Announcement: Shrine to a Caldari Hero Operational

Some time ago, I began gently suggesting to a certain half-Achuran who frequents this channel that she ought to start identifying more with the honorable Civire heritage of her father instead of the filthy Minmatar subhuman Achuran ancestry of her mother which she wholly embraces. Her response to my prodding was uncharacteristic threats of violence. I knew, then, that there was a story here that demanded my investigation, and after some intense research and prayerful supplication to God to fill in the gaps and uproot the lies in the official record, I uncovered the story of a true Caldari hero, Sarth Jenneth.

The Caldari labor caste is a sad lot; due to the State’s unholy abolition of slavery, all responsibility for the menial tasks of civilization upkeep falls upon them. For those in the employ of SuVee sent to the Achuran homeworld of Saisio III, the tragedy is multiplied, since for these workers the basic human need for love and companionship can only be satisfied by the throngs of filthy Achuran subhumans with their seductive occult powers and their heresies of monism and maya. And so it came to pass that a certain Civire laborer Sarth Jenneth was seduced by and married a nun of the Sujui clan.

As is often the case in such marriages, love eventually turned sour. But here the story takes a different twist, for rather than suffer the horrors of marriage to a filthy Achuran subhuman heretic in depressed silence, our Sarth Jenneth was touched by God. Someway, somehow, he was made to understand that God has given the Achurans over to destruction, and they can and should be treated as if they are already in Hell. CONCORD censorship on these forums prevents me from supplying the details, but suffice it to say that Sarth Jenneth became an instrument of God and destroyed his wife, and God was glorified in her destruction, as he was glorified in the tears of his half-breed daughter Aria, who witnessed her mother glorifying God in her destruction.

Fearing the precedent of SuVee workers rising up against their filthy Achuran subhuman spouses, the Caldari authorities lied and said Sarth Jenneth was a drunk and executed him. Today, that injustice is corrected, for now operational in the lowest possible orbit around Saisio III is the Shrine to Sarth Jenneth. The centerpiece of this Citadel will be a monumental statue of Sarth Jenneth, a statue with kinetic elements, depicting Sarth in the act of glorifying God in the destruction of his wife. Before this statue stands an Altar of God so that the oppressed Civire and Deteis of SuVee might bring the Achurans in their life here and sacrifice them to God. Achurans will be made available to any visitors who lack any Achurans of their own with which to glorify God in their destruction.

The Shrine to Sarth Jenneth is open to all visitors, especially Civire and Deteis who seek to glorify God in the destruction of Achurans. Even so, may the Blood Age come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.


Might someone finally remove this man’s fingers…?




I’m kinda at a lose for word, for how far this have gone. This is not the path of faith, but more a ruination of once great ammarian mind. Now sadly to broken to see it own destruction.


How dare you!

How dare you to claim Achura belong to these subhumans?!
How dare you to claim that Caldari authorities lied?!

And… did he… (Well, I don’t know the whole story myself, but…) did he really build a statue to a man who has committed a murder under alcohol intoxication?!

I don’t know at this point, should I be enraged or just… laugh.


I do not claim this. I preach what God himself has revealed.

Mr. Nauplius, that’s your claim. I haven’t heard the God claimed that… yet.
Moreover, that claim is a straightforward lie, and in any medbay where they can splice DNA they will show that. Caldari medbay, Amarr medbay, heck, you can check it even in your own medbay with lab assitants you trust.

Oh, and considering God actually have forged us, He must be expert in genetics and eugenics, thus he wouldn’t make such a blunt mistake.

I’ve seen no proof his mind was “once great”.



this is super fuckin rare im kinda impressed but like

â– â– â– â–  just



He’d probably just grow three more for each one lost, like one of those mythological beasts.

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Mr. Nauplius …

… I’d like you to please imagine a few things right now. Please feel free to use your imagination in as much vivid detail as you like.

Plenty of those handy little polymer restraints.

An open-bottomed chair, through which your most sensitive bits can’t help protrude if you’re tied to it.

A dish of liquid drain cleaner.

A steady hand.

That’s the first thought to spring into my head. Give me time; I’m sure I can come up with better things. And don’t worry, please: I don’t mean to kill you.

Your backup clone wouldn’t remember, after all.


Ms. Jenneth, I build a shrine to your father and you reply only with barbarism; your savagery only highlights why your father was righteous in cleansing his household of Achuranness.

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Correction: I am going to kill you. I’m going to stuff you full of TCMC’s, have you shipped to a pleasure hub in a crate, and let you get one good look at where you are before having the TCMC’s tell your nervous system that it is comprehensively on actual fire and let you scream until your heart gives out, then send a copy of the footage to your next clone.

And think of something else to do to him.


Your anger is that of a vicious, savage, subhuman creature.

Your father was made of better stuff; he directed his anger toward that which God has given over to destruction, and as a reward, he dwells now in Upper Hell, the Hell of the Righteous Non-Chosen, along with Tibus Heth and the other righteous Civire and Deteis people.

Meanwhile, your mother burns in Hell, and a million billion years from now, all the agony that she will have experienced will be but a brief speck compared to that which still awaits her.

You have a choice, Lady Jenneth. You can follow the path of your father and take your place by his side in Upper Hell, or you can wallow in your Achuranness and someday join your mother in an eternity of destruction.

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I can’t …

You total …



Don’t you dare claim to preach the word of God.


So normally my rates are pretty high, but in this case, I’d be happy to work pro bono.


There is only one God, Lady Jenneth, and he was glorified in the destruction of your mother. Pray to God, Lady Jenneth, that he might help you to understand this; pray to God that he might give you the same revelation that he gave your father.

Thanks, Kala.

Last time, with the temple over Achura, was bad, but it wasn’t … personal … in the same way.

This time. . . .

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In the hopes of furthering Caldari/Amarrian relations, I’d like to extend my services as well Madam Jenneth, in punishing this Heretic for his sins and bringing the golden light of Gods righteous justice down upon him.