SESPS Response to I-RED Demands & Unprovoked Attacks in Uchoshi

Mr. Hinkelmann,

I am responding to your letter of 12 November YC 123.

What a curiosity your letter is. Signed with “Kind Regards” when your manner-- not to mention your intentions– have been anything but. Do all the members of your organization speak with such hypocrisy?

And your hypocrisy continues not just in word, but in deed. Congratulations. You, the self-styled Caldari State loyalist, successfully destroyed a peaceful industrial refinery that employed and served resident capsuleers and citizens of the Caldari State. Eruka is now significantly weakened as an industrial sector in the State’s Orpana Constellation.

The 6,282 Caldari State citizens who lived and worked in the refinery are now unemployed and homeless. As you are the person most responsible for the misfortune they suffered, I have arranged for them to be transported to Perimeter and have delivered them to your personal facilities in the Tranquility Trading Tower. You can explain to them why swapping their homes and jobs for your paranoid fantasies was such a good trade.

As for your demands:

  1. I don’t know what Stribog Clade owns, or where. If they have anything in Caldari space, I certainly am unaware of it. That said, you have certainly persuaded me and the SESPS Board of Directors that so long as hypocritical capsuleers like you are running around attacking industrialists, there is no point in attempting to invest resources in improving State economic development. We have sold or donated all of our infrastructure to third parties. Frankly, we could not in good conscience allow you to further terrorize our employees or the civilian population of Uchoshi.

  2. As for your second demand, SESPS has no relationship with the 103rd Sublimation Group [103SG]. We do not dictate who may or may not serve the Caldari State.

I am quite certain, however, that you don’t.

With Great Sincerity,

Ravi Srivasian


Removal of Stribog affiliated corporation known as the 103rd Sublimation Group [103SG] from the Caldari militia.

To Whom It May Concern:

Get the ■■■■ out of here.

Kranacoi Halvora
Brigadier General
103rd Sublimation Group

P.S. 103SG is recruiting


Addendum, in case you attempt further deception: attached is photographic proof that the former SESPS employees of our Eruka refinery were delivered safely into the hands of Mr. Hinkelmann.

I-RED Delivery

Time will tell, I suppose, whether Mr. Hinkelmann is capable of making adequate restitution for the harms he did to them.

Mr Srivasian, I’m glad we could come to some sort of agreement. Once our active combat operations against known Stribog Clade partners in the Blood Raider Orphanage come to an end, the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch will be stationing a contingent of security vessels and personnel at the Orpana Sentinel Facility to monitor Uchoshi activity for Triglavian elements.


It is clear that I-RED are acting against Caldari State militia in this case and tries to project their grievances against State military forces on independent State-affiliated organizations.

I recommend you to deny I-RED
demands and fight them with all the force you can gather. Feel free to contact Caldari militia through our representatives (or me personally) if you will need a help in any combat against these gallente bootlickers.

Do not let these frog-loving bullies even a millimeter of success. Stomp them down like an annoying cockroaches. That’s the only thing they deserve.



No wonder the Caldari State did so poorly against us Kybernauts if this is kind of in-fighting, mismanagement, and poor decision making they practice. Perhaps it is only Ishukone?

This seems a super odd point to bring up. Like, it’s just politeness. If he wanted to be truly offensive, he would have signed it ‘regards.’


I’m not quite sure why the parties involved have chosen to do this thing in public, rather than private, except as some kind of “diplomacy theatre” for a wider audience.
Or maybe a trial in the court of public opinion.

If it’s theatre, I hope there’s a musical number before the interval.


As for me, I find this exposition quite useful for it reveals a rotten fruit in our garden.
Of course, it’s disturbing when someone who positions themselves as Caldari and even joins our militia - attacks State citizens, and thus I have displayed an elevated interest in this issue.
But this… this is going beyond all acceptable norms. In this message to the citizens the I-RED has attacked they demand one of the Merited groups of militia, who have earned their position among our ranks by participation in critical strategic objectives, to abandon their service to our State.

This won’t be tolerated.
And I am grateful for this revelation. We need to know who is who.


This all rather reminds me of when I was in the Peace and Order Unit when people would vehemently protest their innocence and talk about their rights when we raided their front operations conducting illegal and criminal activity.

Is this the true measure of a Triglavian Kybernaut – gaslighting as an aggrieved party?


It would be nice if 103rd would stop shooting militia pilots when they attack Stribog pilots considering stribog refuses to blue militia pilots and just expects members of the caldari militia to know when stribog is working with the militia and when it isn’t.

Outside of this annoyance it is true that the 103rd has proven themselves to be an asset to the caldari militia but how far is that going to go? Are you just going to forget what stribog did to billions of caldari citizens?


It does seem to be their preferred tactic. Sadly for them their masters didn’t get the memo; the Collective is many things, but I can’t remember ever hearing them whine.

The master is terrifying. The servant’s contemptible.


This was an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Please feel free to reach out if the 103rd can rectify it in any additional way, but I believe SPD was immediately notified of the incident, and it was left as just that – a misunderstanding, with no malicious intent from either party.

Addendum: The pilot in question was not marked as a member of the Caldari militia at the time of the incident – I am aware that this was the result of an administrative error that caused SPD’s registration with the militia to be briefly nullified. Nonetheless, if there is anything we can do for you or your pilots, please contact me immediately.

So we’re not getting a song and dance routine, are we ?

A rather underwhelming diplomacy theatre production if that’s the case.

What exactly did Stribog Clade do to billions of Caldari citizens?

For the past year, ever since the Weaving of Pochven began, Stribog Clade has invested significant time and effort into keeping the Aspirant Narodnya populations of the former Caldari systems alive and in gainful employment. The planets of Wirashoda in particular have seen massive infrastructure investment. (My villa under the domes on Wirashoda IV is coming along nicely; we’ve tuned the environmental controls for desert flora and are working on perfecting bioadapted species.)

Our enterprises over the past year have ensured that a steady supply of food and medical provisions continues to flow to former Caldari and Gallente civilians in Krai Veles. We’re trying to save as many lives as we possibly can. We always have.

You, of course, wouldn’t know anything about that-- because the extent of your involvement is to cry about billions of civilians you’ve never lifted a single finger to help.


I can not for the life of me understand why you saw fit to make demands regarding the 103rd to some poor independent industrialist you decided to terrorize.
Our diplomatic contacts are listed publicly, something that you would be aware of if you stopped acting like a demented, manic inquisitor for but a few brief moments and looked into the targets of your misplaced ire.

The 103rd are proud to fight in service to the Caldari State, and no band of dishonorable degenerates falsely fashioning themselves as agents of international justice will shake our loyalty nor our conviction. When you decide to jump into a clone possessing a functional spine and speak with me directly rather than through terrorist strikes against innocents, perhaps we can have a proper dialogue.

Glory to the State.


Really? There is a mountain of recorded evidence that shows your group actively fought during the Triglavian invasion with the intent to see all four empires lose control over contested systems. What you did after doesn’t wash your hands of the harm you have done to the State.

Because 103rd, Stribog, SESPS are one in the same.


Proof of which continues to elude us all, yes?

Guess the cloning facilities of I-RED have a general spinal shortage, then.


As an industrialist of the Stribog Clade I can assure you that any needed industrial operations will just shift to the next most convenient upwell structure. The Forge region has no shortage of them – it’s right there in the name after all, “The Forge”. Are you going to continue your rampage, following us wherever we go, destroying more un-associated innocent businessman? A dangerous plan, if so. Some of these businesses have very unpleasant backers.

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I have to say, reading Kybernaut attempts at propaganda is like getting a 5am message from an ex-partner that the real reason they cheated on you in a relationship was your fault and they’re the real victim who should not be blamed for their actions.