"No, you're a manipulator."

“I already know this woman’s game… The way she talks, the actions she takes and the way she presents herself to strangers, all of it is a show to manipulate them. Whether she knows it or not, she craves influence over other people for her own benefit. Cobbling together a cult with her as the figure of spiritual wisdom and leadership. She already sees me as an easy target to insert her I influence over, unfortunately for her I might have more fortitude than she thinks…”

  • ??? ‘Okiku’ ???

“No, you’re a manipulator.”

June 20th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Space-bound Windchime Shrine

“Marvelous, isn’t it?~”

“Why the hell did you bring me here…”

“I wanted to show you the new shrine!~”

“And why I would give half a ■■■■ about this place?”

“Oh, come on Okiku! You spend all your time in your quarters, never come out… It’s something to see! And a chance for us to spend more time together!~”

“… No, ■■■■ you! I know what this is!”


“Don’t play dumb with me… You brought me out here so you get me asking questions about your fedoshit spirituality so you can try and convert me…”

“Well… I suppose I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a topic I wanted to bring up with you at some point.”

“Yeah… All in an attempt to manipulate me and mold me into a puppet of yours…”

“Oh please, I don’t teach Wayism like the State does…”

“… ■■■■ that suppose to mean?”

“The Caldari use Wayism as another prop to circle jerk around about how great and prestigious their Caldari heritage is and make an eye-opening spirituality philosophy and exclusive thing for them and them alone. Wayism is so much bigger than the Caldari State. The Caldari disrespect the spirits of this world by claiming that nature bestows upon them some favoritism. Nothing makes the Calfari special… They’re no different than those that make up the Federation or are they any different than those found here among the Guristas ranks… But no, they have to teach their people that they’re government and nation is something sacred and shown divine blessing, no different than how the Amarr prop up their people as God’s chosen…”

“… Well that was a tirade if I ever saw one.”

“Erm… S-Sorry, I get carried away at times.~”

“Right… Well I don’t think that really answered my question directly and… Uh?”

< Stranger walking up to Suha and ‘Okiku’ >

“E-Excuse me, Ms. Raibuya?”

“… Ms.Raibuya? Oh shucks! You don’t have to be so formal with me.~ Just call me Suha…”

“Holy ■■■■, Is this ■■■■■■■ guy on steroids?”

< Suha jabbing ‘Okiku’ with her elbow >

" < Giggle > Ignore her.~ What’s your name?"

“Uhhhh, Kovari! Kovari Siltarela!”

“What can I help you with Kovari?”

“W-W-Well t-t-this is kinda embarrassing and all but uh… W-Would you please sign my copy of Bad Bunny? Please?”

“Oh!~ Of course I would! Though I don’t have a pen to-”

< Kovari immediately taking a pen pit of his vest and clicking the top of it >

“… Well! I can see you came prepared…”

“C-Can you sign it on this page specifically? The one where you’re spreading your ass-cheeks out to the camera?”

“I can tell you’re a man of culture! Just want my name, or…?”

“… C-C-Can you put down “Kovari Siltarela - The only man who can fill my ass properly.” With your name?”




“… Bro, what the f-”

< Suha jabbing ‘Okiku’ with her elbow >

“-Ow! ■■■■ you!”

“Well I aim to please, and you’ve certainly been polite and honest Kovari…”

< Suha writing down both quote and signature >

"Here, this what you want?~

“… Ohoho! Oh! Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“No issue.~”

“Y-You think you can get me the Capsuleer’s signature on his ass shots too?”


“Your ass is great, and his is too… Y-You know I don’t really get why people get caught up on the ass being a man or a women’s… All semantics to me really. Ass is Ass… S-Sorry I’m asking a lot after doing so much for me already! Especially in front of your daughter and all.”

“She’s not my daughter”
“I’m not her daughter”

“O-Oh, my mistake.”

“No worries dear, unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to get ahold of him to do any kind of magazine signing…”

“Oh I see… I-I appreciate you signing this page for me though! Thank you so much!”

“Again, it was no issue.~”

“The Capsuleer gots a firm looking ass and all, but I mainly bought my issue of the magazine knowing you were in it.”

“That’s so nice to hear.~”

“When this magazine dropped, I beat my dick so hard it went numb.”

“… Well I appreciate the feedback.~”

"O-Of course! I-I really hope you’ll consider posing again for another issue.. In fact, I’m auditioning for the second issue!"

“Really?! Well, seeing you in person I’m gonna say you’re gonna be a knockout candidate when you go in to audition!”

“Yeah, we’re sure you’ll knock them dead showing how small your d-”

< Suha leaning in and covering 'Okiku’s mouth >

“Y-You think so? Thanks! I’ll make you proud.”

“Oh honey you’ve made me proud already.~”

“…I-I-I-I should go! S-sorry to take up your time!”

“Of course, don’t let me keep you! And please! It was no issue, really.”

< Kovari running off cheering >

“Alright! Get your fuckin hand off me… That was some of the most awkward ■■■■ I had to witness.”

“Aww, he forgot his pen…”

“This whole place for spiritual meditation and learning and you got some jacked up roid head pirate running up to you asking to put to word that your ass is his on pictures of your ass stretched out… Great first impression mind you.”

“Oh it was trivial…”

“And he mentioned a Capsuleer?”

“Ah Yes… That would be Avio. My… Equal I suppose would be fitting.”

“… Equal? A Capsuleer? ■■■■■ what the ■■■■ do you even have…”

“His heart for one…”

“Oooh I get it now… You’re ■■■■■■■ a Capsuleer. That explains… A lot.”

“I won’t deny that his status has been essential to the success and popularity I enjoy now…”

“Yeah popularity that comes from a sleazy magazine of you showing your ass to the world-”

“-and my Vagina.~”

“Fuckin’ - Why though?”

“Because I wanted to execute any misconception that I teach a spirituality that condemns carnal desire. To get across the message that sex is apart of our nature as human beings! Between adults we shouldn’t have be ashamed of such desires… And if I need to present myself in a way where others can project their desires onto to get that message across effectively, then that is how I shall do it.”

“Wow, that’s some whore logic right there alright.”

'I am not a whore… I’m just not a prude either."

“No, you’re a manipulator.”

“What was that?”

“A manipulator, I saw how you handled that encounter. There was a ting of discomfort in you but you kept up that cheery attitude, not wanting to offend him and swallowed your pride and wrote down his request in order for him to think the world of you… Secure him into your pocket.”

“My, quite the active imagination…”

“Go ■■■■ yourself. You’re even manipulating that Capsuleer - somehow - Because I can’t see why any Egger would waste their time with some junkie ■■■■■ like you.”

“Well that was uncalled for…”

“And this whole trip to take me out here to this shrine? To ‘spend time’ together and what not? All some schemes to try and get me buy into your whack religion so you can manipulate me!”

“Hey! Come on, you’re making a scene…”

“■■■■ you, and ■■■■ this place, I’m gone.”

“O-Okiku! Wait!.. Ah…”

“… E-Excuse, Ms.Raibuya?”

“Suha, just call me… Suha.”

“I-I over heard you signing someone’s copy of Bad Bunny and I-I was hoping you could…”

“Yeah, yeah sure… Just hand it here.”


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