"I'll skin you alive."

“If Capsuleers like Avio proved anything, it’s that this region’s market can be easily controlled with the right amount of money. Avio Himself would buy out entire stocks of certain goods to have better control over sales and prices. It’s much easier in regions like Venal due to the lack of local industry to churn out goods in bulk and unreliable shipping lanes to transport any imports. What you see on the market is what you get. The markets between Capsuleers are easy to exploit, but for the common man? No difference. Sometimes even more easy to exploit… Despite it being a symptom of her own platform, Suha sees an issue when it comes to essential goods like medicine or foodstuff, and thus sends in people like me to try and ‘negotiate’ for the goods release so that we may distribute them more fairly… If they’re gonna play some dishonest market games, why can’t we?”

  • Utatis Parinen

“I’ll skin you alive.”

December 27th YC 122

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren, Bizmo’s Games and Fame casino - Personal office of Bizmo Lepala

“-Right, now then… Mr.Uterus.”


“I know what I said. Now, would you believe me if I told you that I am first foremost a businessman?”

“With a casino like this? Why would I have to doubt such a claim…?”

“Because I am under the impression that you think of me as some kinda scrupulous scalper!”

"Well… Yeah, absolutely. You bought out an entire shipment worth of niche medical goods and gouged the price significantly. And according to your transaction logs with the Depository, you’re still selling them slightly below your listed price. Likely setting up an unrealistic price and taking whatever negotiated price that comes your way. "

“And what is the problem here? Have I not seized opportunity? I do not think my prices were unrealistic given the kind of money pirates flaunt in these parts… I tried to remain merciful however, understanding that there were folk that struggled to afford the product. So I took lose in my profits.”

“You hadn’t sold a single unit of any good at it’s listed price. Every transaction had been a haggled fee and even still, you’re making about 120% profit.”

“Business has been good…”

“Go ■■■■ yourself.”

“Now you don’t need to be taking that tone with me, boy! Certainly not in my establishment! I invite you into my office so we can sit, have a drink and discuss this matter with privacy AND civility!”

“You’re in the wrong region for that.”

“Maybe so, but I know I am right having come here for the opportunity! I own a successful establishment, have a wealth of funds - And more chances at expanding my wealth even further. In part thanks to the Network you represent Mr.Uterus.”

… I’m happy we helped you build a prosperous life, sir."

“I am happy too Mr.Uterus! Now, you’ve scolded me enough for my clever business strategy. What do you propose we do about it?”

“Well, on behalf of the Prosperity Network brand - I’m prepared to buy the rest of the shipment off to you. We will pay for the costs of the shipment when it first entered the market.”

“You’ll pay the prices I’ve listed on your network.”

“Not happening.”

“Then Mr.Uterus, I don’t think we have a deal. Mako, please show Mr.U-”

“You’re taking this deal. There’s no way out of this.”

“Excuse me?”

“Let me use some casino terminology for you to help you understand. You’re cashing out, run off with what profits you made off this little scheme of yours and accept our pay of the cost of the remaining medical supplies.”

“Why?! So you can sell it for even more?! Bloody hypocrites!”

“No, we’ll distribute it in limited amounts at a much more fair price.”

“It’s parasites like you I’ve tried to run from in the first place!”

“Sure it’s not the criminal record? The crippling amount of debt? Oh - The allegations made by a certain holostar…”

“What are y-”

“Bizmo, I know everything already… I did my research before talking to you. You’re not playing this humble businessman ■■■■■■■■ with me… Especially not in this region. I got your number already… Now you’re going to take this deal and I’ll pretend I never met you…”

“… If I don’t?”

“I’ll skin you alive.”

“Y-You…You’ll what?”

“I’ll stand up, walk around this table. And I’ll skin you alive. Right here, right now. I smuggled a knife in even, here let me show-”

“Is this a threat?!”

“It’s a promise.”

“Who do you think you’re making these kinds of ‘promises’ too, boy?!”

“Someone whose free game… If you were someone in with the Gurista? I couldn’t lay a finger on you if I wanted. No, you’re just some sad sob that came limping across the border into this region, bought yourself out some space and cobbled together a ■■■■■■■ slum of a casino so you can sit back here in this office of yours and play pretend that you’re some big shot boss in a holoreel… Yeah, you got a castle to yourself here. You’re just failing to realize the people I work for live in a much bigger castle…”

“… You’re locked in this room with four of my best gua-”

“Yeah, they’ll watch me do it.”


“Watch. Hey kid.”


“No the bookcase behind you. Yeah, I’m talking to you. How much is this fat ■■■■ paying you?”

“Don’t answer that question!”

“Shut the ■■■■ up, but you know what? ■■■■ it. Don’t answer it. Whatever it is, I’ll triple it.”

“■■■■, for real?”

“For real,kid. Goes for the rest of yall too. I represent people way more wealthy than your current employer who deserves no loyalty. My word on getting you paid is worth it’s weight in pure Amarrian gold.”

“I’m in, ■■■■ it.”
“Tired of working for this slimeball anyway…”
“Sorry Bizmo, strictly about getting my money.”
“Just tell me what you want me to do, sir.”

“Excellent! Now that your own men are on my side Bizmo, guess I should make good on that promise…”

“W-w-Wait! Let’s not be hasty here!”

“Think I’m going to start with that greasy scalp of yours and work my way down…”

“Don’t come any closer!”

“Fighting this is only gonna make it hurt more! Hold still!”

< Bizmo screaming >

“What I’d say?!”

“Stop! Stop! Please! I’ll take the deal! Cost value! It’s yours! Just stop! Please!”

“That deal is no longer valid, we’re paying half the costs to take it off your hands!”

“H-Half?! You can’t be ser- Ah! Ahh! AHHHH!”

“Do we have a deal?!”

“We have a deal! We have a deal! Please just stop!”

“… Fine.”

< Bizmo hyperventilating >

“I’m glad we could have come to an arrangement, sir. Don’t worry about contacting the Depository, they’re already transferring the supplies as we speak. My accountant.”

“Y-You were already…”

“Yes, didn’t want to waste any time and my employers are very confident in my abilities to strike a deal…”


“Anyway, my people will appraise what’s left of the shipment and we will deposit the due payment within a week. We’ll be in contact.”

“A-Are we… Done?”

“Yes, don’t think we need to discuss anything else. I’ll see myself out. Come on boys, let’s find you somewhere nice to work… Oh Bizmo! I do have a complaint to register with your establishment.”

“W-What is it?”

“While waiting for you to see me I ordered a blueberry muffin and I was extremely disappointed that it barely had any blueberries in it. Had about… Two? Hardly a blueberry muffin, right?”

“… I’ll… I’ll look into fixing it.”

“Like a good businessman would… Have a good day.”


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