"Have you tried slapping the s#@$ outta her?"

"One of Suha’s greatest weakness is that bleeding heart of hers, she tries to act like she fits in and rub shoulder with the Guristas rank and file like she’s one of them, but when it comes to how the Guristas actually operate? It’s when that heart of her starts leaking out and everyone around her catches whiff of the blood in the water. She’ll start making rash decisions without thinking it though just to do what “She feels is right” and spare no expense to see it though…”

  • Utatis Parinen

“Have you tried slapping the s#@$ outta her?”

March 14th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, personal quarters of Suha Raibuya

< Suha cheerily humming a tune while pouring tea >


“Care for some sugar?~ or cream?~”


“Fair enough! I also prefer to have my tea black, some find it disgusting, but I think it humbles my tastebuds.”


“Soooooo, what’s your name?~”


“My name is Suha Raibuya! I’m… Well I’m many different things nowadays, but we can learn all about that in our own time!~ Can you tell me about yourself?”


“Where are you from?”


“Not very talkative, are we?”

“… I can tell you’re very passionate about that book. Do you draw?”

“… Wh- Do you not see me drawing right now?”

“Well Yes-”

“- Secondly! ‘Do I draw?’ No! - I create art!”

I-I didn’t mean to offend!"

“Whatever Lady - Just drop the pleasantries and molest me already and get this over with?”

"Whoa! Whoa-Whoa-Whoa! I think there’s a misunderstanding here! I’m not interested in doing anything like that… "

“Yeah? Why’d you ‘buy’ me then?”

“I-… I admit the terms I used in that talk were chosen in hesitation without thinking clearly… W-Way I see I paid to free you! Not to buy you like a piece of property.~”

“Then I’ll just leave then-”

“-Well wait! You’ve never been here before have you? You could get lost! Or in trouble…”

"I can take care of myself, Lady. "

“Ooooh, Just… Stay for now! Please?”

“Oh, so I’m your slave then?”

“No! I - Gah! I just don’t want you rushing out right away! M-Maybe I can help you get back home!”

“I ain’t got a home to go to.”

“Then stay here! Or better yet! Maybe I can arrange your own quarters for you to stay!”

“Oh wow, offering your new ■■■■-toy her own bed and room?”

“Stop that!”

“Is that an order Master?”

“Stop doing that right now you rude little-”

< Quarter room doors sliding open then shut >

“… Utatis!~ Pleasant surprise seeing you here!”

“… A surprise? Ma’am you requested me to meet you in your quarters twenty minutes ago. Sounded urgent and -… Whose this?”

“Who-? Oh! This is… Uh… Well I’m still trying to figure that out!~ No matter…”

“… Riiiight. Well, I’m assuming this is what you called me here for?”

“Did I call you here? I don’t have the faintest memory…”

“That so?”

“She’s high as ■■■■ having just bought three kilos of blue Pill.”

“… Well that explains it. Now why she knows all this makes me have more questions…”

“Well… It’s a weird story.”


“I-I-I don’t know where to even start! Well… I suppose it started with me waking up this morning and-”

“-Dumb ■■■■■ met with some drug smuggler to buy blue Pill off of, I snuck aboard their ship was caught and dragged out into the meeting - Captain tries to kill me but this lady rushes over to buy me for her own ■■■■■■ up perverted fantasies.”




“… Well Ma’am, I didn’t know you were that kind of person.”

“Utatis! No! And you? Stop that and go sit down!”

“Oh why yes Master…”

“… For the record Ma’am, it’s not my place to hold judg-”

“Utatis! Stop and let’s talk for a moment. Follow me.”

“Of course.”

“So… What’s this all about Ma’am?”

“Well… Okay so the abridged story she provided is accurate.”


“Except that last part! That is false! 100% Utatis!”

“… But you ‘bought’ her, correct?”

“… Technically, yes I did… I-I-I understand the Captain was mad and upset with her being a stowaway, but couldn’t just stand by and let her be shot… I-I had to do something Utatis! And I just knew pleading for her to be released wasn’t gonna cut it and probably annoy him more, so I… Offered money for her!”

“… Well, that does explain why Mumo informed me of an unusually high transaction from your account… I’m willing to bet this captain in question even knew he had the bargaining power and extorted more payment out of you after you showed that bleeding heart of yours…”

“… I suppose that’s accurate, yes.”

“Hmm, well - what’s your plan?”

“I-… I-I don’t have a plan Utatis! It all happened so quick… I don’t know what to do with her! I’ve tried sitting down and getting to know her! But she just kept quiet! I can’t even get a name from her! Instead she just kept being rude and unruly towards me!”

“Have you tried slapping the ■■■■ outta her?”

“What? No! I haven’t laid a finger on her! And I won’t!”

“Mothers do it all the time to unruly kids, just give them a good slap across the face… Straighten them out right quick the moment they start talking back.”

“No! I… I don’t know what to do! This is difficult!”

“Well ask yourself if you bought her to own her or to have her spared.”

“The latter!”

“Then let her go on her way… Don’t have to worry about her any further.”

“B-But she’s so young! I don’t even think she realizes where she is right now! No money, no place to stay or local knowledge… It would be irresponsible to let her go!”

“So she’s your slave.”

“No! Not you too Utatis! Don’t start that with me! She Is not a slave!”

“Then just let her go…”

“I just… < Sigh > She’s just so rude and disrespectful! I know she’ll get in trouble out there. She already came THIS close to dying Utatis! And I won’t be there for her…”

“Not your problem, it’s her life now that you gave it back to her… Or, is she your property that you intend to keep?”

“Well I-”

“Ma’am let me ask you this… Why do you care so much about her? Why didn’t you just let her get killed and carried on with your business?”

“… It didn’t feel right. I-I had the power to do something!”

“You had money, that’s all you had… And you spent it to see her life spared, and Instead of leaving it at that, you wanna act like a helicopter parent and make sure she’s safe and sound after your transaction…”


“… That’s just it, isn’t it? Got it in your head that you can adopt her?”


“Well, look Ma’am, have you heard the saying that all birds aren’t meant to be caged? Let her fly free… She clearly doesn’t seem interested in any kind of relationship with you, and I can sense some fierce independence in her that tells me she’ll find her way… And if she doesn’t? Well, hey - That’s just the way of things, right?”

“… You’re right. It’s so stupid of me! I let my emotions get the best of me.”

“It’s quite alright Ma’am.”

“… I’ll let her leave then. H-However, could you maybe… Have some resources set aside to keep an eye on her? For peace of mind…”

“Hey, your money. I can make it happen.”

“Thank you Utatis… Also, could you keep this is a secret from Avio?”

“You don’t want him knowing?”

“Not yet at least! I don’t want him getting the wrong idea.”

“Well not my business to go telling anyway… So consider your secret safe with me Ma’am.”

“I appreciate it… Now then, let’s go set this birdoe free!~”

“I’m sorry about that!~ We have some good-… News?”

“Well would you look at that…”

“W-Where did she go!?”

“Crafty little thing ain’t she?”

“Utatis! This is serious! Was the door unlocked?”

“That door only opens for those carrying appropriate I.D, no way she could have just walked out…”

“Then how?!”

“… Maybe that’s how?”

“The vent?”

“Didn’t bother trying to hide her job here, don’t see how else should could’ve got out.”

“W-Well get security or something! Get her out of th-”

“-Suha! Ma’am… What did we talk about? Hmm? Just let her go… If you ask me? This little stunt tells me she’s gonna be just fine…”

“If you say so… B-But I still want the Agency to keep an eye out for her.”

“Sure, I can arrange that, but who knows how long she’ll fly under our radar, I wouldn’t hold my breath on when I can get back to you and just carry on with business as normal, sound good?”

“Yes… Yes that sounds good. Thank you Utatis.”

“Of course Ma’am.”


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