"This whole region is gangland territory."

“Guess I shouldn’t be surprised… No man-mad creation is scared, that’s what I’ve taught others. The deanchoring of the Warren is an embarrassment to me and is a giant step back to what I was trying to achieve. Just go to show that Capsupeers constantly ruin everything! Yet… Am I to learn anything if I just blame them? Maybe it was my own fault for depending on it to be this ace in the hole for my vision of an economically prosperous region… I must carry on, I must not let these things stop me. I’d be lying however if I said I wasn’t the least bit upset at this.”

  • Suha Raibuya

“This whole region is gangland territory.”

February 23rd TC 124

6NJ8-V VI - Moon 6 - Guristas Production Shipyard, Private quarters of Suha Raibuya

< Suha pacing back and forth >

“I could just ■■■■■■■ scream right now!”

< Sakora sitting on the couch sketching in her black book >

“If it would make you feel better…”

“Yeah! I think it would! You know what? I’m gonna do it!”

< Suha inhaling >

< Suha letting out a loud scream >

< Sakora dropping her book to cover her ears >

“I didn’t mean actually do it you ■■■■■■■ banshee!”

< Doors to the apartment opening. >

< Thulun rushing in, weapon drawn >

“Whats happening?! I heard screaming!”

“-What? Oh! Thulun!~ I-It’s nothing!~ I was just venting you see…”

< Thulun lowering his weapon >

“Oh… W-Well I’m sorry Suha.”

“Don’t be!~ It’s good to know you’re listening out!~ Though if you don’t mind…”

“O-Oh! Of course… Sorry.”

< Thulun exiting, door closing behind him >

< Sakora picking her book off the ground >

“You better now? Did that help? Worth piercing my eardrums for?”


< Suha inhaling >


< Suha exhaling >

“…I feel… Moderately better.”

“So long as you aren’t screaming anymore…Look, it’s just another station. What makes it any different than this place?”

“That Foritzar was a beacon to promote healthy trade and economic development!”

“This whole region is gangland territory.”

“So? This region deserves healthy commerce like anywhere else!~”

“You’re ■■■■■■■ pirates.”

“We’re still humans with needs, Sakora. We all demand goods and services no different than those provided back where you came from.”

< Sakora putting her black book aside on the couch >

“Like you know where I come f-”

“-'I’ve always been open to learning Sakora. You just gotta tell me…”

“…< Sigh > I ain’t from one specific place. I’ve moved around, stowed away on more than a few ships to get from one place to another.”

“Well… Where did you ‘start out’ at?”

“Eh… Not really important anymore.”

“Hmph… If you say so…”

“… It brings up bad feelings to think about, that’s all.”

“I… I understand.”


< Suha walking over to the couch and sitting down by Sakora >

“I’m sorry I… I don’t mean to sound pushy Sakora. I just want to learn more about you!”

“Just learn who I am now. Who, or where I was in the past doesn’t matter anymore… I’m someone else now.”

“You’re Okiku…”

“Yep. And I’m fine with that…”

“…A-About that.”


“I-I just need to stress something to you. See, this may just be a station no different to you than the Fortizar. However, unlike the Fortizar that was privately owned, this station is directly controlled by the Guristas… In fact, it’s a very critical station, this is the heart of Guristas industry!”


“So… I’m gonna need you to avoid uh… Spreading your artistic talent throughout this station.”

“… You know, that just makes me wanna do it now.”


“I’m sure whatever slags they got working here would appreciate some good art to lighten their dreadful existence.”

< Suha standing up >

“Sakora! I’m being serious!”

“Really? Maybe if you puff your cheeks out more you’d get that across better.”

“■■■■ you!”

“Whoa! Relax…”

“Then take this seriously! Y-You can’t be sneaking around this station putting graffiti everywhere in highly restricted areas! It is incredibly dangerous and you’re bound to get caught! And….Worse! Like-”

“-Getting killed? Yeah, I hadn’t forgotten. Have you? That blue pill hasn’t wiped away the memory of us first meeting with that drug peddling prick you were dealing with putting a gun to my head? Then you stepped in to “Buy” me…”

"I-I would have hoped by now you realize I saw that more as paying some kind of ransom for you… I-I-I didn’t mean literally buy! "

“You’re missing the point, I’m saying that I’m well aware of the kind of people I’m dealing with. You on the other hand? I doubt at times.”

“I only lived my entire life under their roof and you stowaway into this region only a few months back and you’re acting like you know them any better than me?”

“Fine, let me reframe this… I think you’re incredibly naive. Like… Your naive tendencies have naive tendencies.”

“And I think you’re an arrogant brat whose too stubborn to take any good advice from anyone! Speaking down to everyone like they understand how the whole cluster works already!”

< Sakora standing up >

“I don’t recall asking WHAT you think of me, or whatever ‘advice’ you have to offer. You worry about yourself, not me.”

“… Is that it then? We’re regressing back to this? We’re just gonna respond to each other in bitter tones with cold dispositions like we did before?”

“Look! Just because I’m even allowing you within an inch of me, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna keep other boundaries. If you can’t respect that, then I don’t know what to tell you!”



“…I’m…. I’m sorry, Sakora.”

“… < Sigh > Whatever…”

< Sakora sitting back down >

“I’ve just been so… Tired, of late. The news of the fort being unanchored, the chaos in trying to move everything out… I’m just agitated! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take that out on you…”

< Sakora looking at her Black book’s contents >

“If you say so…”

“…J-Just give me a month! Max!”


“Just refrain from tagging this station indiscreetly just yet! I’ll…. figure out a solution!”

“… Like?”

“Find S-Someplace safe where you can express your art as you see fit! Spacious and wide where it will take you years to cover! I don’t know! Just please, give me a month…Please.”

“… < Sigh > Fine, I’ve always needed a place to practice new designs…”

< Suha clasping her hands together >

“Thank you! Thank you Sakora! I won’t disappoint!”


“…A-Also, there is one small problem.”

“What is it this time?”

“The deanchoring of the structure pushed many residents to the adjacent stations in system… It’s practically impossible to find living space anywhere on this station! This room is only mine for having my name on it a year ago! So I can’t find you your own living space… Y-Youre of course welcomed to stay here! Don’t even need to ask! Y-You can even have the bed! I’ll just sleep on the co-”

“-Nah, keep the bed… I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“A-Are you sure?”

< Sakroa pressing her hand down on the couch >

“Yeah this is good enough for me, I’ve slept on far worse. Besides, knowing you, you’re gonna need somewhere for your beauty sleep.”

“O-Oh!~ Yes, I didn’t think of that…Well okay! Sounds like a plan!~”

“… So what about your whole Guru shtick?”


“Your whole ‘Shrine’ deal? Gone now. What you gonna do?”

“Well… I-I did have an idea to just put it together a gathering in a hanger somewhere… I don’t know to be honest! I will not stop in trying to provide spiritual enlightenment.”

“Well, good luck with that…”

“Thank you Sakora… Oh! Sakora?”


“… I’m happy to have you as my roommate!~”

“… Ugh.”

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