"This list just keeps getting more lewd!"

“It’s a misconception that since I’m a spiritual individual that I reject carnal desire. Couldn’t be farther from the truth, I fully embrace my own sexual desires and feel I have not indulged in any kind of sinful or shameful activity. In fact I feel as if I’ve embraced my own humanity, my own nature… I’m certainly no whore, but I’m not a prude either. And I will do what I must to get this message across and show everyone that my spirituality will not repress their nature as human beings.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“This list just keeps getting more lewd!”

December 12th YC 122

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, rented out studio on Deck A-3

“Suha! You alive still? Been in there for almost an entire hour! Whole crew is waiting!”

“Just another minute Avio! I’m almost done!”

“You said that ten minutes ago!”

"I have to look perfect for this! Best foot forward! Just Give me one more minute!

“Fine! I’m counting!”




“… ■■■■■■■ hell.”

< Dressing room door opens >

“About time! Was getting… Concerned…”

“How do I look~?”

“With the makeup and outfit of a Landfall Shrine maiden? Practicality look like a living doll…”

“Costed me a bit of scratch to get ahold of an authentic outfit. Also had to hunt down someone capable of supplying the outfit… Not something I’d find myself wearing daily, but for this? I can’t think of anything more fitting! Represents me rather well!”

“Caldari see the outfit as something modest and conservative… Symbolizes purity even.”

“Precisely why I think this is going to hit hard and get over incredibly well!”

"Aren’t shrine maidens also suppose to be virgins? You know, the maiden part in shrine maiden?

"Some ■■■■■■■ repressive social notion the Caldari imposes in it’s culture… Nature gives us sexual desire - yet - society finds it crude and for deviants. We have to fight against our nature instead of embracing it… How much you wanna bet the bastards running the Landfall shrine just want a bunch of unmarried virgins around to exploit for their own desires?

“Not sure what kind of price I can put on that…You know when you told me you wanted to pose in front of a camera and have pictures taken… I was expecting like … I dunno, a swimsuit?”

“How boring and uninspired… Where’s the build-up? I wanna build anticipation! I want viewers to see a beautiful and traditionally dressed woman with class slowly expose more and more flesh hiding beneath the layers of fabric! I want them captivated and drooling at every step! … Come out in some skimpy attire with nearly everything already exposed? Pfft… What’s there to even do…?”

“Sounds like you got it all thought out…”

“I’d say I do! Here, take this.”

“What’s this?”

“A list I wrote of poses I wanna go though during the shoot. You’re going to be my director!”

“Is that why I’m here?”

“Among other reasons… The list is in order of steps I wanna take, so don’t skip around. I’ll know if you skip a step…”

“Now why would I do that?”

“Maybe you’ll come across something you’d think is too indecent for me to do~”

“… How far are you going with this exactly?”

"You’ll see~. Come! Let’s get this started!

Alright! Places people! Suha’s here! Get the lights ready! Where’s my cameraman?"

“Right here Mr.Yaken, sir!”

“Just call me Avio.”

“Yes Avio, sir!”

“Close enough. Suha, you ready?”

< Deep breath > … Ready!”

“Alright. First item on the list is… five glamour shots?”

“Just some warm up shots! Let the outfit sink in…”

< Camera Snap >

“Right… So mind telling me more regarding what this is all about?”

< Camera Snap >

“I have an idea to… Boost morale in the Guristas. While also creating a new product in the process!”

< Camera snap >

“Could you be a bit more specific?”

< Camera snap >

"I want to create a magazine. A special kind of magazine that Gurista would find appealing… I’m calling it, Bad Bunny! Utatis tells me that getting something like this mad won’t be difficult, wont consume too many resources or demand much labor. And with what I have in mind for open auditions for any Gurista? We could have all the actors we’d need for later issues!

< Camera snap >

“Bad Bunny? I mean… Has a nice ring to it. Good name for what I assume is going to be a lewd mag… Was that five? Onto the next list?”

“Go right ahead.”

"Alright… Open your kosode and reveal one side of your breasts.

"… Now do you think I should have a shy expression on my face? Or but more into it?’

< Camera snap >


“Well I wanna show some emotion in these pictures… Just what do you think would be better? If I looked timid and shy, or just look like I’m trying to be seductive and naughty?”

“…I don’t… Both? I Guess…”

< Camera snap >

“We’ll just collect pictures of both and see how they look…”

< Camera snap >

“What’s next on the list?”

"… Reveal the other side of your breasts. "

“Maybe I should have it start sliding off my shoulders… Like this. What do you think?”

“Certainly stimulating…”

“I’d hope so~”

< Camera snap >

“Next item Avio.”

“… Lift your hakama up.”

“How forward of you!”

“You put it on the list!”

“I know! Just teasing…”

“…Well, was kinda expecting lingerie? Not-”

“-Simple white panties? I thought about it, didn’t think it mesh. Wanted to keep up this sweet innocent look. Wearing some lingerie underneath didn’t look right to me.”

< Camera snap >

“Are you embarrassed right now?”

“What gave you that impression?”

< Camera snap >

“I can tell when you’re uncomfortable, Avio. I can even see you blushing from here.”

“Sure you do…”

“Well you ain’t seen nothing yet. Next item.”

“… Now you’re just intentionally being vulgar with the writing here.”

“Go on.”

“This list just keeps getting more lewd!”

“Isn’t it great! Now what’s the next step?”

" < Sigh >… Turn around, bend over and show your ass to the camera."

“… How’s this look?”

“… Just… just take the ■■■■■■■ shot.”

< Camera snap >

“… I’m starting to wonder if you brought me out just to put me in this position.”

“Oh! So you are embarrassed!”

“Didn’t say-”

“- It’s quite alright. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here Avio. Look at me, I’m perfectly comfortable with this!”

< Camera snap >

“… ■■■■■■■ hell… Alright Suha. P-Please grab your asscheeks and spread them apart.”

“Please? You’re so polite about it!”

“I’m cancelling my cloning contract after this.”

“I know you won’t!”

< Camera snap >

“In fact, don’t you want to try this out Avio?”

“Excuse me?”

< Camera snap >

“If I want Bad Bunny to be a success on arrival, I need to be sure it’s contents can appeal to people of all tastes… Don’t want to publish it with just my spreads in it as I can only satisfy a demographic that’s attracted to feminine characteristics . I also need a more masculine counterpart to make up for the features I lack.”

“… I-I don’t think-”

“Next on the list, please.”

“… Turn back around. Full body shot.”

“… I can’t think of anyone better for the job Avio.”

< Camera snap >

“W-Why me?” You… I-I understand why people would want to see you. Me though?"

“You got your own fanbase Avio, comes with the territory of being a Capsuleer afterall… You’re the Tycoon of Venal, a pirate with handsome looks that can rxtort a enchant vessel for ransom in the morning and negotiate a trade deal in the afternoon.”

< Camera snap >

“… What would I even do? Or wear for that matter.”

“You’d just wear what you have on… Maybe ditch the shirt, kept the vest on. Show off those tattoos and slowly unbuckle those pants…”

“Wait, wait, am I going full nude here?”

“Balls and all! I plan on stripping down further in this shoot…”


“… I could really use you for this Avio. More than you realize.”

“… L-Let’s just get this over with. Next item… Fondle your breasts with one hand while… Having the other down the front of your panties… God dammit Suha.”

“Should I just have it down there or make it look like I’m fingering myself?”

“Okay that’s it, I’m taking a break!”


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