Utari's Puppies (Formerly Off-Topic Thread)

The authorities always ignore problems until Goons start doing it. You’re welcome.



To answer your question, we have to start at the beginning.

Billions of years ago, the universe was a point. Which exploded, and quantum things happened, which ultimately resulted in the formation of galaxies and stars, most of which also exploded to form all elements massier than iron. And then all this stuff coalesced to form 2nd generation stars and planet systems.

Several billion years later, life evolved, ultimately resulting in the invention of language and the recognition of concepts such as discussions and satire.

After several hundred thousand years of this sort of thing, exploration of the limits of discussing things in person led to the invention of electronic discussion forums.

Which leads us to the ultimate answer.

CONCORD information management officials are humorless and frown upon silliness on the IGS.

Fully automated luxury space posting on the IGS.

Infinite times. This being won’t ever change!


I still think dehumanizing ourselves is one of the most dangerous things we could possibly do, sir. Your particular way of doing it seems pretty likely to just have you coming off as eccentric, though. That is, well, cracked in a privileged-person kind of way. Your approach to expressing your views seems pretty unlikely to catch on.

Actually you might serve pretty well as an example of just how human we are: sometimes victim to wild ideas, like powerful people throughout history have been.


Asuming this is “vaanihjun” spelled incorrectly…this is the first time I’ve seen that word used as an insult (or I think that was the intend?) in any language. Do the Intaki often use this word as an insult, and if so, why?

Thank you. I didn’t want to ask, but I do want to know what she said I was.

Well… anyone doing anything interesting this weekend?

I believe we have some unfinished business arranged.

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It may have to wait for next week. This Triglavian nonsense and other duties may keep me in the Empire a while longer, but I’ve not forgotten!

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Wood/boner, hard-on

As the “heartbroken” friend of Aria, I thought I’d share a piece I wrote that may give some insight into people like me: Nightmares

Oh, hey! Thanks!

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You know, I was just thinking about you today. Did I somehow mystically summon you?

I am glad to see you’re finally coming out of Funk’s shadow.

Fate can be a strange thing, but I think it was the blooders,rather then you…

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If, by the grace of the Red God, she is somehow reborn, I’ll gladly offer myself to be back “in her shadow”. But for now it’s up to me to decide whether to awox the Covenant like the rest or not.

It’s Delve ratting time.

With The Imperium deployed to Tribute, you might have an easier time of it now. Shame I am also deployed. It would have been enjoyable to meet up in KFIE or something.

Well, perhaps later.

Fortuitously, we have here an, “Off-Topic Thread,” which allows us to pursue topics which you might otherwise continue to dodge, or faceplant nicely in the attempt.

So, Priano, how do you justify allying with entities who are blatantly out to conquer you? Are you just crossing your fingers that the Amarr will go after the other empires first?

And as I recall, it was EM suggesting that their pilots fleet up with ARC; that is not a measure of ARC reaching out in a “cross-cultural” effort of cooperation. What steps has ARC taken to ensure such cooperation, as opposed to slapping your name on initiatives done by others?