"You heard me, you're an embarrassment!"



"I tried…I tried to follow in the footsteps of my peers and find a way into the Guristas. I was thrilled when I had the chance to prove myself and become apart of the milita unit guarding my colony, but I would immediately crack under the pressure and toss my only chance at fulfilling my dream at being a soldier…I’d hope one day I’d even make it all the way and join the Dread Gurista…But, I never even got into the milita. I was a failure…Yet, I still had that burning ambition to prove myself and bring something positive to my people, I just had to find a different path to take. Such is the way, I suppose.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“You heard me, you’re an embarrassment!”

November 20th YC 115

Guristas Agricultural Colony on Nsyan III - N5Y-4N, Venal region. Office of Colonly Marshall Akko Delbor

“You gotta give me another chance Akko!”

“I don’t gotta give you ■■■■, Suha. You should feel lucky I even gave you the first chance.”

“I need to redeem myself!”

“You didn’t even last an hour…■■■■! Thirty minutes! As soon as the drill instructor started barking at you- you turned in a blabbering crying mess right there on the training grounds.”


“Then! I have to come over and pull your pathetic ass off the course so the rest of the class can actually get to their training.”

“I-I just…D-Don’t like being yelled at - A-And he just kept yelling and yelling at me more…”

"Oh! Is that’s what wrong you little baby? You don’t like being yelled at?! Boohoo, how the ■■■■ did you expect to even make though?! Are you that god damn naive Suha?!

“Akko, please…”

“Shut up! Look, I let you enroll with the militia bootcamp because the colony overseer tells me I have to give everyone a shot, but I obtain my right to remove anyone that I deem won’t make the cut, and your waterworks back there showed me you don’t got what it takes, kid.”

“But I can shoot! I have trigger discipline, good aim and -”

“Any bumpkin farmhand like you can learn to shoot a gun. And shooting is only part of what’s expected out of you.”

“I just one last chance! I need this Akko!”

“Ah yes…You ‘need this’ don’t you? So what? You can graduate to be properly apart of the Guristas? That’s your ‘dream’, right?”

“Well, yes! It is! I wanna help bring wealth to our people! Just like Fatal and the Rabbit did!”

"Oh ■■■■■■■ kill me - Suha, I’m gonna ■■■■ you up with reality real quick and just say that your dream is a ■■■■ one and is never gonna happen, you wanna know why? Because you can’t even handle basic training to become apart of the colony’s milita unit…T-T-This is the godman Gurista preschool and you tapped out in record timing! ■■■■ passing with top scores and records, up got everyone beat for being the quickest dropout yet! The actual Guristas would eat you alive!

“T-That can’t be true…I-I could manage!”

“Hell-■■■■■■■-nah bitch…You ever seen an actual Gurista bootcamp? Fifty times more harsh than what we got here, you can’t thirty minutes with the milita training than what the hell makes you think you’d last any longer trying to get into the Guristas proper? You don’t think the drill instructor there is gonna tell at you? More and louder than you experienced a couple hours ago? So we need to treat you differently and not have instructors yell and chew you out?”


“Well we couldn’t nor would we do that anyway - it was a rhetorical question Suha.”


“Right…From here on out Suha, you’re barred from trying enrolling again with the milita, and by extension - the Guristas. All of this has been documented and recorded too - so when I kick the bucket and the next sap comes in to replace me, you can’t butter up to him and get your second chance.”

“Akko! Y-You can’t be serious!”

“Bitch, I’m as serious as it gets - don’t you ever doubt that, capche? Now quit with this ■■■■■■■■ and get back to the fields…I wanna catch up on my stories.”

“Y-Y-You can’t just toss me aside like this Akko! It ain’t right! I’d figure a former Gurista captain like you would have more pride and be more supportive of my strong desire to join and do my duty and not be some asshole with no understanding of empathy!”



“You wanna run that by me again? The ■■■■ you just call me?”

“I just…”

“Just what? Speak godammit, and look me in the ■■■■■■■ eyes for once.”

“It-It wasn’t nothing…I just vented a bit too carelessly.”

“Yeah, and a tongue like that is gonna get you into alot of trouble Suha…You wanna know specifically why you ain’t cut out for the Guristas? Because you’re right - I was a captain at one point, and I had to have my nose in the ■■■■ of every member of crew. I’ve seen fights, stabbings, orgies, murder and some other ■■■■■■ up ■■■■ that turn you pale as a ghost. You’d wouldn’t last a minute aboard a Guristas vessel, you’re too much of an embarrassment for that.”


“You heard me, you’re an embarrassment!”


“Words! Just ■■■■■■■ speak godammit! ■■■■…Do you not see it in yourself how ■■■■■■■ useless you’d be in a unit? You can’t handle being yelled at, so you think you could handle being shot at?”

“Well, I never been in that situation…”

“How about killing a man? We ain’t got room for hesitation, you can shoot a target, but can you shoot a motherfucker right behind his eyes?”


“Torture! You know how common it is that our people gets captured by the State, Federal intelligence agency or some sadistic ■■■■■■■ Capsuleer and are mutilated by them for droplets of information on our operations.”

“Just hold on now!”

“Look at my arm Suha! You see that!?”


“That’s just the arm Suha! You wanna see my back? You wanna see the ■■■■ I’ve had to go though?!”

“No! No…I…I get your point Akko.”

“…Then ■■■■ off. We’re done here.”

“…Are you sure we can’t ju-”

“I SAID ■■■■ OFF!”

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