Grand Opening of The Hissi Fit Lounge

Hello fellow capsuleers, I come to you all today with the upcoming Grand Opening of The Hissi Fit Lounge aboard 6NJ8-V Guristas Logistics Support in Venal this Tuesday, December 3rd, at 2030 NEST.

This Lounge has been a bit of a pet project of mine for the past little while, stemming from my recent activity working alongside the Venal Prosperity Network taking me out of my usual haunts around Placid, and so far into Non-Signatory territory. It has been quite the experience.

Now, after some initial local success with business, I am opening it to the wider public as a Neutral Ground outside of the Empires for various pilots to come and unwind and enjoy a change of pace from the usual humdrum.

As a Neutral Ground, all are welcome to visit the lounge, regardless of affiliation(and yes, I do mean all*), and come have a drink or chat.

That said, there are some basic rules that all are expected to follow while in attendance.

No Self-Immolations.
No undeclared Small-Arms are allowed in the Lounge, there will be a security check at docks, and again at the door to enforce this.
No trying to kill eachother, no matter how much you hate the person drinking next to you.
Its a bar, fights happen, take it outside if it gets more than a few swings, or I’ll take it outside for you.

I would like to thank the Venal Prosperity Network for being quite helpful in this endeavor, particularly Avio Yaken himself for his support of the Lounge since I opened it for the more local pilots.

((Art Credit: KitsuneMist ))
[Ingame Channel: The Hissi Fit Lounge ]


The first rule of Fit Lounge.

There have been, in the past, issues at other venues with a pilot self-immolating during events.

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Just to get ahead of people deciding to be excessive… dress code?

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It’s a bar, not some upscale high society club, even if capsuleers are regular patrons. Most cases I could care less about clothing requirements, but it is an event, so casual at minimum. What I define as that is, if it covers the important bits, you’re good to go. Full body paints that obscure the finer details are passable, but discouraged.

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Sounds like fun. Kind of reminds me of The Last Gate, actually. Gods I do miss those fuckers.

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I’d like to take a moment to appluad this opening, mainly because this is shining example of something the Prosperityy Inaitative in Venal needs more of.

The opening of new businesses!

Building ships and modules really only helps build an economy for Capsuleers. It takes the smaller things like this to really achieve the ultimate vision of turning Venal into a economical powerhouse - something that the average human take advantage of, something they can spend money on and consume. Not to mention it has the potential to attract new Capsuleers to the area.

Having been to the lounge myself a few times, I have to say I see potential in the establishment becoming a premier gathering place aboard that station, and if my schedule permits it, I’ll show up at this opening.

So I do encourage any and all to consider opening a business of their own aboard a Guristas station. I can assure you the people aboard these stations are diverse enough that you can find a customer for practically anything.


All the best. Sorry to miss it.

I appreciate the idea of a venue that is open to all, in theory.

In practice, we have seen the same handful of capsuleers, almost universally hated, disrupt events time and time again. I firmly believe that these individuals, who prioritize hate and genocide above all else, should be barred from appearing anywhere, so as to stop their sick behavior from spreading.

Until such time as Hissi Fit employs a policy along those lines, I won’t be patronizing it.

Without knowing who exactly you’re referring to, I can make some rough estimate to these “handful of Capsuleers” you refer to as prioritizing hate and genocide. Typically, I’d associate those traits to Capsuleers drunk on nationalistic pride and I have doubts such pilots would even consider going to an establishment aboard a Guristas owned station.

Though I do share concern with these “handful” of Capsuleers. As if they did happen to show up, they would be more inclined to disrupt festivities given the fact its aboard a Guristas owned station so that they may “Stick it to the piratical scum”

At the end of the day however, I can’t speak for the establishment owners and leave policy making to them. I’m merely making the arguement that such types wouldn’t even want to be seen near a pirate station unless they were besieging it.

Sounds cool.

What’s your policy on combat implants and weapon implants? It might be inconvenient to strap off one’s cyber hands at the entrance.

means nothing. One could think that with all the poo the Aarrrgh Tribe flings at u lately u can see.

Neutral? It’s in freaking guristas territory!
Doing illegal drugs in underground Sansha or Blooder facility would be safer…
And running butt naked through CONCORD station in front of a Scope reporter during live feed would cause you less reputation damage than making even indirect connections with such dishonorable group as guristas.

And are you for real want to cause reputation hits to other pilots, luring them to dock into a gurista facility?..

You could have made a petition to CONCORD to call for a fleet to destroy this station completely as a den of the most awful of known to DED criminal organizations of New Eden. But nooo, instead you want to invite people there. What are you even thinking about?!..

Once again, i can’t speakj for the owners…buuuuuuuuut

Just as neutral than it be if it was located in State, Empire, Republic Or Federal space. I’d even argue that it’s more neutral that it’s not under the jurisdiction of the Empires or CONCORD.

They’re actual a very swell and human organization, I encourage more people to make connections with the Guristas and get to know them a little better. Help break down the misunderstandings surrounding them.

Ain’t nothing wrong with visiting a Gurista station if you ask me, it’s a station like any other - well organized security force, clean, high maintenance is being kept on it…Hell, aside from the paint job outside the station and the rabbit eared skull plastered here and there inside - Could mistake it for a station in Caldari space.

Like i mentioned before, help invite people there to gather in a location that isn’t under the jurisdiction of any of the main four empires and CONCORD and help break down the misunderstandings surrounding the Guristas - Show them directly that the Guristas are civilized and cultured individuals that have been demonized by the world at large.

…Also they got pretty strong booze down here.

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Yet you speak and defend dishonorable traitors.
I guess, however, the treason is in your blood, considering your own history, for example, with Mr. Yu, so it could be explained. On the other hand, why do you dare to shove your opinion where we were asking none?

You didn’t know that to Caldari State has the worst relations with Gurista pirates, if they would be a proper Empire, that would be an open unlimitless war.

And speaking about CONCORD, DED marks confirmed Gurista vessels as “KOS” in high, low and null security space. In fact, NULL security space are the hunting grounds for capsuleers to kill these guristas for the sake of bounties.

Siding with Gurista is technically pulling out red flag against CONCORD, State, Ammatar Mandate, showing highest degree of hostility. In fact, there is no other organzation that will guarantee you more negative hit from Caldari State than picking gurista side.

One cannot be neutral after picking the side which will be met with the highest animosity. Claiming neutrality for gurista is either a deliberate deception or a deep delusion.

That very “swell and human” organization is KOS by DED of CONCORD, they are robbers, dishonorable traitors, lier, decievers and the organization that will the best match a description of “pirates”. They are the scum of our cluster and I say it as someone who actually had a lot of close experience of knowing them better, since before the war has started in YC110, Gurista Pirates were the main enemy of Caldari State and I most of our time we were fighting exactly them.

Speaking more how “swell and human” they are, there are only two factions that “like” gurista scum: it is Sansha Nation and Blood Raiders. I guess they should be paragons of “humanity” in your mind as well, isn’t it so?

Speaking about me, I don’t think anyone in sane mind would set a positive standing to a gurista.

They were demonized by their own actions. They became dishonorable traitors and they will taste our wrath for what they did!

What happened with Yu was unfortunate and admittely, maybe even a little childish on my part. The past is however the past, nothing I can do about it except move on and acknowledge my mistakes then.

And I have to ask the same, who asked for your opinion on the Guristas? My 2 isk matters as little as yours.

Yes, I’m well aware of the reputation the Guristas hold with the State…And?

I’m well aware of the sanctioned genocide CONCORD has against those that don’t conform to the will of the Empires.

Nobody is aiding with the Guristas by going into a bar on one of their stations and having a drink. And if slight association is all it takes for a red flag? Then holy moly CONCORD is more oppressive than I thought!

Can day the same for anyone neutrality for CONCORD. Tells me they hold favoritism of the “cool kids” table of factions.

Probally because they have enough problems as it is with State, Empire, Rogue drones, Cartel and Serpentis- maybe they just dont wanna toss Blood sucking madmen and implant enslaving hive minds ontop of that. Oh! And all the genocidal Capsuleers after them.

Its damnable sure, but I can’t argue with the strategy

I’m sane and I did!

Maybe the State should feel the wraith of the Federation for betraying them and dropping a carrier on one of their most populated cities at the time.

Guess the State wanted some of their own “Freedom”

What is really childish is considering an outright disgraceful and dishonorable act as childish. Mistakes are not to be acknowledged. They are to be repaid. With blood.

I was trying to save a person reputation in Caldari State which is probably the largest economy and the market in the New Eden, while you were trying to achive what? Troll me again because I blocked your communications to me through NeoCom?

Not everyone appear to.

“Genocide” for you is extermination of pirates flying an armed vessels?
“Don’t conform to the will of the Empires” as murdering and robbing those who work for these Empires and trying to represent themselves above the law?
What I have said earlier about trolling… I probably should have just ignored your reply either.

They don’t have “favoritism”, they just don’t accept those who violate laws. You can go cry to Privy Countel instead that poor Blood Raiders are not allowed to bleed random passers by for their cultist rituals and have to resort to piracy to acquire them. You’ll get more success than trying to convince us guristas are neutral.

I don’t believe you. I’ll let you guess which part of your claim.

Aha, licking gallente boots. It was clear it would come down to that from the start. Further conversation I see pointless.

If you two are quite done?

Mr. Yaken, I understand your passion for the work out in Venal and the people you have met and labored to help prosper, and you are attempting to extend that same courtesy and effort to me by trying to defend my business. That said, I don’t need defending here, least of all from the honorable Strike Commander.

Strike Commander Kim, I’ve spent much time in Venal of late, as I’m sure you’ve assumed by now. I have also, during my earlier time as a Capsuleer and a bit before, spent time in The State, and would you like to know something I’ve found quite surprising? How similar they both are. There are soldiers, workers, civilians, Citizens, in both. The only difference I’ve found yet is a wider diversity of peoples being more common in Venal, and it being a hair less regimented than Caldari daily life. Would you like to know the only members of the Guristas that I’ve met that directly hate the State or CONCORD? Those that have lost friends and family to raids such as the one you suggested further up.

As it currently stands, my limited reputations in The State remain in good accordance, despite having spoken rather openly of my involvement in Venal to associates and good friends with direct ties to the various Megas. I do not foresee it being harmed by running a lounge in Non-Signatory territories.

Now, with my piece said, Strike Commander, Mr. Yaken, if you could both do me a gracious favor and take this… escalating argument, to the appropriate thread? I would be much appreciative.

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I think we’ve both said what’s needed to be said, so I’ll leave it there. Apologies- just standing up for a legitimate business in Venal is all.

Need to value those that invest in the region

I appreciate your concerns, Ms. Ramijozana. I still wish to leave the door open, for now. If these particular pilots wish to come and cause trouble, they will be forcibly removed by Security, and disbarred from further attendance at events, and as regular patrons.

It would depend on the grade of weapon implant you describe, Ms. Blackwind, as a general rule, self-defense Less Than Lethal implant weapons will be allowed to pass but would warrant a higher degree of scrutiny from Security, anything higher grade, I would suggest looking for alternative implants for the duration of the event. As someone quite heavily modified myself, I understand what a hassle this can be, and do apologize.