"L-Look, I came here to talk about a job. Not to get a lecture on menstrual cycles."

“I love my body, why wouldn’t I be proud of it? The human body is a wondrous thing, learning how it work is such a marvelous subject that I dare say it is a spiritual duty to study up on. We should understand these vessels our spirits reside in, learn to take care of it and learn to take pride in every function of it. I will not show shame in how my body works for example, for how it works is divine and a process crafted by nature itself over millennia… Others may have a more juvenile opinion on certain functions though.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“L-Look, I came here to talk about a job. Not to get a lecture on menstrual cycles.”

October 6th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Windchime Shrine

“Captain Solozen!~ It’s a pleasure to meet you in person!~”

"You know, I gotta say I found myself surprised when someone like yourself made inquiries about me and my team’s services Ms.Raibuya… "

“Please!~ Suha is fine, Captain~… And I’m not going to shy away from patronizing the useful services the Guristas provide! You spoke very highly about your team’s ability at plundering cargo vessels both discreetly and efficiently in our messages.”

“We’re the best around - 146 Successful raids on lone haulers with no casualties, -in and out before authorities arrive. We’ve hit everything from merchant vessels, treasure ships, slave ships, smugglers, other pirates and few navy transports. We’re experienced to handle any type of environment a ship has with efficiency and professionalism. Whatever you’re looking for? We’ll get it - no questions asked.”

< Suha clasping her hands together >

“Marvelous!~ In that case I would like to offer you and your team a standing contract in acquiring items from a list of goods. Here, I have a neocom that has a copy of the list, you’ll be able to copy it on any device you need”

< Suha picking up and handing a neocom to Solozen >


“As you can see, we have prices already listed for each item and all the different payment options we provide.~”


“We also compiled a short list of big name companies and subsidiaries in the State and Federation that frequently move these products and some rough and broad trade lane information. You’ll have to find more concrete Intel on your own and-”

“-Im sorry, is this a ■■■■■■■ joke or something?”


“This list is just… Tampons and pads. What the ■■■■ is this? Birth control?”

“… I thought you didn’t ask questions.”

“I can’t help but ask a question, but you’re hiring me to steal a bunch of tampons? Are you ■■■■■■■ serious?”


“You’re asking my team - A team that has robbed Holder treasure ships by the dozen - To go knock over some ■■■■■■■ Fedmart cargo ships all because your pussy is blee-”

"-Why, Yes mother ■■■■■■, my pussy IS bleeding right now! How nice of you to inform me… What are you? Five?

“…I don’t think you wanna start taking that tone with me, girl.”

“Oh ■■■■ you! Come at me with that belittling fedoshit, and this is the tone you’re gonna get!”

“You must take me for a real ■■■■■■■ joke if you think I’m wasting my time raiding for God damn vaginal sponges.”

“Oh spirits forbid you steal something ■■■■■■■ useful once. Look asswipe - Do you have any idea how shitty the last two days have been?”

“Do I look like I c-”

"-See, the bleeding is it’s own annoyance, it’s the pain that can come with it that make it all that much more insufferable to deal with. This time, I’m getting stomach cramps, last time it was constant headaches, time before that was joint pain! You never know what the ■■■■ is gonna hurt this time! But it sucks all the same!

“I Don’t-”

“-Now for the bleeding specifically? I’ve been out for the past two days and have had to resort to makeshift bits of cloth to absorb the bleeding.”

“That’s… Disgusting.”

“It’s HEALTHY you ■■■■■■■ degenerate! The makeshift padding is disgusting, but the bleeding itself is healthy.”

"Uhhh… "

“The Menstrual cycle - is a perfectly normal and healthy function of my body. See, did you know that you can’t just shoot sperm into a womb and that guarantees a baby? No-No-No! There’s a preparation phase the uterus undergoes first! And it doesn’t do this on command or whenever the hell YOU want it too. No, it’s a change in my hormones that dictates this monthly, what happens is that my uterus grows this special lining around itself with blood and tissue in preparation for the egg my ovary releases - which - Waits around for sperm to fertilize it and THEN the first stages of pregnancy start happening”

“I don’t-”

“Please keep up with me now, those are the first steps for your moronic ass being bred into existence after all - Now see, this setup waits around until it realizes no fertilization is going to happen, then it decides to shed it all and get rid of it and try again some other time. But the waste of this process has to go somewhere, it has to exit my body… So that’s the blood. And it varies in volume, it could just… Trickle out at a manageable pace, and other times it’s a bit more overwhelming…”

"That’s…. I-I don’t think I follow.

“No ■■■■? Now tell me, who in Venal Is producing and selling tampons or padding to soak this blood up?”




“-NOBODY! Precisely! Nobody comes to this region to sell any of this stuff let alone make factories to produce it. So that’s why I want YOU to become someone that takes this seriously. So I want you to steal me as many ■■■■■■■ products related to menstrual health as you can find by the crate, so this never has to be a problem for me, or the region at large. Because speaking for myself? I’m really ■■■■■■■ sick of this, because like I said - Nobody thinks about this ■■■■ - Because nobody WANTS to think about this ■■■■ because they think it’s “Gross” and makes them uncomfortable. We’re kinda expected to be quiet about this and keep it to ourselves. But ■■■■ that. Right now I’m left to bleed over my sheets and clothing and… ■■■■! If nobody is going to take the initiative to solve this problem - then I will.”

“L-Look, I came here to talk about a job. Not get a lecture on menstrual cycles.”

“Oh-Ho! Well too bad! You’re getting one! Because you think you’re too good for this… That this is beneath you. Well you know what? I understand - Which is why if you go over the numbers - I make every unit you obtain worth your time. Because I don’t expect you to care about my needs, but I do expect a PROFESSIONAL to take my request seriously in return for some easy cash. However if you think I’m gonna let you talk down to me for this, you got another thing coming. I’m not gonna put up with such stupid and childish ignorance.”

“… I and my team have a reputation to uphold, if words gets out that I’m going around stealing-”

“-If word gets around you’re a contributing factor in there now being an abundance in tampons and pads, I’m sure you’ll sooner be seen as a legend than a laughing stock. Because I, for one, will be remarkably grateful.”

“I don’t take jobs for gratitude.”

“THEN DO IT FOR THE MONEY! What’s the problem here? You so insecure about this that you can’t take an easy job for some easy cash? It’s gotta be the most badass and deadly assignment ever for you to take it? Just steal some ■■■■■■■ tampons and make some easy money…. Take it easy for once, why don’t you… This can even just be a side hustle along your big raids. Want to earn some quick money with low effort? Well, I’m always buying…”

“… I-Im gonna have to run it by my team first.”

“I’m sure they’re ALL gonna appreciate a laid back assignment for once, but of course - Please!~ Run it by them and get back to me… As soon as possible, preferably.~”



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