"A symbol of prosperity."

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“It’s been far too long since I returned home and explored it properly. It’s a mix of new and old, with faces I knew from my childhood still being here to faces I’ve never seen before filling the empty housing units of residents long gone. Memories that have brought me joy, alongside memories that bring me dread, I’ll take this bitter-sweet reminder for what it is, the reasons for who I am today, and a marker for where I started.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“A symbol of prosperity.”

October 14th YC 122

Guristas Agricultural Colony on ‘Nsyan’ III - N5Y-4N, Venal region. Dirt road inbetween crop-land

“The crops are looking as healthy as ever!”

“There’s been plenty of improvements since you’ve been gone Suha. I contribute most of this to some new synthetic fertilizer we’re now being supplied with, and I’m guessing the Guristas either stole some agricultural research or got ahold of their own researchers as we’ve drastically changed up our methods not too long ago. Our quotas are up, but we have more efficiency now to meet it.”

“Good, ontop this nobody has Akko screaming at them to meet the quotas anymore, right Forin?”

“Nah, I try to avoid being like him as best I can. At the end of the day, those quotas still need to be met.”

"You’re nothing like him Forin, don’t you worry. I’m actually quite pleased you became the new Colony Marshal after Akko passed.

“Overseer wanted someone in-house instead of bringing in another retired pirate to watch over the place. Easier this way and you can avoid having another Akko running the show. Besides, I was already responsible for good portion of the training for those that join the colony Milita, so why not put me in charge?”

“I’m happy with this…”

“… You know, you’re free to talk badly about him.”


“He was a drink abusive piece of ■■■■… You probably been on the receiving end of his treatment of people more times than anyone else still here. Nobody is gonna hold it against you if you start saying horrible things about him.”

“Yes… He’s absolutely a piece of ■■■■ but… I’d say I gotten out all I’ve wanted to say about him already.”

“If you say so… I remember that accident years back during firearm training were you negligently discharged your rifle during a lecture of mine and almost blew Velmso’s foot off. Then without a word, Akko walked up to you, backhanded you across the face and dragged you off the range by the arm.”


“… Sorry, didn’t mean to being up memories like that. Just something I typically thought back on and felt guilty about letting happen. I was well prepared to chew you out for that, but you were only eleven years old! Getting physical over a victimless mistake felt overboard to me… But I couldn’t say or do ■■■■, Akko was my boss.”

“… Don’t worry about it.”

“Guess I shouldn’t, he’s reign of terror is in the past now.”

“Now it’s time for the benevolent rule of Forin Gokia!”

"Heh! I wouldn’t say benevolent. Job requires I be a hardass every now and then. "

“Still an improvement…”

“Speaking of improvements, tell me more about what you’ve been doing topside.”

“Oh? You’ve heard about that?”

“Yeah, you’ve been putting in work in the regional economy haven’t you?”

“With massive amounts of help from others, yes…”

“Still, I hear you’re the face of trade up there.”

“I try to be…”

“… Something wrong?”

“No, just… Thinking is all. There’s been a few hitches in my progress, but yes, I’d say I have done quite well in the stars. I have something to be proud of and something everyone in this region can benefit from. Yet…”


“… Part of me feels like it’s not enough. That there is still far much more for me do.”

“Being the catalyst for the creation of a regional trade hub is more than anyone could ask of you… More so for someone that’s not even officially a Gurista and thus without any of the perks. You’ve gone above and beyond for having so little starting out Suha… I’m proud of you even kid.”

“You… you really mean that?”

“Of course. Suha… I taught everyone in this colony how to aim and shoot a gun. It goes without saying that what I have to show people is something anyone and everyone can learn how to do. Everyone can learn how to shoot a gun Suha, it’s nothing hard or special… Many of the peers apart of your age group that I help teach ended up joining the Guristas proper, but you? You’re the only one I’ve even hear about anymore, sweet litte Suha, creating a wealth of new opportunities for everyone in this region and becoming a bigger than life celebrity out here. All without firing a single shot… Hell, I can’t even take any credit for your success! This is all you Suha…”

“I wouldn’t go that far. Again, I had help… Capsuleer help mostly.”

"That even makes it more impressive. You got Capsuleer backing? I’ve heard about more people being killed by them than someone getting a Capsuleer to actually toss their weight in with the Guristas. The fact you’re not a Capsuleer yourself makes it all the more telling at what you’re capable of Suha. Typically these bastards only care about people of their own status to befriend and be subordinate too. You getting a single Capsuleer to support you is a feat in itself, then I hear about this Brotherhood Of Spacers alliance also tossing their weight in and putting up a freeport in region? You got some powerful support Suha…

“You think so…?”

“I know so… None of your peers have accomplished what you have Suha. So far, most of them have made typical careers out of the Guristas, unremarkable to the point that I never hear or see of them again…”

“… I saw Inatso not too long ago.”

“Really? Small cluster, how he’s doing?”

“He… Lost an arm. Lost it making a mistake with an explosive device during a raid.”

“Not uncommon, Gurista life is risky like that, get into as many fights and scraps as these people do and you’re bound to be injured. Injuries can be mild at times, but at any moment you can lose an arm or a leg if you’re not careful… Everyone has their fair share of scars. The one’s who have yet got any just haven’t been around long enough. Should be happy you found an alternative to that life Suha, you get to live more comfortably and wealthier than half this organization all without damaging that pretty face of yours.”


“… Suha? Why’d you stop? You alright?”

“… Forin, do you think I was ever cut out to join the Guristas?”

< Sigh > Suha… Up till now I’ve been honest about everything I feel about you. I’m not just saying things to make you feel good about yourself, I’m telling you how it is. And I’m someone that likes to remain consistent, so I’ll continue doing such…”


“Suha, I don’t think you would last a day with the Guristas.”

“…Y-You serious?”

"Yes… Suha, the Guristas demand you be a specific kind of person… A kind of person that you just aren’t. You need to be… Someone like Akko was. That’s the kind of person you need to be if you wanna survive with the Guristas. And I know you’re not him, therefore I don’t think you’re at all the type of person that would make it with the Guristas.

“… All I’ve done was in a attempt to prove myself.”

“And you’ve done just that, but you have to understand the kind of organization the Guristas are. They’re a highly militaristic bunch, the real players that get far are the ones that bring in the most loot, the most cash and go on the most daring raids. You have to be willing to fight and kill in the Guristas Suha… And frankly Suha, you’re not that kind of person.”


“Child, please! You know how to shoot a gun, but shooting at another human being is far different than shooting some target. Some people can live life not caring about the people they’ve killed, while others can be haunted by a single death by their hands. The Guristas prefer the former, and I feel as if you’re the latter…”

“… So that’s it then? Akko was just right all this time? That I’m some embarrassment that would be eaten alive?! That I’m not strong enough?!”

“I didn’t say all that…”

“Then what are you saying Forin?!”

"I’m saying that you washing out of the colony militia is probably the best thing to happen to the Guristas in years!"


“Otherwise, none of this would had happened. If anything you’d be another causality like your Father. Part of me feels like your so caught up on becoming a Gurista officially is because this organization doesn’t have any other opportunity for people… You either stuck here doing field work till your death, or you join the Guristas and die defending some deadspace base from bloodthirsty Capsuleers… You on the other hand found a way out of that Suha! You found your own path to take to achieve your own success. And you’ve opened doors to opportunity that other people can take advantage of. You’re someone the Guristas needs around, but you’re not someone they need within them.”

“… But if I’m not Guristas, then what am I?”

“A symbol of prosperity.”

“A… Symbol?”

"As I said you’re the face of trading for the region. Suha, you have to understand you got the markets on lockdown right now, you don’t need to ruin that and getting yourself hurt thinking you got something to prove. Thinking you HAVE to be a member of the Guristas to feel like you’ve made it.

“… I… I don’t know what else I’d work towards.”

“Keep working towards this region’s prosperity. As you have been.”


“… Oh come on now, don’t have such a sour look on your face. Come, sun Is coming down. Let’s get some dinner while there’s still some left, yeah? Maybe you’ll come more around to the idea with a full stomach. Come on.”



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