“Talk? That’s what you’re trying to do? Solutions?! Alright! Why aren’t we talking about a solution onhow we can ■■■■ these low-rent mercenaries right back?!”

"Ma’am we have a more pressing issue in that we have agents currently being hunted by authorities and others in police custody.

“I…I-I knew that Utatis! I was going to get to them!”

“Were you…?”


“…Let’s breathe for a moment and discuss this, calmly. Intara can wait, wouldn’t you agree Avio?”

“I’m with Utatis, you’re letting your anger get ahead of you Suha. You’re losing sight of the bigger picture.”

“Fine!.. How bad is it Utatis?”

“Well, offices are being raided - Callsigns are being exposed - all of our agents that are still loose are wanted and have no centralized command to report to. As it stands the damage is pretty catastrophic.”

“W-What are our options?”

"Abort immediately, abandon all assets and scrub this operation completely.

“We can’t do that! W-We can figure out a way to reorganize and-”

“That’s not how this works… If there was a way, I’d tell you. I’m not gonna sugar coat this. The entire operation is a bust.”

“W-What about our agents!? You’re not suggesting we just abandon them are you?!”

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa Suha! Utatis isn’t implying that at all.”

“Ma’am, we can try to pull who we can that aren’t in police custody currently. It’s gonna be a little hard getting in contact with them. With some luck we can have them extracted and out of harm’s way.”

“And the ones that got arrested?”

“We’ll pull some strings to try and spring a few. For those that we can’t? Well, we can just raid any transport en route.”

“S-So we need to plan prison ship raids! Let’s talks strategy-”

“-Ma’am, with all due respect - I think you should leave the planning of such thing to the experts and remaining focused on what you’re an expert in.”

“Ex-Excuse me!?”

“I - Hmm… Avio, could you say it for me?”

“Why do I gotta do it?”

“Because I’m an employee and you’re more of a uh… Equal.”

“… Right, Suha - I think what Utatis is trying to say is that you don’t gotta have your input of the pulse of everything going on. Let people like me, someone who actually has attacked a prison ship or two - And Utatis - a guy that has really good connections and knows how to communicate with them. You should take it easy and keep up on what you’re better at than us - Domestic issues.”

“Domestic issues?!”

“Yes! Venal! Focus on taking care of your homeland, the needs of the people and how you can improve everyone’s life here-.”

“-And me and Avio will handle all the ultraviolence and destruction.”

“Yeah! Exactly!.. Well hold on a second, maybe I wouldn’t word it li-”

“Am I being pushed out of decision making?”

“What? Suha no! Of course not, we’re bringing you in because you’re key to all that’s going on here. Right Utati-”

“-Then why haven’t I gotten to make a decision yet?! Huh?! Why have I just been told how bad the situation is and not given an opportunity to make a call on what we should do!? I feel like you two just brought me in here to tell me how badly this whole plan of mine ■■■■■■ up and now you two are running the show!”




“Okay. Avio, I think Suha here needs a moment to tell us… Her decision… on what we should be doing… We’ll listen, discuss it and come to an agreement…”

“Yeah, sure… Okay Suha, what do you want us to do?”

“I want you to track down this worm.”

“Excuse me Ma’am?”

“You heard me Utatis, I want whatever Worm these Intara bastards used and have it brought to me!”

“Suha, how do you expect us to find it?”

“By finding fluid routers in Pure Blind, or any kind of node that can tap into that region’s network! Find some way to capture-”

“Suha, I don’t think that’s how it work-”

"-Let me finish Avio!.. Find some ways to capture a copy of this worm, some kind of file it copied itself into that can be downloaded and stored. Maybe even start collecting corrupted files, or anything even remotely effected by the worm and any malware it opened the door for. Just…Something! Let’s get a pair of eyes on what we’re dealing with.

"…So we could analyze it

"Correct Utaris! And develop a counter to it! Or use the data to reinforce firewalls in the event of future attacks.

“Alright, sounds like a good plan to me Suha-”

“-Then weaponize it.”

“… I’m sorry?”

“We weaponize it… if this worm can do this kind of damage to an entire region’s market? Imagine if Intara got a taste of their own creation… Or unleashed on the State entirely?”

“Ma’am… That option is absolutely nuclear, and pardon my language… ■■■■■■■ batshit crazy of you to suggest”

"I agree with Utatis, Suha - you’re letting your anger get the best of you and get you on a path towards revenge and absolute unchecked economical damage

“I feel humiliated… I want them to regret this!”

“Look, it was your first time planning and running an op Suha. Mistakes were made and we’ll fix the damage as best we can. Chasing after revenge however, is only gonna cause more damage and make the process a whole lot harder. One step at a time, Alright?”


“Your plan to start tracking down this worm is sound, I think that’s something I can get started on. Dig into it and see how it works first hand… I even know this Vherokior Hacker I can probably ask for advice from and get to the bottom of this quicker. I’ll head out to Pure Blind and start cracking into any Guristas routers in the region.”

“You think the Guristas are gonna like that Avio?”

“They’re gonna have to ■■■■■■■ cry about it Utatis! You just focus on getting our people out of Lonetrek, spend as much as you need to get it done. I’ll work on getting us some data to work with.”

“What can I do?”

“You just do you Suha.”


“-I’ll be sending you updates on my progress to you exclusively and keep you in the loop with what’s going on in that region. So please, just maintain your stuff on the homefront, and I’ll head out and handle the business far from home.”

“… Okay, fine. I can do that.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m… I’m not a failure, right?”

“Suha, you should know the answer to that already. All this? Is because of you! This whole fortizar is here because of you!.. Well, technically because of Brotherhood of Spacers having the resources and they’re own interests in having a citadel to stage out of - Aside from that however - Also because of you and your wider vision of economic prosperity for Venal. Suha… You’re a success, and if some slack jawed fucks wanna say you’re a failure because of this botched op? ■■■■ em’ because they’ve probably made money using the infrastructure you helped make happen.”

“< Sigh > Alright, I understand… Please keep me up to date on whatever you find in Pure Blind? Even if it’s mundane or trivial sightings!”

“Of course, of course! You’ll be the first and only to even hear.”

“Thank you Avio! This means a lot to me!”

“Hey, anything for you Suha.”

“Annnnnnnnd Kiss.”

“Go to hell Utatis.”,

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