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Semiki Based Contractor Breaks Ishukone-Raata Enforced NDA
Koren Akko - YC121.04.29

Semiki, The Forge - Following the successful purge of a aggressive malware infection last month, the more dire chapter of the Semiki Incident appears to be coming to a close. While sightings of Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch security vessels continue to be seen orbiting the Zainou station. It would seem that in light of the statements made by the Ishukone Watch that both ARC affiliates and the Ishukone-Raata “Cooperative” have already begun to remove unnecessary assets and personnel from the system.

The malware that was originally thought to be the product of a Lai Dai agent, continues to be researched by many loyalist organizations. ARC and their affiliates openly share carefully selected aspects of this research. A decision that has often drawn the ire of their politically aligned allies inside the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive, who have kept all their findings under a blanket of confidentiality.

Officials however have recently report that a member of the Cooperative initiative has breached the Ishukone-Raata enforced NDA. The exact details of the leaked documents have yet to be released, if at all. An anonymous source who was unable to speak on the matter revealed that the individual involved was a employee of the Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute, by the name of Akihiko Hiko. They believed that members of the Internal Watch had uncovered incriminating evidence that Doctor Hiko had handed over sensitive documents to New Eden Correspondent Reporters and may have been planning on selling the same information to an unnamed individual affiliated with ARC.

The Executor’s Spokesperson, Aimii Nata was quick to release a statement that “all legal measures under the NDA agreement would be taken into consideration” and “the employee involved has taken it upon themselves to avoid custody, forcing our security to issue permits accepting the arrest of the implicated individual from outside sources”.

Local bounty offices have confirmed this by reporting a reward of 2,212,000,000.00 ISK has been placed for the capture and secure return of Ishukone-Raata property in the possession of Doctor Akihiko Hiko.


Gallente Holoseries ‘Game of Crowns’ Draws Criticism Abroad
Koren Akko - YC121.05.14

Atlanins, Everyshore - The Impetus production Game of Crowns first nine episodes were released on May 13th. Already it has seen major backlash from critics within religious circles of Amarrian Empire, and despite it’s overwhelming success, harsh comments from film groups inside the Federation. Many of them largely in part due to the depiction of the late Empress and an otherwise good story destroyed by to much “Sex & Violence”.

In an interview with holofilm critic Ucien Toire, he stated that in his opinion “Peeper is currently more ablaze then the scene during Elder’s Fall (A cut showing the single handed destruction of the Elder Fleet at the hands of the heroine styled Empress)” due to scenes involving Aimée Dreneau, where the actress playing the part of Jamyl is seen several times partaking in debauchery with prominent members of nobility and slaves. While others voiced frustration that Dochuta Karsoth, who is viewed as a ‘Good Guy’ in the series only trying to hunt down his good friend Doriam II’s assassins.

Unconfirmed reports also appear to point toward members of the Ardishapur family, who may have quietly joined in the rising anger inside the Empire due to the insinuation in the holoseries that their house was full of Purist Cultists who sought to forcefully take the Imperial Throne, but had been thwarted by a Federation spy and Imperial Advisor duo.

While Impetus has stated it’s production is “pure fiction”, tempers continue to flair and it seems the Game of Crowns may see itself removed from the Amarrian entertainment sector completely. This hasn’t seemed to phase the production team however, after releasing a teaser of the upcoming season that depicts the entry of King Khanid, Drifters and seemingly more adult orientated divisive scenes.


In light of a recent initiative from Khimi Harar, the I-RED Directorship has formally announced plans to participate in the economic activity of this newfound trade hub…

I-RED Announces Participation In LUMEN Ammatar Mandate Economic Initiative
Jelvia Taredi • YC121.05.24

Mehatoor, Devoid - In a press conference which just concluded, I-RED leadership members Alex Hinkelmann, Roirdan Bouchate, Valdezi Sun’khar, Julianni Avala, and Leela Naisto have formally announced the organization’s interest in contributing to the Ammatar Mandate Revitalization Project spearheaded by Khimi Harar [LUMEN]. The proclamation comes after another announcement during the same press conference in which I-RED leadership members present revealed the fact that the organization will be temporarily engaging in faction warfare in support of long-time allies Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE]. Additionally, the temporary deployment reportedly also serves to train up new and returning veteran capsuleers in I-RED.

“I-RED will plan to set up buy orders for various commodities in the Tebu Amkhiman Fortizar which we hope will add to the appeal of locals and passerby utilizing the facility’s market services”, stated Executor Hinkelmann. “We are both humbled and excited by this grand opportunity to contribute to the economic prosperity of the region led by our faithful allies in LUMEN. We hope this will one small step forward in the continued strengthening of our ties with our Amarr colleagues and friends.”

When the directorship panel was asked questions on the establishment of offices from I-RED’s various subsidiaries in the Tebu Amkhiman Fortizar, Director Bouchate replied with the following:

“At the moment we are not yet ready to announce the installation of any offices, warehouses, or industrial plants from any I-RED subsidiary in the Fortizar. The I-RED Board of CEOs is currently in talks about the possibilities of basing some operations out of the facility. Namely, Integrated Health Systems and Myoka Galactic are brought up as potential candidates to make use of various leased spaces available in the Citadel.”

Meanwhile, for the past few days there have been numerous sightings of transport vessels registered under I-RED traveling between The Forge and Devoid. Presumably, these reports can be taken as a sign that I-RED is speeding up preparation for their deployment into the area, which is expected to last about a month.


Ishukone-Raata Security Contractors to Conduct Joint-Protectorate Exercise
Koren Akko - YC121.05.24

Mehatoor, Devoid - Ishukone-Raata’s largest security firm RDC released a short statement alongside Spokesperson, Aimii Nata, that assets and personnel had already been deployed to the Devoid region. For what they identified as a joint training exercise between the State Protectorate, RDC, and elements within the 24th Imperial Crusade.

The extent of the exercise has yet to be released and may likely remain that way due to cited operational security policy.


A madman assumed under the influence of various illegal boosters takes an entire electronics store hostage within the 6-U2M8 Oriki Commercial Center’s famous megamall, The Concourse.

BREAKING NEWS: Intense Hostage Situation Comes To A Close Aboard 6-U2M8 Oriki Commercial Center
Selenna Solange • YC121.05.25

6-U2M8, Syndicate - Approximately six hours ago, a young man entered the TekShak™ electronics retail store located on the 31st floor of The Concourse, a sprawling supermassive mall located in the heart of the 6-U2M8 Oriki Commercial Center. The man, identified as 33-year-old Syndicate native Sacha Aloumeart, then pulled out concealed weapons from his trenchcoat and fired a flurry of warning shots into the ceiling. He blocked all the exits with small explosive devices in case any of the customers inside tried to escape, and corralled the guests inside into the center of the store. Special Operations And Tactics (SOAP) forces shut down and evacuated The Concourse within an hour, and established a perimeter around the besieged TekShak™ store. Only thirty minutes ago has the hostage situation ended with no loss of life, and Sacha Aloumeart in custody.

Many details about the incident have yet to be announced by Oriki Commercial Center Chief Of Security Nagato Minskalo. What has been confirmed, however, is the fact that Aloumeart was under the influence of “various illegal and deeply mind altering boosters.” What is not clear is how Aloumeart managed to sneak in two semi-automatic weapons into The Concourse grounds without alerting the security system. Chief Minskalo has urged local news agencies to avoid the spread of rumors around this mystery, particularly that Aloumeart may have had an accomplice help him smuggle in the weapons.

Aloumeart managed to hold 57 people hostage within the TekShak™ store. I-RCN has managed to obtain various reports from those who witnessed the incident unfold. Apparently Aloumeart was acting distraught as he made his way to the TekShak™, mumbling to himself the entire time and looking on edge. As he began his siege on the store, witnesses outside reported hearing him yell about how “Triglavians are real!”, and “They are coming for us!” Upon gathering all the hostages together and binding their limbs with tape, Aloumeart proceeded to line the group with a plethora of audio devices set to various media broadcasts. He was apparently shouting “they are all lying to you, I know the truth and they [Triglavians] are coming for us all!”

After attempting to broker a peace for roughly six hours, SOAP forces finally had enough and sent in a stealth drone through the TekShak™’s air vent system after finally gaining access to it. The drone then fired stunning projectile at Aloumeart followed by launching a focused stasis webification grenade. SOAP squad members outside the store then bursted in and subdued the erratic Aloumeart before any harm could be done to the hostages he was “preaching” to.

Aloumeart did sustain numerous bruises and fractures due to the force with which SOAP teams handled the suspect. He is being treated for his injuries in a highly secure cell located within Kovonen Hospital aboard the 617I-I Tuulinen Observatory. He is reportedly under the custody of I-RED’s Internal Watch, an advanced security force provided by their contract with Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch [O-RIW]. Internal Watch is expected to interrogate him once he is deemed medically clear from the mind altering substances present in his system.

Meanwhile, hostages from the incident are being treated within local hospitals aboard the Oriki Commercial Center. A formal statement regarding the incident from the I-RED Directorship has been released just moments ago:

"The hostage situation aboard the Oriki Commercial Center has concluded with no loss of life thanks to the valiant and strategic decision making of the facility’s SOAP team. We are extremely fortunate the outcome of this frightening experience has been a relatively good one. The Concourse will remain closed for the next twelve hours while local security forces survey the grounds and gather evidence - we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The safety of our employees, residents, guests, and visitors is paramount. We will ensure everything in our power that an incident such as this never happens again.

Meanwhile, we would like to urge calm regarding the outrageous claims this man made during the whole affair. While the Triglavian Collective is one of numerous emergent threats that have sprouted in recent times, their presence has been contained in the Abyss realm which they inhabit. They are mysterious and rather poorly understood. The claims by this deranged man have no substance."


Leader of the Tears of Reschard, an Intaki extremist organization, has reached out to I-RCN and various other news agencies across the cluster with a message to deliver following their attack on the Khanid Kingdom less than ten hours ago…

BREAKING NEWS: Intaki Extremists Launch Widespread Attack Against Targets In Seevadin Constellation
Jelvia Taredi • YC121.06.03

Amarr, Domain - An Intaki extremist organization named Tears of Reschard has recently launched a mass-scale attack against numerous planetary and station targets in the Khanid Kingdom. I-RCN is currently working to verify the results of these attacks, and in the meantime looks to ACN for more insight. Leader of the Tears of Reschard, Rhey Aziah, has reached out to I-RCN and various other capsuleer and non-capsuleer news agencies with a message. While normally I-RCN would not publish ramblings from such extremists, we feel it necessary to relay this important information to the greater galactic community. A transcript of their message is as follows:

The attacks in the Khanid Kingdom
From: Rhey Aziah
Sent: 2019.06.03 06:54
To: Alton Haveri, Cyrillian Voth, Elinari Rhodan, Hoovand Lindus, Jelvia Taredi, Lina Ambre, Ret Gloriaxx, Selenna ‘Scarlet’ Solange, Taora Teonsur, Zara Serir,


My name is Rhey Aziah, leader of the Tears of Reschard.

Today, my corporation has successfully launched a widespread attack against terrestrial planets and stations in the Seevadin constellation of the Khanid Kingdom. Before word breaks out about these attacks and you all get to work conjuring all sorts of lovely media, I wanted to make a few things clear:

  1. The Intaki Assembly did not sponsor or condone this attack; they did not even know about it

  2. The planning of this strike has taken several months, during which time we paid lobbyists to pester the Intaki Assembly and Gallente Federation Senate about this issue - in both cases the efforts have been met with “we’re working on it” with no tangible results or completely ignored

  3. The drastic scope of these attacks is symbolic; lives have been lost and will be lost in the ensuing days to represent all the past lives Idama en Waro has lived and died; unfortunately, more peaceful routes have proven unsuccessful in retrieving Idama en Waro from Sa-Baron Kufail’s clutches, so a strong message must be sent

  4. Make no mistake as to who to lay fault on for these attacks and all the lost lives; the blood spilled is on the hands of none other than Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail; to a lesser extent, it is also on the hands of incompetent leadership from the Intaki Assembly, Gallente Federation Senate, and the Court Chamberlain.

So there you go. Have at it. Call us extremists if you wish. Call us terrorists. Whatever. Just know that doing the right thing it is impossible to label doing the right thing as anything but doing the right thing.

Justice will continue to pour from the dark skies until the cruel and greedy Sa-Baron Kufail relinquishes control of Idama en Waro over to the Intaki Ida monasteries.

Pratya yavati,

In the meantime, I-RCN extends our greatest sympathies for all those who are affected by these attacks. We will continue updating on the situation as more information becomes available.


PUBLIC RELEASE: Ishukone-Raata’s Julianni Avala Temporarily Relieved of Diplomatic Post
Koren Akko - YC121.06.20

Malkalen, Lonetrek - Members of Julianni Avala’s diplomatic team released a notice shortly after a meeting between several members of Ishukone-Raata’s Directorship in Malkalen. Stating “effective immediately Director Avala would be resigning her duties in regards to Ishukone-Raata’s Public Affairs Department.”

Director Julianni Avala

Individuals involved in the decision have said that the once popular face of the organization had long planned on taking a leave of absence that would likely continue to interfere with her expected duties abroad. As expected with this key position vacant the board was quick to appoint a temporary liaison, a woman by the name of Nittara Ozanen.

2115363676_256 Temporary Public Relations Liaison Nittara Ozanen

The choice of Ozanen has however brought Executor Hinkelmann’s wisdom into question, especially with the Intaki Prosperity Initiative and LUMEN re-negotiation deadline closing in. It isn’t apparent whether Avala’s replacement will be up to the task in what is looking to be one of the most difficult diplomatic endeavors in recent I-RED history.


Despite the recent surge of incursions from Drifter forces against capsuleer-controlled null sec systems, I-RED formally unveils XS-XAY as its capital system in the 98Q “superpocket” of Syndicate…

I-RED Designates XS-XAY As Official Headquarters For Syndicate Operations
Selenna Solange • YC121.06.28

XS-XAY, Syndicate - While I-RED has long maintained significant operations in the XS-XAY system, situated near the entry into the 98Q superpocket, a collection of 17 star systems, earlier this week the organization made it officially recognized as its primary base of operations in the region. This formal announcement was tied with the successful deployment of a Fortizar-class Citadel in static orbit over the serene world of XS-XAY IV. The announcement was made by I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann at the christening ceremony for the now operational Fortizar, dubbed the Gariushi Business Center.

“We welcome the newest and most impressive addition to I-RED’s Operation Grey Steel project”, stated Executor Hinkelmann with elation. “It is our hope that this new facility will serve as an important hub for trade, business, diplomacy, and cultural exchange to take place. Entities not overtly hostile or threatening to I-RED and our allies will be granted access to the structure and its facilities. In the meantime, our Public Works department is steady at work fleshing out internal design plans. There will be adequate space for businesses to lease, and we look forward to forging new partnerships with local and foreign companies.”

When pressed about the possible threat that Drifters pose against capsuleer assets, Executor Hinkelmann only had this to say, “I-RED stands ready to protect our assets against the Drifter menace, and we will not fail.”

Residential properties are quickly being filled by immigrants from other structures in the region, as well as from colonies in the adjacent regions. Census data reveals a peculiar observation - a large portion of immigrants from nearby regions happen to originate from colonies in Solitude. What this says about the status of colonies in Solitude is debatable, but I-RED welcomes them with open arms. Meanwhile, residential contractors and housing development companies have been clamoring over a bidding process which will see a select few of them offered an opportunity to develop more housing properties in the Fortizar. Similarly, commercial development firms are eager to gain access and start constructing offices and warehouses businesses will be able to lease from.

I-RED has yet to appoint a station manager for its flagship facility, but it is expected one will be appointed within the coming weeks. Rumors among various Syndicate tabloids suggest that the position is being considered for a number of highly qualified candidates, including a former station governor of the Intaki Space Police station in IIRH-G just a couple star systems away. Another possible candidate is a renown and retired colonial administrator for the Intaki colony of Duureanta, otherwise known as Harroule IV. A final candidate comes in the form of a high-ranking commander for I-RED’s in-house naval division, the Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet.

For the time being, I-RED’s leadership infrastructure will continue to operate out of the Reppola Logistic Support facility in the same system. It is not expected the famed “Directorship Sector”, the administration hub which houses the heads of the various I-RED departments along with their most valued staff, will not be transferred into the Fortizar anytime soon. Executor Hinkelmann did not comment on whether or not the I-RED admin hub will relocate to the Fortizar, citing that is classified information.


BREAKING NEWS: Ishukone-Raata’s Internal Watch Expands Deployment on Intaki Homeworld
Koren Akko - YC121.08.20

Intaki, Placid - Shortly after O-RIW’s Cmdr. Shiran Mazaki publicly reported Ishuk-Raata’s assault on the pirate held customs office in orbit of the Intaki Homeworld, orders were almost immediately issued to several hundred ground based troops. These orders appear to have caused Ishuk-Raata’s Joint Contracting Force [JCF] to reposition, to locations viewed as strategic positions well within range of the megacorporation Lai Dai positions and most of the Ishukone operated facilities.

It is unknown at this time if the mobilized Directive forces have been in contact with the Intaki Assembly or their militia. But civilians say they have seen O-RIW deploy anti-orbital entry platforms that would normally see use against space-to-ground shuttles or transport craft, and so far local authorities been told that all their forces have been given a strict observation order in regards to all the groups involved planetside. Even toward viewed illegal Lai Dai activities.

Along with these movements the media at large has been removed from Ishuk-Raata’s subsidiary extraction facility known as ‘E-5 Kirvaat’ located in the north. Though dozens of dropships and transport craft continue flights in and out of the facility, while heavily armed security perimeters continue to expand outward to a distance of one kilometer.

I-RCN remains committed in updating this story as it progresses. If you have more information on the Intaki Affair, please contact a member of our team so the cluster may hear your story.

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OPINION PIECE: Project Solace - Loyalists or Independants?
Koren Akko - YC121.08.24

Kulelen, The Citadel - Displays flicker with news of the constant Triglavian assaults on trade-lanes within the Caldari State. Causing destruction, chaos, and fear among millions of citizens. Though among all this uncertainty, organizations continue to provide a sense of hope. The affiliates within the Consortium come to mind as they spearhead the clusters research effort into the Triglavian threat, but it looks as if they’re not alone in these efforts. Among other empyrean entities we see more factions willing to stem the wake of destruction brought forth by the Collective.

After speaking to a now independent team of researchers who had just arrived from the Ishuk-Raata jump freighter, Sohei. Once employees of the Enforcement Directive’s research corporation known as the Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute [I-RTI], they spoke mostly of putting what they’ve learned to use where it mattered most.

“My colleagues and I have learned all we can under the Pikovaru Project, and it’s time we put those long hours to use and move to another project that’s willing to do something now.”

Many within loyalist circles have similarly voiced their discontent with the flow, and advancements of their research. Feeling that they might be held back, or that leaders lack the courage to release their findings. Though that seems to be changing with the recent announcement, like these researchers many more appear to be setting off to join their peers in Project Solace.

The project itself appears to be in it’s infancy, as the announcement establishes their need to work with others in an attempt to develop a new way of dealing with the Collective threat.

While this project is still learning to stand it seems that has done little to hinder those looking to make their difference in this conflict. It is suspected that many others will follow in the footsteps of researchers like these and heed new calls wherever that may be. With this comes another fear, one that will further put control into the hands of independants, and outside of loyalist purview.

Will this be enough to defeat the threats we all face today? We’ll have to wait and see.

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I-RED to Host Union Day Celebrations at Syndicate Headquarters
Koren Akko - YC121.09.01

XS-XAY, Syndicate - Many corporations and their workers have already begun their preparations for one of the few official holidays within the Caldari State. Like these corporations, Ishukone-Raata has also begun preparing, however with this years official announcement of celebrations came a slight change from previous held festivities.

“Those under the employ of Ishuk-Raata will partake in the festivities of YC121 Union Day with the formation of a ceremonial parade at the XS-XAY Gariushi Business Center, with a invite only banquet to be hosted at our Syndicate facilities.”

Traditionally previous I-RED held Union Day celebrations would be hosted at the Ishukone Headquarters in Malkalen. With this announcement also came a small list of names, containing individuals with strong Liberal support and Syndicate loyalties, also among them is a well known property investment capsuleer in the Solitude region. Leading to the belief that the event may lead to furthering business opportunities for the entrepreneurs of the region.

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CHTAR Secures Intaki Homeworld Customs Contract
Koren Akko - 121.10.06

Intaki, Placid - Last week seen the closure of a contractual bid for the customs office in orbit of the Intaki homeworld in Placid. The bid began with two corporations, the Nadire Security Consultants [NADSC], and Diaspora member Chatelain Auxiliary Response [CHTAR], but ended on a less competitive note. With NADSC opting to work alongside the Diaspora signatory.

Ishukone-Raata’s Public Relations Liaison, Nittara Ozanen, who brokered the agreement stated “with the Enforcement Directives involvement in militia activities, the state of occupancy of the system, and our commitment to remain neutral in all Assembly planetside affairs. We seen it necessary to facilitate a contract to a party that can, and will be capable of operating under our long standing free-trade policies.

The contract has been said to place full operational control of the orbital facility under the purview of the Intaki Diaspora member CHTAR, with NADSC sub-contractors aiding in various civilian departments. With several enforcement requirements, such as a 0% tax rate for all non-black listed organizations, along with compliance of any Ishukone Corporation standards.

Currently the Customs Office refuses access to a very limited list, including the Lai Dai Megacorporation, who remains at the center of the series of incidents in the area.


I-RED Adjusts Public Policy - Issues Warning in Wake of Escalation
Koren Akko - 121.11.26

Malkalen, Lonetrek - The announcement came earlier today from the Office of the Enforcement’s Board of Directors that a change to public policy was implemented at 03:44 hours. With the continued Triglavian escalation against the citizens of the Caldari State, and their attempts to sway capsuleer entities to their cause. That effective immediately all entities, independent or loyalist aiding the invading forces would be seen as enemies to the Caldari State, and Ishukone in the eyes of the Enforcement Directive.

“Any individual, or entity found aiding in the assault against the navies, colonies, or citizens within the borders of the [Caldari] State will be seen as an enemy. Incurring a immediate reduction of standings and blacklist for future market opportunities.” stated Internal Watch Commander Mazaki during the press briefing.

It was implied that these consequences may be applied not only to organizations as a whole if they refuse to attempt to cease their employees participation against lawful entities, but also investors and shareholders.

It’s been reported by the Public Relations Department, that already these changes have brought one organization and eight individuals to a negative standing from a allied status. It’s unclear how many more will refuse the call of CONCORD and their homelands, but it is clear, Ishukone-Raata has joined the chorus of other capsuleers in urging their allies to think before they act.


Ishukone-Raata to Enter Minmatar-Treaty Conflict
Koren Akko - 121.11.28

Mehatoor, Devoid - Left over assets from May’s joint-exercise may begin to see active use. As officials affirmed their support alongside their Amarrian counterparts. Calling for the removal of the Minmatar-led treaty, that has seen the handover of sovereign systems by rebellious entities within the 24th Imperial Crusade.

Details into the extent of the deployment have been restricted for operational reasons. Though questions have been raised as to the position of Ishuk-Raata in regards to the controversial demands from Lord Sarum and the Floseswin system.

Nittara Ozanen only stated that “Ishuk-Raata will not be involved in any ground based activity and the matter of Floseswin is outside our operational scope.”

So far there has been no official signal as to when forces will see combat in this campaign, but reports have come in that eight Ishuk-Raata marked Charon-class freighters have been spotted within the last few hours heading to the Devoid region.

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Ishukone-Raata Contracts Under Fire
Koren Akko - 122.01.12

Tanoo, Derelik - The Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch is under scrutiny just days after the destruction of a stolen transport vessel attempting to flee the Solace Astrahaus in Tanoo. The Internal Watch Agent in charge of the security contract, Shiran Mazaki; has insisted that his actions were justified and legal.

It’s unclear exactly how many lives were lost during the theft or why the pilot stole the craft. However many within Khimi Harar have claimed the occupants were attempting to flee a quiet quarantine. These claims have been met with denial by Project Solace managers, and silence by their Oniseki-Raata Contractors.

Leadership within the Ishukone-Raata Directorship Board have been unavailable to comment. The only statement released on the issue was from Liaison Ozanen: “The contract oversight is in the hands of the Internal Watch. But under Enforcement Directive regulatory rules they will be kept to the highest standards. We will be investigating Commander Mazaki’s role in this unfortunate incident, and ensuring the privacy of their employers.”

It appears that as of now the contract will continue to be conducted by the Internal Watch as vessels have been seen in orbit of the Solace Astrahaus. Though it remains to be seen if diplomatic pressure from allies will be enough to force the Directorship to act against a legally binding contract.

Other News:

  • Ishukone-Raata and United Neopian Federation downgrade standings to “neutral” after several clashes in Eugales.

  • Executor Hinkelmann announces plans to host annual “Commerce Planing” in Tanoo. Signalling economic collaborative efforts with Amarrian Allies.

  • Ishukone-Raata Contractors Renew Commerce Development Agreement for Harroule, and Intaki Solar Systems. Resulting in removal of pirate foothold customs offices.

  • Ishukone-Raata Public Relations Quality Assurance rated “Sub-Par” by independent committee.


Annual Commerce Planning Panel Announced
Koren Akko - 122.03.30

Tanoo, Derelik - Not far from Tebu Amkhiman sits the proposed site of the Enforcement Directive’s first planned development in the Derelik region. The structure still has some hurdles to tear down before it begins it’s deployment. Members of the Foreign Market Development Board [FMDB] have stated that this is partly due to the continued issues surrounding the months long standings renewal, which has been described as unwarranted by some.

Investors have already begun to question Ishukone-Raata’s ability to re-enter the Amarrian markets after the failed subsidiary contract renewal with the Khanid Kingdom, and continued diplomatic issues with loyalist entities. In a bid to remove doubts and regain confidence in the foreign markets, the Ishukone-Raata Corporate Investment Bank [I-RCB] partnered with Ishukone-Raata Industrial Partnership [I-RIP] have committed to hosting the annual Commerce Planning Panel in Tanoo.

The spokesperson for the Market Development Board released a date and location for the CPPanel. While they’re still working on securing a venue aboard Tebu Amkhiman, they feel no changes should be expected in regards to the locale. The date issued to prospective investors or interested parties has been set for YC122 April 19th - 122.04.19, at 00:00 NEST.

Other News:

  • Federal Observers in Eugales report large capsuleer engagement between PNS, Villore Accords, and United Neopian Federation.

  • Ishukone-Raata completes handover of Customs Office control to Chatelain Auxiliary over Harroule IV.

  • Imperium & Intaki Syndicate entities see continued small scale skirmishes.

  • Syndicate Stability Initiative announces new Investment Oversight Director, C Taylor.


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