“Know what happens when you owe the Guristas money? Depending on the sum amount owed it can vary between ambushing you and leaving you crippled in seven different ways in some secluded spot - to - breaking into your house in the middle of the night, killing your significant other as an icebreaker and holding your first born at gunpoint to get the point across that we really want that money owed… And that’s just if the collectors aren’t feeling creative. Wanna know what happens when you owe us money? We walk up and politely ask for it back and either get killed in the process or get turned away with our heads down in embarrassment … It’s pathetic, we’re loaning out money to Gurista personnel left and right to start up businesses, but lack any way to force them to pay us back and are we’re practically operating on an honor system that alot of our clients unsurprisingly take advantage of… We can’t raise a hand to them, but thanks to this operation swelling just enough over time… We have some advantages and incentives that can encourage them to… play along.”

  • Utatis Parinen


July 5th YC 123

H-PA29 IV - Moon 2 - Guristas Assembly Plant, All Mighty pleasure hub - Bar counter

[Music Playing]

“You know, I gotta say I never thought I’d be working along side Mr. Agency Director Utatis Parinen.”

“That smartass tone isn’t gonna get far with me Thulen.”

"Sorry bossman. Just a little surprised you wanted me to tag along as your wingman for this sitdown

“Well, one of our agents recently was found with their throat split open and dumped in a cargo container after going to talk on the Depository’s behalf with one of our Gurista business owners… So I’m doing the rounds and trying to show you people how you’re supposed to talk to these people so we can avoid that from happening in the future.”

“Right, right…”

“…Where’s your pin?”

“Pen? Yeah I got one right here-”

"Not a pen. Pin! Like the one on my lapel. See?

“… Wasn’t aware those were apart of the dress code.”

“You knuckleheaded ■■■■… You’re not supposed to be representing Network interests without it!”

“A little piece of tin? Look, it’s cute and all but-”

“Shut it. You wear the ■■■■■■■ pin, that’s how these people can identify us and hold us accountable. Here, use my spare.”

“Alright, if it’s that serious… Why the hell have an insignia like this anyway?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… It looks like something some teenage girl would have hanging from their keychain or bookbag. Doesn’t mesh all too well to the skulls the Guristas plaster everywhere. Make us look… Soft?”

“Kinda the point, we’re not a military focused organization. We’re Mercantile, the cutesy symbolism is more approachable, friendly and looks the type you wanna do business with. Where the traditional rabbit eared skull is intimidating and violent, people you wanna steer clear from. Symbolically it’s perfect for the belligerent behavior proper Guristas indulge in. Not for us.”

“Suppose to resemble that Suha Raibuya chick, right?”

“Yes, I’d call her the brains behind all this but I tend to think of her more as the ‘emotion’ behind it all.”

“You… Ever met her before? in person?”

“I report directly to her. Meet in person about once a week to discuss business.”

“… Is she as cute as she is in the magazine?”

“Are you thirsty or something?”

“I’m just curious!”

“And you’ll stay that way.”

“Alright! ■■■■■■■ killjoy…”

< Bouncer walking up >

“He’s ready for you in the VIL lounge.”

“Thulun - Let’s go.”

“Can I finish my drink?”

“You’re not even supposed to be drinking on the clock. Let’s go.”

H-PA29 IV - Moon 2 - Guristas Assembly Plant, All Mighty pleasure hub - VIP Lounge

"Let me do the talking Thulun…

“Hell is the point of me being your wingman then?”

“You’re here to learn…. Captain Kulmanno I presume?”

< Kulmanno coughing up smoke >

" Yeah! What’s all this about? Who the ■■■■ even are you people?"

“We’re from the Prosperity Agency, representing the interests of the Prosperous Depository. I’m Agency Director Utatis Parinen. And this is Agent Thulun Markwek.”

“Alright, and?”

“… May I take a seat?”


“Alright, I’ll stand then. Captain Kulmanno, you took out a loan Six months ago from the Prosperous Depository through our special program to help Guristas personnel establish business ventures in Venal. In the months after your establishment here opened and started taking in Business. The Depository has not received any returns on the loan from you and all attempts to reach you have been ignored.”

“So you decided to show up and ■■■■ up me and my crew’s vibe instead. 'Ight, so what’s the game here?”

“Well, we’re here to politely ask that you either pay what is owed or agree to a payment plan to pay portions off monthly.”

“…Politely ask?”





< Kulmanno and his crew breaking put into giggles and laughter >


< Whispered > Utatis, we’re getting bitched on here in these talks already.”

“I see that…”

“Hehehehe…heh…Well… ■■■■ off. You’re not getting any.”



“Good tug at the leash there, your dog there was about to take the wrong tone with me.”

“Right… Well, Captain. Might I at least question why you’re taking our loans and refusing to pay?”

“Because you stupid fucks are just handing out money and figured it be nice to have a spot for me and the crew to kick back and relax in… On yall’s kredit that is. Seriously, what do you people even expect to happen? This whole loan system you guys are operating is running on an honor system! And honor is for broke bitches. So yall over there are gonna be broke,a nd I’m going to be the prosperous one. This places makes me cash and I just sit on my ass drinking and smoking!”

“Mmm, I see.”

“Hey! Hey! Who told you to take a seat?”

"Myself - Look Captain Kulmanno, you clearly realize the position you hold in this matter. Due to being a full fledged Gurista, you’re aware me and mine can’t rush in and start trying to seize the property or go to a court to file a lawsuit - Because Those don’t exist out here. Nor can we engage in any threats of physical violence.

“You wouldn’t want to go down that road with me anyway.”

“Absolutely. That said, I think you’re missing out an opportunity to make allies out of us…”

“Oh this should be good…”

“Should be. See, we may lack all the military assets the Guristas have that could ruin us at any moment. What we do have however is considerable clout in these markets…”


“So, we do business with many different establishments throughout Venal. Hundreds of unaffiliated traders and just as many Gurista who are interested in quickly offloading loot to us. We are… A Prosperity network. And we use this Network to benefit everyone that does business with us. Should you be someone we favor, we’d be more than happy to provide advertisement, get you favorable deals on products - You got a lot of alcohol for sale here and many thirsty customers, I could get you in contact with booze barons - we got H-PA crew contacts ready to offload party favors. We could talk about franchising if you ever wanted to expand. Something breaks down? Get you affordable deals with qualified repair firms we’ve helped establish. You wanna sit on your ass making money? We’ll help keep the costs down and bring in new customers to generate even more profit for you sitting in your ass.”


“I should also mention that… Should you remain on this path of trying to screw us out of the money owed. We will see your business as a threat to the Prosperity of those in good favor with us.”

“WaitWaitWait, are you threatening me now?”

“No, I’m explaining how this works. We’re invested in making sure the businesses we support are prospering and that means putting their success and wellbeing over those that take our money and run off… We’ll give them access to our Network in full. Advertisements, trade deals, franchising - All of it. You think you’re the only pleasure hub we’ve bankrolled? You’re a dime a dozen…You’d be bleeding money. We’d have to cut you off, ban you and your colleagues from using any Network features - blacklist you and warn our clients from doing business with you. This place may seem alive now, but I assure you it will be a ghost town if you continue to try and rob us.”

“What if I just run up and shoot up your ■■■■■■■ offices of this “Agency” of yours?”

“Look, just ■■■■■■■ play along, alright?”


“Play along… Humor this whole organization by just putting up 1% of the money owed each month. Do that? And you’ll reap every little benefit we offer. Once the loan is paid? You’ll never see me again and still have access to all the perks.”

“Play along, huh?”

“I don’t expect you to take us seriously. So just play along, and we’ll unquestioningly even help you make even more money so long as you just pay and put some scraps every month.”

“…I Guess. Sure… Think you can find me someone who can fix holo-projectors?”

“I think we can find you someone to help with that.”


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