"... Welcome back Suha!"

“Spending some time away from the day-to-day responsibilities I took on to bring prosperity to Venal has allowed me to ponder on my place in this world. I now see that I’ve done a considerable amount of work that I should be proud of - But I see now the dangers I could be running into if I get carried away with wanting to do more. Yet, i feel myself yearning to DO more. I still have so many ideas! See so many opportunities to continue building this region up and bring prosperity to the masses!.. I just have to be careful this time around.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“… Welcome back Suha!”

December 6th YC 122

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Meeting Room for Venal Prosperity Network Leadership

" < Sigh >… Avio, Mumo, Utatis… I’m sorry ."




“I got caught up in trying to be accepted and loved by everyone in this region that I very well risked everything. Everything that you all have helped me put together, I almost had tossed away for my own vanity. I’m sorry for that…”

“Dunno what exactly you’re apolog-”

< Chair screeching back >

“Allow me a moment, Avio. I need to just make something blatantly clear now that Suha is back.”

“W-What do you need to say Utatis?”

Suha, You got off by the skin of your teeth… I understand you have some love and loyalty to the Guristas and you think the world of them. However I need to stress to you that if you ■■■■ around and cross a line you’re not suppose to, these people WILL waste you without hestiation. That’s not to say the Guristas have some degree of appreciation for you for what you’ve done so far, but they won’t let that get in the way of getting rid of you if you for a ■■■■■■■ second compromise the chain of command. I can’t stop you from presenting yourself as a public figure, but don’t let that cause anymore issues for the Guristas, understood?”

“… Y-Yes, I understand…”

“I’m dead serious Suha… You ever start handing out orders to anyone isn’t us or people below us. You’re not the only life that will be endangered here. Mine, Mumo’s - and you’d think I wouldn’t say Avio since he’s a Capsuleer - but he volunteeringly ■■■■■■ himself by contracting his clones to the Guristas. The life of everyone in this room is in your hands. That was but a warning last time Suha, a warning for merely skirting the line. Don’t ever cross it.”


< Chair screeching forward >

“… Welcome back Suha!”

“Thank you Utatis.”

“… Well, now that Utatis has gotten… THAT off his chest… I take it my advice about returning planetside was beneficial to you Suha?”

“Yes! I’d say it was Mumo… It was nice to see everyone again and help me remember where I started out. Helped me… Put into perspective how good I have it now.”

“Would you say you’re now… Satisfied?”

“… I’m not sure. I still have so many ideas I wanna implement and continue building on. I don’t wanna just sit on what’s made already, I wanna continue and expand!”

“I think there’s nothing wrong with that!… In fact I’d say it’s a good thing! You’re ready to get back at it and steer this endeavor towards more projects to benefit the region! Just… Heed what Utatis said and don’t cross any lines, okay?”


"Thank you… Now, you’ll be pleased to hear that in your absence the Depository has bankrolled the start-up of thirteen new business ventures! Some unique businesses too that each fill their own niche… One that I found curious and strangely adorable is this brand going by the name of “Helk’s Plundered toy chest”. I guess you could consider it a retail and distribution company for children’s toys."

“That is… Marvelous! Why hadn’t someone thought of that sooner… I barely had any toys to play with growing up. And when I went home I saw kids without anything to play with expect the same dirt and rocks I had… That gives me another idea even! Could you put me in contact with the people behind this Mumo?”

“I figured you would want to know more, so I compiled this file for you to look over in your spare time. Includes all the contact details you’ll need.”

“You’re the best Mumo!”

“I try…”

“Listen - This is nice and all, but I think you’re forgetting something Suha.”

“And what’s that Avio?”

“The shrine in N5Y-4N. Your absence had gotten your follow Wayists concerned about something happening to you. Got them asking questions if you were whacked… Agency did what it could in just getting a message across that you were just on temporary hiatus. However you’ve been gone for what feels like a year.”

“Avio might actually be highlighting something important for once… You made such frequent appearances at that shrine that it started becoming suspicious when you vanished all of a sudden. Nobody is up in arms or anything, but to erase the tension - Probably best that you arrange an appearance there as soon as possible to show everyone that you’re okay and back at it.”

“I… Agree Utatis. Goodness, I didn’t even think about how much I’ve been neglecting the spiritual needs of my people! Locked away for so long that it slipped my mind.”

“Well no better time than now to get back at it.”

“You’re right Avio. Just… So much to take care now that I’m back.”

“HeyHeyHey! We’re here for you Suha! Just delegate something to Mumo, Utatis or me and we’ll help you get back up to speed. No pressure…”

“Thank you Avio I’m… I’m truly grateful for all of you. Part of me feels I don’t deserve to have such useful and loyal people at my side. Yet here you three are all willing to help me achieve my dreams and goals…I…I love all of you! With all of my heart I love the three of you more than you can possibly imagine!”



“… She loves me more.”

“Yes, you’re the king of the simps Avio.”

“At least I’m the ■■■■■■■ king Utatis!”


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