"A nice person?"

“… As hard as it may be for me to admit, there is something about Suha that I find trustworthy. In a cesspool of violent and immoral scumbags, someone like Suha really stands out as someone… Too soft to really do anything bad to you I guess? Can’t really put it into words, but I feel as if I can go to her for help… that’s she eager to be helpful before being eager to stab me in the back… I know to still keep her at a distance for now, but compared to most people I’ve met and dealt with? I Trust her I guess… Suppose that’s why I feel guilty for continuing to lie to her.”

  • Sakora ‘Okiku’ Tuluvan

“A nice person?”

October 4th Yc 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, personal quarters of Suha Raibuya

< Suha wrapping bandaging around Sakora’s hands >

“Who did this to you!?”


“Ooohhh! We’re gonna have to see a doctor! It could be infected…”

“…I don’t think it’s that bad.”

“Nonsense! We have to know for sure! We start playing guessing games and you’ll be out of a hand before you know it!”


< Suha finishing the bandage wrap >

“There. Something to stop the bleeding and make it more comfortable. I’ll find a doctor for you as soon as possible! We’ll get you the care you need!”


“…Do you want to tell me what happened?”

“… Just an accident.”

“An accident - how - exactly? You stabbed yourself squarely through your own palm?”

"Y-Yeah, you see… I was just out throwing up some pieces around the station, and I went to reach for something in my pockets and I accidentally stabbed myself on the knife I keep with me.

“That’s… True?”


“I… I’m having some trouble believing this.”

“Y-You are?”

“I-I don’t know if I’m overthinking it, but you’re telling me you put a knife in your pocket with the sharp end pointing up? I understand human error, but knowing your… Experiences. I find it strange you’d make such a… Bizarre mistake… D-Did you drop the knife into your pocket while holding it from the blade end?”



“W-Well you see… I uh…”



“Sakora… Are you hiding what really happened from me?”


" < Frustrated Sigh > Why do you also have to do this to me?!"


“Utatis did the SAME thing to me when he was injured! I wanted to know more, I wanted to help! He refused to tell me the truth! Instead, tells me he fell down a staircase! A ■■■■■■■ staircase! He tells me this like I’m ■■■■■■■ stupid! I know I’m not that ■■■■■■■ dumb! He was attacked! Brutally beaten! No ■■■■■■■ staircase in all of New Eden could had inflicted the wounds he had. Yet he refused to tell me! He told me to stay out of it! Are you gonna do the same thing to me?! God… Dammit Sakora! Please don’t be like him and let me help you!”

“… S-So I was working on some art in an alleyway and I… Got jumped.”

“You were attacked?! By who?”

“I-I got no idea. But they got me by surprise. I couldn’t react fast enough and they pinned me down and…stuck a knife through my hand…? For intimidation?”

“… Why do this? What were they intimidating you for?”

“T-They just wanted to send a message. S-Something about you needing to pay them money for something… Y-Yeah.”

“Is this… The truth?”




“… That ■■■■■■■ scum!”


“Ohhhh now this REALLY grinds my gears! They targeted YOU for money I owed them? Despicable! ■■■■■■■ Syndicate wastrels!”


"It’s the owners of that casino we hosted that fight inThey’re demanding an obscene amount of money for the damages caused by the riot and have been making vague threats if we don’t pay them!"

“Are you paying them?”

“… No… No we’re not!”

“Why’s that?”

“Well if we did, we would’ve lost all our profits from the fight and then some… We will setback right where we started and make all the efforts in organizing that fight pointless and well… Utatis tells me that I need to grow a spine for once!”

“…He told you that?”

“Y-Yes! That if I continue to just toss money around to make people happy and less mad at me, then all I’m doing is telling the region how much of a coward I ama That I need to stand my ground for once and tell people no!”


“I was fearful about the idea as it would lead to our people being potentially targeted and harmed… I-I didn’t think YOU would be targeted too!”

< Suha throwing herself around Sakora got a hug >

“Oh Sakora! This is all my fault! I’m so-”

"-Get the ■■■■ off me!’

< Sakora shoving Suha off her >

< Suha taking a step back >


“… I’m… I’m sorry Sakora.”

“… Whatever level of comfort you think I have with you - We’re not there yet.”

“I’m sorry, I… Got a little carried away there.”

“I’m sure you did…”

“… I just… I feel responsible now for what happened to you. I’m sorry you were put through that!”

“I’ve been through worse…”

“Y-Yes! I know you have, but… You don’t have to be through anything like it anymore! You shouldn’t at least…”

“Seems unavoidable in this region…”

“Well… Now, I understand the locals here tend to be a rowdy bunch but-”

“No! No… Don’t try to rationalize this… This is a dangerous place filled with dangerous people.”


“Okay, maybe not you…”

“W-W-What do you mean not me?!”

“I’m not framing this as the group you want to be a part of.”

“Well…That’s what I need to be, isn’t it? I need to be dangerous if I want to be taken seriously! So people don’t think I’m a pushover!”

“I think there’s a distinct difference between having a spine and being considered ‘dangerous’… I’d say the former is more worthy of whatever respect you’re trying to get. The latter just makes you a bigger target.”

“… I suppose that makes more sense, yes…”


“… W-What is it?”

“I can’t help but feel like you’re trying to be someone you’re not…”

“And what is THAT supposed to mean exactly?”

“Take this a compliment… But you’re talking like you’re trying to turn yourself into some cutthroat and feared criminal mastermind, but I don’t think that’s you…”

“T-Then what do you see me as?”



“A nice person?”

“… T-That’s it?”


“Just… A Nice person?”

“I guess so, yeah.”

“That’s… That’s not enough!”

“Oh, ■■■■ you!”

“■■■■ you!”

“What is wrong with just being a “Nice person” huh? You know how many people I’ve looked at said “Wow, they’re such a nice person”? Not as many as you think, I’ve gone though life the past few years thinking everyone is a shady ■■■■ only doing nice things to get close to me, but I can look at you and at least say there’s something genuinely nice about you. Why are you trying to become like every other asshole here?”

“I… I wanna prove I belong!”

"By becoming a ■■■■■■■ prick like the rest of the people in this universe? Kinda of a high price to pay for acceptance.


"… I think it’s fine to just be a nice person, you don’t strike me as a killer or thief… You don’t come off as being like the rest of the pricks in this region.

“So what? Are you saying I don’t belong?”

“Why you getting so offended? Do you wanna belong to these fuckheads?”

“This is my home! These fuckheads are my people!”

“Technically the State is my home and the Caldari are my people, I don’t give a ■■■■ about belonging to them, do I? And you can belong to these people all you want… just don’t feel the need to compromise on who YOU are for their acceptance…”


“… The guy who did this, with my hand here - THAT guy is an asshole… Maybe even more than that, a scumfuck perhaps. Why… Be like him? Why race to the bottom so some cumstain like him takes you seriously?”


“You… You alright?”

“Yeah… Yeah I’m fine… Thank you, Sakora. You’ve given me some advice to take into consideration…”

“Yeah, no problem…”

“… I can’t let this go unpunished though! These people intimidating you to get money out of me is deplorable and I must make a point that I won’t accept that!”

“D-Do what you feel you need to do…”

“I will! Trust me. They get away with this… Though I think you should remain inside for awhile.”

“What the ■■■■? No way! There’s so many good spots on this station to throw art up onto.”

“Sakora! These people have shown they’re willing to go after you, they can track you… They’ll target you to get to me. I just… I need you to be safe, until we sort this out. It won’t be long! I swear! Just… I need you to be patient with me! Please?”

“… Alright fine.”

< Suha clasping hands together >

“Thank you!~ I promise you, you’ll get back to your art before you know it.”

“I hope so…”

“Now! About finding you a doctor!~”

“One with a medical license preferably.”

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