"What? I'm not a prude…"

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“The Guristas are more than just a formidable military force, it’s also home to many brilliant minds who work on creating and pushing the limits of what technology can accomplish! I never had the pleasure of having the education to seek a career in science, but I do not see science as some evil or threat to my spirituality. As a matter of fact, all this technology humanity creates comes from nature. Every component is made from raw materials left behind by the Maker for us to take, understand, and find a use for. By creating technology, we discover a deeper understanding about how this masterpiece the Maker created works! Science isn’t about defying nature, it’s about understanding how every part of it works in detail.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“What? I’m not a prude…”

March 25th YC 122

6NJ8-V VI - Moon 6 - Guristas Production Shipyard, Office of Assmebly Overseer Fodson Aubimar.

“And what’s this?”

“Holy ■■■■ - it’s the goddamn thrusters of the Merlin! W-What did you think they were?!”

“I knew they were the thrusters, doesn’t stop me from wanting to know more about them…I’m curious how the thruster of a Merlin work.”

“They’re thrusters! I’ve explained to you thrusters four ■■■■■■■ times now! When we looked at the Condor schematics, you asked about it’s thrusters, then the Heron, then the Bantam and Kestrel! I’m not doing it a fifth time! They all do the same ■■■■■■■ thing!”

"Yet the thrusters of each ship is designed in their own unique way. The thrusters of a Heron can’t be used on a Condor for example. They’re not designed

“I-… Look - What you say your name was?”

“Suha Raibu-”

"Suha, Right…Look Suha, I’m gonna keep it real with you, as I’m at the limit of my patience. When I was told the Capsuleer was sending someone to meet with me, I was expecting some bland, nobody to come up to my office, nod their empty ■■■■■■■ head at my results thus far - make some token suggestion about production so they can feel like they got some say in my work. Then move on and leave me alone. I was HORRIBLY mistaken in expecting this, as what I got instead was given the Capsuleer’s inbred stepsister to keep entertained! Capsuleers try to get away with a lot of ■■■■ for their own amusement and just expect people like me to smile and go along with it because they’re "Capsuleers! But not this time! I’ve had it with your constant questions, asking about every god damn competent of these ■■■■■■■ blueprints I’m pulling up! What’s this? What’s that? Over and over again!

“Well, I’m interested in learning about starships. I wanted to speak with an expert about the inner workings of a few ships in the Guristas armada.”

"Go enroll at the ■■■■■■■ University of Callie then! I’m not your god damn professor!

“Please, think I wanna step foot in some institute like that and become another brainwashed drone for the Federation?”

“■■■■ you, I went to Callie.”

“My apologies then…I couldn’t even get into Callie if I wanted, or any other University for that matter.”

“No ■■■■ you hodunk trash! Look - I’m done babysitting you. So run off to your Capsuleer and cry about how mean I was.”

“And what gives you impression you’re babysitting me”

“What the hell else would I be doing? Who the hell even are you?”

“Suha r-”

“It was a rhetorical-■■■■■■■-question! I ask “who the hell you are” because I fail to see how you have the slightest bit of relevancy in my operations here. See those frigates on the assembly line? Your Egger is funding their production in THEIR materials and cash and they’re being deposited in a hanger under his name. Where do you come into any of this?”

“Maybe I’m the one motivating the Capsuleer…”

“What kind of clout could a ■■■■■■■ hick like you have over a Capsuleer?”

“More than you think, I offer him spiritual guidance and a new perspective of our world that motivates him to aid the Guristas and try to be an asset for their cause. Very much the reason why he’s funding the production of Frigates out here and not paying some factory in the State to make them…”

“Like any of that ■■■■ matters to a Capsuleer, only thing I can see you giving this Capsuleer that’s worth a ■■■■ to keep you around - is some pussy-”

"-I take it up the ass, actually.’

“You uh…W-Wait you’re serious?”

“What? I’m not a prude…”

“Well ■■■■…Alright, maybe you DO got more control than I thought you did…Okay a test, what’s the point of all these job-orders for frigates I’m getting? Since you apparently are the real ‘ringleader’ behind this.”

“First off, I don’t have ‘control’ over anyone. I’m merely a source of motivation for the Capsuleer in question.”

“Then why the hell are you ‘motivating’ him to mass produce these ships.”

“So we can offer them up to the Guristas of course, merely extending kind and supportive words to the Guristas won’t be enough. Words are cheap, but starships aren’t - wouldn’t you agree?”

"I mean, yeah. Starships are expensive - but the Guristas have entire engineering complexes to churn out these things. Think this puny pile of ships will matter?

“True, privately we lack the facilities, resources, staff and cash to produce on the scale as the Guristas are - When all these jobs are done, the fleet we’ll have assembled wouldn’t even make up a full percentage of the grander Gurista armada…I think it’s the thought that counts, a gesture that we’re on their side.”

“How precious, a bunch of wannabes.”

“Well what can I say? I was denied my chance of becoming Guristas properly…Yet I still have a passion within me to be of use to them and I consider myself one of them in spirit. The Capsuleer? Someone with power without a real purpose to use that power on, so I gave them one that they saw merit in…So yes, I guess we are wannabes, but wannabes that brings something to the table.”

"Why the hell do you wanna help the Guristas? You just aid you aren’t one of them properly yet you’re one in “spirit”, whatever the hell that means…Most people in their ranks just looking for a paycheck, yet here you are getting all sentimental over some ■■■■■■■ pirates.’

“And that’s fair if that’s what motivates them. What motivates me is my gratitude, I grew up under this organization’s banner and I lived a modest and carefree childhood…As an adult, I wanna pay them back for everything. Call me a bit of an overachiever, but not even these starships feel like they’ll be enough…I feel as if I owe them my life.”

“Well that’s sweet and all, and wish you the fuckin’ best in doing that…Now if you don’t mind - I’d like to get back to my job. So you mind leaving?”

“I do mind, I still wanna learn about these ship blueprints.”

“■■■■■! Didn’t I tell you I ain’t your professor?”

“Yes, but you did mention most Gurista are motivated by a paycheck…So how about this - I’ll compensate you for your time in teaching me some more.”

“Do I get some ass?”

"You get a hundred thousand in Interstellar Kredits (ISK) for every subsystem of a ship you teach me about, in detail.

“Alright, so this right here is the Merlin’s TR-5 YAW control propulsion unit that was designed by Propel Dynamics. It’s a single power generator that’s responsible for controlling the yaw and pitch of the ship and countering the recoil from it’s weapons. With the Worm and Hawk, this subsystem was adjusted to accommodate missile systems over the hybrid weapon systems of the Merlin.”

“Fascinating, tell me more.”

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