"I want you to give me some money."

“There’s only so much information one set of eyes and ears can attain… I’m needed elsewhere in my duties and I have to resort to expanding my objective beyond myself. A network, individuals I pick out to bring in as extra eyes and ears to listen and look out for that which I’m not there to witness myself… With this comes risk in compromising myself, more sets of mouths to ask questions with. For their own safety, this must be kept in the dark, comforted with what they desire to keep them content and in the place I designed for them.”

  • Utatis Parinen

“I want you to give me some money.”

March 7th YC 124

6NJ8-V VII - Moon 2 - Guristas Logistic Support Station - Utatis Parinen’s auxuliary office space

< Utatis typing >

“-I’m always just left outside some door, out of the scene but still ‘there’ in the background. I just feel like i’m some forgotten about side character in some holo-drama.”

< Utatis typing >


< Utatis stopping >

“Is that all the information you have for me, Agent Thulun?”

“… Has anyone ever told you that you’re terrible at conversation?”

“I didn’t call you in for a conversation, I called you in to give me a report. Now… Do you have anything further to report?”

“…No! I don’t have anything further to report…”

“Good. You’re dismissed.”


“… What is your problem?”

“Just… I dunno! This ■■■■ just seems weird to me…”


“L-Look, I’m supposed to be her bodyguard right? That’s the job you gave me. However at the same time I’m just too… Spy on her? Then come to you and spill the beans on everything I saw her do and whose she’s spoken with?”


“Well… Well it’s kinda ■■■■■■ man!”

< Utatis raising from his chair >

“Are we going to have a problem, Thulun…?”

“Problem? NoNoNo- Well… Maybe? I dunno! I thought this was all about keeping her safe.”

“Oh it is, I just want to make sure she’s not involved in anything she doesn’t need to be involved with…”

“… Sounds like you’re her keeper or something.”

< Utatis sitting back down >

“I’m merely looking after my employer Thulun…As should you. You have been around her long enough, you can tell she has some… Naive tendencies about her, no?”

“Well… Mean no disrespect to her but… S-Sure?”

“Right. And being naive in this part of the cluster can lead to some… Unfortunate situations. Unfortunate situations that Suha doesn’t need to become a victim too… Would be a shame.”

“Y-Yeah… That makes sense to me. Just… I gotta invade her privacy to prevent that?”

“Yes… For her own protection… She has a history of acting outside her lane, outside her expertise and has created… Problems, for our uh… ‘hosts’ here. Though no malicious means, just a childish naive desire to be of use where her help is not needed.”

“Really? I-I thought she was doing good.”

“In her own way, sure… But her head tends to get a tad bit too large and starts getting filled with all manner of half-baked ideas that she rushes to execute and could lead to some troublesome results. It’s up to people like you and me to… Deflate that head of hers before it gets her into some serious trouble.”

“Y-You and me?”

“Yes… You and me, along with some others…”

“Others? Whaddya mean?”

“Well I was going to keep this a surprise as it’s still in the works, but nearly done… I had another promotion in mind for you.”

“Wait? Really?”

“Yes… I can’t expect you to watch Suha all day everyday like I want you to, no doubt it has had some effects on your sleeping and personal life… So I’ve been ‘breaking in’ a few agents to put under your command to assist you in giving Suha the coverage she needs…”

“… Wait, so I’m gonna be in charge of people now?”

“Assuming you’re not gonna cause any problems… Yes. On Top of your own subordinates, you’ll also receive a raise, and… Vacation days.”

“Vacation days?”

“Yes… Vacation days. Now, are we going to have a problem?”

“W-Well I mean… Y-You kinda explained it real well! I maybe have a doubt or three but… I-I can do this! One hundred percent! NoNoNo! one hundred FIFTY percent can do it! No problems here!”

“Good. In that case you’re dismissed, I’ll get in contact when-”

< Office doors sliding open >

< Sortan waltzing in whistling as he approaches Utatis’ desk. >


< Sortsn stopping in front of Utatis’s desk >

“Utatis! What’s good?”


“Boss, Who the hell is this?”

“Hey kid, how about you take your piss stained hair and ■■■■ off so the adults here can talk, yeah?”

“The ■■■■?!”

< Thulun getting up from his chair >

“Look here you greaseball fu-”

< Sortan blasting Thulun square in the face with a right hand >

< Thulun falling down to the floor >

“AHHH! ■■■■■■■ ■■■■! ■■■■! < Groaning > ■■■■■■■ broke my ■■■■■■■ nose, ■■■■!”

< Utatis sighing >

“Trying to step to me? Better learn your place, boy.”

< Thulun groaning in agony on the floor >

“Utatis, is this really the pansy you got protecting that drugged out whore? I thought you had standards…”

"Thulun… Leave us "

< Thulun climbing back to his feet with the chair as support >

“What? Utatis he ju-”

“-Leave us. Now…”

“…You know what? There’s some fuckery going on here that I don’t need to be a part of. That said, I ain’t forgetting about you mother ■■■■■■.”

< Thulun reluctantly making his way towards the door >

“Just wait right outside the door pussy ■■■■■, I’ll be done here real quick. I’ll give you a broken jaw to match that nose. Trust.”

< Office door closing behind Thulun >

“…So! Utatis! My man, how’s the-”

“-What the ■■■■ do you want, Sortan?”

“Just heard you were in the neighborhood after that precious capsuleer cesspool of a fortizar you people called home was taken down and your refugee ass had to float on in here… What? Is it wrong for me to stop by?”

“You’re interfering with my cover doing this in front of my subordinates…”

“Ah, your little deputy I heard you mention? How much does he know?”

“Less, if you didn’t barge in here unannounced.”

“Look, just tell him I’m your lover, it’s fine.”


“Or brother, if you’re that insecure. Look, is that runt really the person you’re putting in charge of keeping your little lifeline alive?”

“I trust him more to play his role and stay in his lane… He’s… Simple to keep in check.”

“Simple… Yeah that’s one way to put it.”

< Utatis typing on his keyboard >

“I’m uploading my latest report to you now. Read it, delete it, send it off to whoever. It’s nothing exciting this time around.”

“Nah not here for that, could care less to read half the ■■■■ you send me anyway. You’d tell me directly if anything real was going on, right?”

“… What are you here for then?”

“I want you to give me some money.”





“… Get the ■■■■ out of my office.”

“I’m making it an order Utatis.”

“■■■■ you, you want me to pull my wallet out and hand you my cards or something?”

“Nah man, just pull it from the Agency’s accounts. I know how much you got.”

“You’re asking me to embezzle money out of the Agency?”

“No, I’m ORDERING you to embezzle money out of the agency. Big difference.”

“How. Much?”

“I dunno… Six, seven figures?”

“What are you doing right now? Why are you trying to compromise my cover over this?”

“I’m trying to get ■■■■■■ up tonight and maybe I wanna make some ill advised investments on this digtally generated pieces of art of fedos. I just don’t wanna spend my own cash on it as that would be ■■■■■■■ braindead of me to do. And there ain’t any rule against this so… ■■■■ it, just slice some of that wallet off and hand it to me. You run the agency, that ■■■■■ you’re babysitting doesn’t ask any question what you do with it’s money. Hell, majority of it is thanks to that capsuleer fucktoy of hers so who gives a ■■■■!? So throw seven figures, come on. That’s an order.”


"Oh? We disobeying orders again Utatis? Do we need to start all over?"


< Utatis sighing as begin typing on his keyboard again >

“There we go… That’s a good little soldier.”

“… Done. I sent you a flat million….”

“You could have gone a bit higher if you ask me.”

“You said seven figures, I gave you seven. You didn’t specify.”

“Alright… Yeah alright smartass, you followed your orders to the word… Whatever, a million is a million. Hell, I’m surprised this even worked!”


< Sortan walking towards the door >

“Well, I’m gonna find some ass and make some unnecessary purchases. Thanks Utatis! Keep it one hundred! As usual…”

< door opening and closing for Sortan >


< Utatis punching his terminal screen >

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