"You don't know me."

“I won’t underestimate someone for their age, capabilities or my own personal grievances… If I have the slightest reason to see someone as a potential problem, then I will take that seriously and address it, personally. I don’t like surprises after all, so the less rogue elements I have to worry about, the better. And there’s no length I won’t go to suppress such elements and keep them under control…”

  • Utatis Parinen

“You don’t know me.”

October 4th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, some scheduled alleyway between businesses

< Spray paint can hissing >

< Footsteps >

“… So is this what you’ve been up to?”

< ‘Okiku’ dropping paint can and turning to face the voice >

“Relax. It’s only me…”

“… The Cyclops? What the hell are you doing sneaking up on me?”

“I have a name.”

“And I have a knife in my pocket. You making a move?”

“If I was, we wouldn’t be talking.”

“… What do you want with me? How did you even find me?”

“Is that a serious question? I got access to all kinds of information on this station, figuring your movements out wasn’t anything difficult.”

“Still not telling me what you want with me…”

“A word, is all.”

“The ■■■■ gave you the impression I want to talk with you about anything?”

“It’s not about what you want, but what I need-”

< Utatis walking forward >

“-And what I need from you is…”

< Utatis stopping >

“… Cooperation.”

“… Listen you one-eyed fucktard, I ain’t gonna le-”

< Utatis grabbing ‘Okiku’ by the throat and slamming her against the wall >

< ‘Okiku’ Choking >

“Utatis. Parinen.”

< ‘Okiku’ Choking >

“… This - is what I meant by needing your cooperation… Let’s start with you addressing me by my name. Shall we? Say it.”

“U-U- < Gasp >…Tatis!”


< Utatis releasing his grip on ‘Okiku’ >

< ‘Okiku’ on all fours gasping for air and coughing >

< Utatis kneeling down >

“Now then… I need to know, what relationship do you have with Suha?”

" < Cough > < Cough > I’m getting ■■■■■■■ deja vu now…"

“I have not a damn clue what you’re talking about - Now my question.”

“… There is no relationship.”

“Oh, there’s something. When I first saw you two together, you had contempt for her, maybe even disgust…Now all of a sudden you two seem to be… Tolerable of one another.

“There you go then, we tolerate one another.”

“… Yes, very well then. Suppose the specifics don’t matter in the end. So long as you understand that I don’t want you putting annnnny ideas in her head. Okay?”

“Why? So you can?”

"Any idea some angsty brat like you would sell her on would end up getting her killed and yourself by extension, where mine will at least try and prevent that. I’m only trying to keep her safe, you see… I don’t need you making that any harder for me. "

“I find myself doubting that you actually care about her that way.”

“Can say the same for you, I can’t see you putting your hide on the line to save her’s.”

“You don’t know me.”

< Utatis standing back up >

“You know what? Out of all the times I’ve had that said to me, you’re the only one I have to say is correct about that. I don’t know you, I can’t find anything about you beyond some juvenile stunt performed. It’s as if the EVE Gate went and ■■■■ you out one evening… That, or you’re just some ghost. Regardless… Yes, I don’t know you.”

< Utatis pressing his foot down on 'Okiku’s back. >

“-And that is why I’m going to take you more seriously than your age is worth…”

< ‘Okiku’ struggling under Utatis’ foot >

“T-Think I’m afraid of you?!”

“Yes. I do.”

“I will ■■■■ you up!”

“The only thing you’re going to do is whatever I tell you to do. And right now you’re gonna do everything in your power to avoid being a nuisance for me.”


“… Silence?”

< Utatis applying more pressure >

“AH! FINE! ■■■■! You win!”


< Utatis taking his foot off 'Okiku’s back >

“… I’m glad we could come to an understanding.”

< ‘Okiku’ angrily breathing >

“Oh, quit your growling… Now, I’ll leave you to get back to your wall scribbles-.”

“-Wall scribbles?!-”

-Do keep out of trouble now."

< ‘Okiku’ pulling out a pocket knife and lunging at Utatis >

** < Utatis sidestepping, grabbing Okiku by her knife arm and taking her down to the ground >**

< Knife dropping on the ground >

< 'Okiku Struggling >

“… Care to tell me what your plan was? Huh?! Care to explain what you were thinking there?!”

< Utatis reaching for the knife while keeping ‘Okiku’ pinned >

“Do you know what you were even aiming for? Looked like at best you wouldn’t have ever hit anything important. Just what were you doing? I left you alone and walked away, why would you resort to pulling a knife? For some petty shot? Over what? Getting told your place? Or…”

< ‘Okiku’ angrily struggling >

“… It was because I insulted your artwork? Yes… You did take offense when I called it wall scribblings, didn’t you? Now I See… Now I finally know something about you, an artist too proud for her own good… Well, I think I know how to motivate you now…”

“…W-What are you doing?”

< Utatis positioning knife over 'Okiku’s right hand >

“Hold. Still…”

< Utatis inserting the tip of the knife into Okiku’s right hand >

< Okiku letting out a cry of pain >

“Unlike you, I know what I’m aiming for… Should I go any further with this knife, I’ll damage your hand’s Ulnar nerve. Snip this? And your hand will be paralyzed. No more drawing, writing or graffiti”


“Ah, got your attention now, do I? Allow me to continue then… See, killing you would be simple and easy, but fear of death is not that strong of a motivator for you… This region? It’s large, and has many shadows. Shadows that hide many things, many people… People that never come out.”

< Utatis shift knife gently >

< 'Okiku tearing up and wincing in pain >

"If you ■■■■ with me. Then I will cast you into these shadows and. Leave. You. With. Nothing."

“P-Please! No!”

“Nobody would come for you… Suha will cry about you vanishing, take some blue pill and you’ll become another distant memory to her within a month…”

< ‘Okiku’ whimpering >

“… Your change in demeanor tells me you’re far more sincere now about cooperating with me. Are you?”

< Utatis gently shifting the knife >

“YES! I’ll cooperate! Just stop! Please!”


< Utatis removing the knife and getting off of Okiku >

< Okiku hyperventilating as she sits up straight and examines her hand >

“… Stay out of my way kid. And when I tell you to do something, you’ll do it.”

< Utatis tossing the knife to the ground and walking off >

“Know what you’re aiming for next time…”


< Okiku sobbing >


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