Urgent Communique to Ishukone Corporation re: I-RED Disobedience of Order

With apologies, I am new to capsuleer life, and unfamiliar with the controls on these channels. It has taken me some time to compose responses.

Oh, amazing! It does, in fact, respond to words! Saisa.

My corporation is not a shell for anything. It is an industrial concern that engages in marketeering, industry, mining, and chemical reactions; and we also support charitable, civic, and public safety causes. Our facilities are freeports. Moreover, both myself AND my corporation, SESPS, have positive standings with EDENCOM. If your fleets were in fact any kind of an EDENCOM operation–which they most assuredly were NOT– it would be extraordinary news that would make our small system the focal point for every journalist and news organization in the cluster.

But non of that is true. Just as none of your innuendoes compensate for the abject failure of your OWN organization to abide by the dictates of the Ishukone Corporation.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

The operative verb there is was. SESPS’s citadels in Pochven were destroyed long before I was hired on by the company, and well before I took over from Mr. Burnkill. Not a single one of our facilities in Eruka or Uchoshi existed at that time. Our freeport operations in the Orpana constellation are exactly that: freeports for all independent capsuleers and citizens of the State.

Histrionics do not a compelling argument make.

Once again, I-RED and its unlawful allies in Electus Matari have committed violence in Caldari sovereign space, against the direct orders of the Ishukone Corporation. I alerted Ishukone accordingly, as is my duty.


Ah, right. Let me get on that, because from my understanding that would require Hinkelmann-haan to declare our support the Triglavians expansion into the Caldari State. That is what honourable loyalists do to show proper service to their Megacorporation.

That’s logical, after all that is what you appear to be doing.

Though one thing is telling, this unified Kyber defense, both physically and verbally for this unaffiliated entity is rather supportive of our actions.


I do wonder where you received the notion that it is against the orders of Ishukone to work alongside a Minmatar Loyalist entity? I don’t recall seeing this anywhere, nor have I been notified.

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Target selection, and unsavoury choice of allies are discrete; tempting as it may have been to assume stupidity in your audience, while you have some limited basis for the former, there seems nothing but sleight of hand to support the latter, that is unfortunate.


I am not sure where you see this plurality of Kybernauts in this thread but your second point is complete nonsense.

Despite what delusions you may have constructed for yourself, “kybers” are just capsuleers, not some malevolent force that stands for all things unjust and vile. Stribog, in particular, stands as active supporters of the State. Do not seek validation for your infractions out of the fact that even Kybernauts know what the appropriate course of action when meeting a pirate in space is.


How can someone claim to support the State, yet have had a active part in the theft of Caldari worlds, murder of Caldari citizens, and destruction of corporate assets? I’m really interested to see the logic behind this concept.


She was an early joiner too! June 2nd, YC 122, like virtually from the beginning.

If you are referring to myself, you are terribly off base. I have never opened fire on any State vessels nor supported any Triglavian forces attacking State systems.

I can’t help but notice how you have shifted away from discussing this super compelling evidence of yours that you think justifies your actions in attacking both State forces within the CDZ and neutral freeports in State space.

Greetings, Mr. Srisvasian.

I would like to notify you that I-RED alliance is well known for signing pacts with official enemies of the State [Ref: EVE Online | EVE Insider | Forums] and I myself witnessed them flying together with enemies.

They have declared wars on major State military organizations.

I don’t think that Ishukone is willing or even able to do anything with this rogue capsuleer entity.

Without doubt that siding with such minmatar terrorists as the EM alliance is below Honor of any State or Imperial organizations, and those who do that I recommend considering simply as pirates, not loyalists. And deal with them accordingly.

Unfortunately, our Megas don’t have a clearance to deal with capsuleer pirates like I-RED and terrorists like EM due to agreements with CONCORD, and that responsibility lays on shoulders of either CONCORD or other capsule pilots.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


That’s not how it works. You still supported a entity that conducted themselves against the State.


Strike Commander Kim,

I thank you kindly for the information. It saddens me that organizations professing loyalty to the Caldari State and to the noble Ishukone Corporation turn out to be loyal to neither.

Ironically, in my first missive to Captain Revenent, I asked directly if he would simply state whether his intentions were piratical in nature.

He apparently lacks the strength of character to do even that.


Hm. Quite the thread this afternoon.


Pots and kettles.
One who has supported EM has neither moral nor logical entitlement to blame anyone in collaboration with enemy.
Cease this clownade at once, Mr. Revenent.
It’s unbecoming for a rational adult.


Regardless of whatever claims or moral appeals auxiliary entities here take to justify the situation one thing must be said; Ishukone and by extension the Ocean Faction cannot hope to demonstrate the political capital necessary to hold PKN accountable in the face of reforms if they cannot even hold their own subsidiaries accountable to their own edicts.

I, and the workers of the State, are still waiting with baited breath for the promised meaningful reforms that the Ocean Faction rose to prominence with do to their ostensive willingness to enact new policy to reconcile the people of the State and rebuild.

A response is necessary here, one way or the other, if they are to hold on to any amount of legitimacy. If they aim to focus investment on internal development and gradually pivot their response to the Collective, then now is the time. Inversely, if they want to send the message that unified ceaseless resistance will continue to the point of looking the other way while their own openly collaborate with external paramilitaries against their own orders then I suppose now is the time.

The State can’t survive any more fence sitting and half-measures. Let’s see where the CEP stands, and let them say it with their damned chest.

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Again what orders? I have no record of Ishukone barring the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive from working with EDENCOM supporters against Triglavian aligned entities.

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Ah Strike Commander Kim!

It is good to see a staunch member of Templis CALSF, a member of the RekkingCrew Coalition to post upon the IGS on a matter pertinent to EDENCOM cooperation. Why, as a new member of Dreadbomb—and therefore a fellow coalition member—this last summer, one of my first fleets under new employment was under the command of your illustrious leader TheLastSparton.

It was in Wirashoda and in Senda that the battle took place, dismantling the Fortizar network erected by SESPS and other entities that found favor with Stribog Clade. I fondly remember this fleet, critical as it was to mark the end of the Pochven War. The commitment and integrity of TheLastSparton to the cause of EDENCOM need no rendition, especially as his fleets and leadership were in direct cooperation and coordination with the “EDENCOM Voltron” fleets comprised of many of the bodies that have been alluded to in the original post.

It was a fine introduction to RekkingCrew fleets to continue to support EDENCOM Voltron this past summer. I commend TheLastSparton for his leadership in the endeavor and thus all of Templis CALSF for such mighty contributions in support of Electus Matari, Phoenix Naval Systems, Khimi Harar, Nadire Security Consultants, and of course, the Ishuuk-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED]. Please extend my thanks and by the by, my best wishes on TheLastSparton and the rest of the Templis CALSF Alliance Tournament Team.

From your fellow RekkingCrew coalition pilot,

Lord Reginald Sakakibara


Oh my, you are brave to expose reality to Kim. Watch out she might challenge you to a duel.


That matter would be quite easy to settle—after all, we live in the same systems.


I hope you aren’t trying to blame ME in collaboration with EM scum?

My dear Strike Commander Kim,

I am blaming no one! I am commending TheLastSparton and Templis CALSF for the unwavering support they provided to all EDENCOM Voltron member entities including Electus Matari this past summer.