Grand Opening of The Hissi Fit Lounge

Let’s take as an example nanocoated extendable vibroblades, ten inches maximum length. Can be quite lethal if applied to the right body part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would, personally, recommend finding an alternative cybernetics suite for the purposes of the event then, Ms. Blackwind.

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Sure, thanks.

As promised, Harroule Dryweed was delivered in quantity to the venue, with a small amount set aside for my IGS forum cakeday celebration. The rest will be available to patrons in the future.
Valerie Vynneve
purveyor of fine smoking, culinary and medicinal materials :wink:


Well, nobody really will care if it’s a non-signatory space, especially in the State. Colonizing new space is what we’re proud of, take for example latest addition on the map - Black Rise.
The main issue is that being a gurista station. Being non-signatory is irrelevant. Even remote possibility of having gurista contacts is a red flag in the State.
Thus I have to doubt your words, either you didn’t tell them everything, or you’re not telling everything about their reactions.

You probably heard how much I was speaking, shaming those who would collaborate with enemies - namely, Gallentean occupants. I rarely talk about collaboration with gurista, because… well, collaborating with gurista is about the same as sticking your whole hand up to shoulder into open toilet in front of everyone. My usual speeches were touching gallente instead of gurista, only because some pseudo-liberals were claiming support to the Feddies just because they’re “liberal”, totally misunderstanding the meaning and purpose of that words, confusing it with outright treason (well, we have the war with the Federation, after all), or straightforward trying to cover their treason by pretending to following “liberal” ideals, insulting proper liberals by doing so.

Nobody so far made such a disgraceful move as siding with GPs, for Caldari it’s really out of discussion most of the time. So, I hope after this you will understand why nobody will really consider collaborating with gurista and why anything that could appear as collaboration with them will be a collossal reputation hit in the State. Even gallente swines are not so disgusting as guristas.

The Guristas pirates have no ideology except greed realised through violence. Their raids into State space that leave countless innocent citizens murdered or injured every year are motivated by nothing more than the theft of the property of others.

While attempts to humanize the Guristas as something other than pirates might work for the naive or uninitiated, their victims of violence in the State and those tasked with curbing their excesses know them for what they really are: pirates.

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I was on my way to the opening, but sadly some personal issues had me stranded in Amarr. I hope to find a wormhole leading near this lounge some day.

Unless I’m missing some reference in the name, it seems like it’d be funnier if this were a Serpentis place. Though I guess nobody’s specifically trying to revitalize the capsuleer economy in Fountain right now.

It is fairly robust, yeah.

A new haunt to lurk in! Neat.

Fascinated by this enterprise (Lounge and VPN). I shall make an effort to patronize your establishment in the near future. At present, local loose threads must be tied.

My regards,

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Yay! It appears that I’m already banned from this fine establishment, despite visiting it a grand total of two or so times! (don’t remember the exact count, was drunk.)


Hey, I admit that I’m a pretty toxic person but you people got to at least warn or something before just throwing out paying clients like this!


@Jade_Blackwind , you, nor others are banned from the establishment, it is closed for cleaning after an incident. It should be re-opened in the next two days.

I apologize for not announcing this in advance to all regular and intermittent patrons.

Thank you! I was worried that I somehow horrifically screwed up and then just forgot about it (That kinda happens time to time). Great!

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