"I own a limited edition Clear Skies box set."



“Suha is a philanthropist at heart. I’m told to run the Prosperous Venal Depository not as a business, but as a service that can enable the economic prosperity of the region’s residents. The Depository has very limited ways to make it’s own income off it’s clients in favor of promoting the wealth of the userbase instead. Nothing about this operation is profitable or practical, we continue to push investments left and right and see meager returns. Thanks to having connections to a Capsuleer funding this bank, we can manage to absorb the lose and keep things afloat. It’s reckless to put it nicely, but this is how Suha wants it to be…”

Our biggest sink however has to be our loaning program. In the theme of looking out for the economical prosperity of the region’s residents first. The Depository will allow active Gurista personnel of any rank or profession to borrow some of the Depository’s funding to establish a business in the region. A client would pitch an idea to our people, we work out what they need and will buy up the real estate and the initial startup assets to make their idea a reality and give them a flat rate on what to return to us. Problem here is that these initial transactions we make are typically made in all the different forms Mega scrips out there, and what we ask for in return is Gurista backed scrip… So obviously we take a lose as a result of asking for one currency in return when with eight different currencies for the investment. It doesn’t help that we have no way of really determining the credit history of any of these people… I like to believe Suha plays the long game with this strategy, theoretically it COULD be profitable if a majority of these businesses we invest in begin flourishing and Gurista backed scrip goes up in value as a result… The real question is if this Depository will be able to live long enough to see it happen though."

  • Mumo Lang

“I own a limited edition Clear Skies box set.”

November 20th YC 122

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Office of Prosperous Venal Depsoitory’s Loaning agent Kurald Domi

“Mr.Celes! Please! Come in. How are you today?”

"… Call me Gelcel.

“Of course! My apologies Gelcel! Please have a seat. My name is Kurald Domi. Can I interest you in some water? Coffee?.. Pastries?”


“Yes! We have baked goods set aside to snack on. High quality treats I can pro-”

“-I ain’t here to talk pastries, I’m here to talk business.”

“… Of course! Of course… We’ll get right into it… Now, I see you’ve brought some plans with you?”

“Yeah, right here.”

“Excellent! Just let me… Hmm. Interesting, is this…?”

“A Holo Theater? Yes.”

“… Oh thank the Maker!”


“Whew! Had me worried there for a second! I thought this was going to be another pleasure hub or bar proposal! I’ve had like… Ten, Twenty - proposals this week alone about someone wanting to start up another ■■■■■■■ pleasure hub. Like… Come on people! Would it kill ya’ll just to be original for once?”


“A Holo-Threater? That’s a first! And certainly a kind of business that hasn’t been done over fifty hundred times already in this region! Seriously… We got more pleasure hubs than the Amarr have churches! So, I gotta say you’re off to an incredible start so far Mr.Cel- I mean, Gelcel.”

“… Cool.”

“Man of few words, are we? Not to worry. Uh, can you tell me more about this idea of yours? What’s your connection to this project, do you just see it as a way to make income, or do you feel as if Venal is missing something?”

“I like movies.”

“I love a good movie as well! One of my all time favorites has to be part two of Clear skies.”

“I own a limited edition Clear Skies box set.”

“You buy that or loot it?”

“I looted it.”

“Gotcha, but why invest into an entire movie theater? You can just watch a film in your own time in uihr living space.”

“It’s not the same.”

“I mean. Yeah just sitting on your couch in the living room isn’t the same, but you could just invest into a very expensive personal theater if you wanted to recapture the atmosphere. An entire Holo-Threater Is… A public kinda thing? It’s a service that hosts showings of films for OTHERS to come in and watch.”


“… I know you don’t say much sir, and that’s completely within your right. Can you just… Clarify a bit more, please?”




“… Mr.Celes, I-”

“When I was a kid, I went to the local theater every week with my mom.”

“… O-Okay! Can you go any-”

“-About the only time I ever got to spend time with her, otherwise it was always work grabbing her attention. We go in and watch all kinds of different genres together. Comedy, action, horror - you name it. I’ve seen it most likely.”

“… Right well, I understand the sentimental value you see in having a theater, but again- his isn’t really something we can invest in for personal use.”

“I’m getting to that.”

“Okay! My mistake, go on.”

“The process of getting to your seats was always a thrill. Getting the tickets, smelling fresh buttery popcorn as you walk inside and looking at all different snacks and drinks available at the concession stands… Then you take your seat and suspense sets in as the room fills up and lights start going out… You start watching the movie and you’re blown away by the sound and visual quality. Then there’s the collective reactions of the audience whenever something funny, exciting or scary happens… I love it.”

“You love it?”


“I mean… Most people don’t like watching movies with so many others… All the assholes on their devices and talking among themselves.”

“I don’t like those people.”

“I-I figure you wouldn’t.”

“You wanna talk, you can take your conversation outside…”

“Right well… I can see now you have a deep connection with this project and you seem very open to allowing customers to patronize it and keen on maintaining quality by eliminating troublemakers ruining the experience for everyone else… W-What kind of films you’d try showing there?”

“Any of them.”

“… I’m sorry?”

“I like many films. I find many films when plundering ships. Found a whole crate worth of theater-made holo-reels when knocking over these impetus freighterthe other week… Gave me the idea of opening my own theater. If I can get my hands on a unreleased film I like, I’ll put it up for showing, otherwise I’ll collect all my favorites films and make a schedule around them.”

“What if you’re selection if favorites is too narrow to draw in a big enough customer base.”


“R-Right, I assume you’ll still have something they’ll like… Ahem, so! I think this is something we can certainly invest into. Now, do you think you’d ever expand on this business? Like need more space put aside incase you wanna make additional space for your theater?”


“Okay. And do you need us to buy you some snacks and other foods to sell at the concession stand.”

“Yes. Buy the first round and I’ll be looking for the rest beyond that…”

“We’d need a list of what snacks you’d have in mind… Aside from popcorn, we’ll go ahead and get you a years supply of that - cheap stuff when it’s in bulk like that.”


“Now do you have specific location in mind you’d want this? We can try to put it anywhere in Venal… But we can get you a incredible good deal if you’d want it on the Rabbit’s Warren. We got GREAT connections here as you can tell.”

“That’s fine.”

“Okay! Now our people will have to track down some space and get ahold of some sellers to get you some startup assets. This could take some time, but we’d update you and won’t spend any money until you’re completely satisfied with the plan we have set up. Now what I can tell you is that this space you’d need based off these plans? We’re looking at a bout seven hundred thousand at best… In Guristas backed scrip. Startup assets are gonna be ontop of that.”

“… Okay.”

"You’re fine with this? I mean we have looked at your accounts and can say you’re a Network user in standing and credit… Yet you’re automatically comfortable with that number?


“… Well alright! If you’re fine with it. We’ll keep in touch! Thank you very much Mr.-”


“Gelcel! Thank you… We’ll be in tou-”

“what’s stopping me from just robbing you people and not paying anything back?”


“What you going do?”

“… Well, it does make it s bit difficult… No courts or anything to go to and we’re not in the business of starting ■■■■ with the Guristas. So… Nothing really is stopping you from taking our money and never giving anything back…”

“Hmm. And you’d still do this knowing that?”

“Well, if you do decide to take our generosity for granted… We can always just ban you from using the Depository AND the Prosperity Network. Seize whatever assets you have in holdings or accounts…”


“And! If you happen to have a superior that uses any of our services heavily… We could talk to them about the importance of showing discipline in repaying debts owed…”

“Sounds like a lot of bluffing.”

“Maybe so… Really what we can do is limited and insignificant, but you gotta decide if it’s worth cutting us out instead of paying back what we ask of you… We don’t ask for much, we just expect some recurring payments every month off the revenue of the establishment, about… 10% at max. And once you paid it all off entirely, we’d step back and let it be yours. Simple right?”


“Right, well give us some time to get ahold of some sellers and I’ll bring you back in to talk numbers more in depth and we’ll get the ball rolling on setting up your first business in Venal! Thank you very much Gelcel.”



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