"BOSS is always recruiting"

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“Capsuleers are a force to be reckoned with. Nobody knows this better than the Gurista, too often we find ourselves at the gunpoint of genocidal Capsuleers that slaughter with pride and righteous vigor. They call us “Rats” and show no sympathy as they mow us down by the thousands - My own father being a victim to this unstoppable force…So I know, I know damn well why anyone would hold distrust and hatred over such people. Yet I think the Guristas need to come to terms with reality, these Capsuleers can be used to our benefit if we let them, everyday the Empires churn out more Capsuleers to serve as puppets to their agenda. We need to start balancing the scales soon, we need to start cooperating with Capsuleers more and bring them to our side. Otherwise they’ll just find service with the Empires or some Alliance that will raid our bases daily…I think the logical choice is clear.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“BOSS is always recruiting”

April 4th YC 122

6NJ8-V VII - Moon 2 - Guristas Logistic Support, Hissi Fit Lounge

“So you hear about those Eggers that own the fortizar in system?”

“Brotherhood of Spacers?”

“Yeah them - Word is, they went on a rampage the other day in Tenal. With Worms no less, they blitzed though the region and caught tons of pilots belonging to the Alliance VENI VIDI VICI off-guard.”


“So? ■■■■■■■■■■■■ - those Eggers up there in Tenal are laying waste to our havens and hubs in that region non-stop. Getting stationed out there is a ■■■■■■■ death sentence and your X.O’s way of saying how much he doesn’t like you. These Brotherhood chaps went up in their ■■■■ and started picking off their pilots one at a time while they were in the middle of ripping apart our boys. The first victim of the raid was some fraud in a Rattlesnake pimping some high-end modules clubbing some poor bastards holding down a dead space complex. Swooped in and eviscerated the thing and moved on.”

“You’re trying to make it sound like these Eggers “Care” about us. When it comes to the types that rather frag other Eggers than our worthless asses - all they care about are statistics, getting kills and destroyed ISK value. I’m willing to bet you three drinks that these Eggers would be swooping in to save some Blood Raiders from getting annihilated. Or some ■■■■■■■ Rogue Drones that nobody cares about. In this “rampage” you speak of, we’re the bait, not the reason they went out of their way to get rid of the Egger scrapping our ships.”

"Maybe so…But reportedly, a couple pilots of the BOSS fleet were saying stuff in support of the Guristas as they gun downed these Eggers giving us trouble. ‘Rabbit sends his Regards’ and some ■■■■ about “Easter is coming?”

“The ■■■■ is Easter?”

"I-I don’t know…Capsuleers are ■■■■■■■ crazy. But hey - isn’t that what we like? Aren’t we suppose to be that kind of batshit crazy in the Guristas? To have that kind of deranged confidence and courage to go the distance? ■■■■, this Rampage of theirs isn’t the first stunt they pulled against these pricks slaughtering us. They took a damn Nyx while it was in the middle of clearing out one of our bases. Our fleet fought alongside theirs and took the son of ■■■■■ down. I had a friend who was there in fact, was in one of the Feroxes that was still on grid. If it wasn’t for them, he would’ve been just another causality."

“Yeesh…Don’t tell me that you’re about to become one of those Capsuleer sycophants…”

“No way but…Look, I know it’s a really foreign thing to have Capsuleers wanting to help us, but I got faith in these people being the real deal.”

“Oh please, probably out raiding bases in Venal during their downtime…”

“Can’t expect Capsuleers to be perfect…Maybe it’s just in their nature. Yet…Kinda better to have Capsuleers that would kill for us and kill us on the side than just Capsuleers who only ever want to slaughter us?”

“You sound like you’re desperately trying to get me to validate your positive perspective of Capsuleers.”

“Nah man, I don’t need your validation - infact I’m already planning on seeing if I can sign on with the Brotherhood.”

“■■■■■■■ why? You wanna be crew fodder?”

“I just…Maybe feel like i can make a difference over there than here…here, I’ll just be assigned some post like the ones in Tenal with predictable tactics and defenses that Capsuleers have learned to counter. Or, join Capsuleers taking a fight to them directly….Also I hear the lot from their Tenal raid was pretty solid. Capsuleer loot is great way to get some money, even the Guristas know that.”

“How do you know if they’re even recruiting?”

“BOSS is always recruiting.”

“Oh ■■■■ you.”

“What? That’s the slogan ain’t it? I gotta leave a good impression with my interview. Show them that I know a bit about the organization…Speaking of which, there’s two parts about the Tenal raid I didn’t even tell you about yet.”

"Here we go… "

“So they were tracking an Ishtar fycking our lads up and it warps off to this POS tower in system.”

“POS Towers in YC 122?”

"I know right? Listen to this though - The tower is offline with no force field, yet had several unoccupied ships on grid and a completely defenseless storage warehouse and medium ship construction bay. The BOSS fleet just swoops in in this Ishtar trying to be slick and hide among some junk ships - only to just feed BOSS more assets to destroy and plunder."

“Well I ain’t gonna cry for an Egger’s lose.”

“Neither am I, I’ll as ■■■■ laugh at their lose though. Which brings them to the third and final act of the raid were BOSS is heading back to Venal and pilots from VVV gave chase…BOSS ransacks their pursuers with carriers and walks away having thrown salt further into the wounds of these bastards. See, that’s why I wanna join up. I wanna be in that kind of action, I wanna deal some damage like that, and I feel like I ain’t gonna make that happen with the Guristas.”

“Don’t get your throat slit trying to switch sides now…”

“I’m straight, the Venal Prosperity Agency is facilitating my transfer. They’re the ones that even set up my interview.”

“Well I hope you’ll find plenty of Capsuleer cock to gobble on with your new employment.”

"Damn right, and I’ll leave some for you when you get around to signing on with people that know what they’re doing.

“I’ll pass”