A day of reckoning - we come for en Waro

I-RCN has released a news piece which relevant information pertaining to this attack. More updates as we get them.

For those who follow Ida, something to consider:… the path of least resistance.


As part of NADSC’s capacity as Shipping and Security providers for the Nadire District, I will be recommending to the District Parliament to proscribe the Tears of Reschard as a terrorist organisation of severe threat due to the usage of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) agents in their attacks in the Kingdom. We will also be recommending that this proscribing be undertaken at the Federal level as well as by their counterparts in the Chief Executive Panel.

Terrorism is not the answer to resolving this issue surrounding the supposed Idama, especially when directed towards civilian targets. This goes against everything the Federation stands for in principle, a Federation of which the Intaki helped to found and have consistently proven themselves to be a major guiding force in the Union. With this action committed in their name, you do nothing but disgrace what they stand for. I am pleased to see organisations such as the Intaki Liberation Front, although we see differently on many issues, condemn these actions as the loathsome and criminal deeds that they are.

NADSC will reserve the right to carry out further actions if necessary to preserve the stability and security of the Nadire District, as well as the greater Sinq Laison region if called upon.


Labels mean nothing to us. The Khanid dogs will continue to burn in their homes until our demands are met.

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shut up lol

EDIT: The above statement is a semi-official press release from NADSC.


You were warned. Last time this was brought to the attention of you Khanid, the only voice that responded was this idiot.

No voice decrying the imprisonment of our most enlightened one, no voice in objection - only in mockery. You had nothing to say then so kindly have nothing to say now, vaanijhun.

What does the DED have to say about capsuleers directly and openly sponsoring dirty-nuke type attacks against a sovereign territory? As much as I despise the Baron myself, this goes too far. If the DED can threaten licence revocation for failing to hand over dead bodies and using automation software packages, will it take action to stop this?


Icarus Conflict Solutions is announcing our aid in this current situation as of now. While we are sympathetic to any lives lost, we recognize that diplomacy has indeed failed in the months since the first announcement of this incident. We understand that violence is sometimes the only message adamant individuals will accept, as is evidenced by this matter having largely gone unnoticed until yesterday’s events. This in mind, we encourage those who do not wish to see heightened hostilities to cease diplomatic stagnation, and immediately open up to negotiations with involved parties.

To further solidify the severity of this matter, ICRS has recently accepted a shipment of small arms cases meant for our ground divisions in Syndicate. As we expect those loyal to Kufail to retliate - likely against the Intaki as a whole - these armaments have been officially designated to be supplied to infantry clone freelancers who sign on to a currently pending contract. Per CONCORD regulations these forces will not be fielded in an offensive capacity outside of The Syndicate and will instead be employed to provide auxiliary support and defense of assigned areas. The details on this contract, supplied forces, and any necessary updates on our official position will be released in the coming days.


This crisis presents an interesting opportunity.

I think this Ailoea en Waro needs some additional programming to her TCMC. Imagine her giving a broadcast speech to the Intaki people, a speech in which she denounces the Intaki religion and demands submission to the Amarr.

Hearing from her would make many people feel a bit better, I’m sure. As for the rest of that…no. NO.

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Idama en Waro is Reborn, and has lived numerous lifetimes here in Intaki, all without the aid of capsuleer cloning.

That Nauplius thinks the TCMC she currently endures offers the Amarr any permanence to their claim on her soul is laughable.


I don’t think you’re as alone in that second opinion as you’d think…


The degree of “semi-official” professionalism of NADSC has been duly noted.

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Kinda makes you wonder when the Amarr are going to pull off the Hat trick and enslave the CEO of a Caldari Mega…

It’d be hard to do, since CEO positions aren’t directly hereditary or permanent. A CEO in a position to wind up enslaved would probably be replaced pretty much immediately-- not that it wouldn’t be a problem.

What would be totally possible is for a member of the Chief Executive caste (the Great Families, essentially Caldari nobility) to wind up in Amarrian hands somehow. I could imagine that being a pretty big issue. I could also imagine it being handled really quietly behind the scenes, so it may already have happened a couple times.

Or perhaps more appropriately the path of none. While ‘the path’ is different for all, its destination is clear, and seems at odds with… vengeance. But then we often kill what we want, getting what we want.

Attacks on civilian populations are always unjustifiable, usually ineffective and, in this case, hypocritically irresponsible. While ISM continues to hope for a negotiated solution, we acknowledge that other solutions may be more effective, which these attacks are not.


While I find myself incredibly sympathetic to the Intaki plight and cause in this situation, its my duty to inform @Aeon_Amadii and any other warclones collaborating with the Tears of Reschard terrorist group that they will be blacklisted from Bosena Accords membership, benefits, and contracts unless they cease operations in the Khanid Kingdom within 72 hours. If independent warclones are identified and continue to operate alongside the Tears of Reschard following this initial grace period, their names will be reported to CONCORD SARO and marked for collection and recovery by the Glatisant Tribunal.

This decision was reached based on policy laid down in our founding charter, put in place not only to protect civilians from the sort of rampant destruction seen in Molden Heath but to protect independent warclones by policing our own community and cracking down on rogue warclones that threaten to disturb the delicate balance we hold with New Eden.

It is neither in the interest of the Idama, the Intaki people, or these warclones themselves to carry out terror bombings and attacks that target or disproportionately endanger Khanid civilians. While not all independent warclones subscribe to the Bosena Accords charter it is my sincere hope that we can disincentivize these rogue mercenaries as much as possible and direct them to more worthwhile and far less psychotic contracts.


With due respect to Mr. Eskola-Fae, who died and made you king of clone soldiers?

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Oh wow.

Well, no one died. I was elected by the Round Table Assembly, comprised of other warclones, passed down to me from Khada Fury, previous “king of clone soldiers” and the original Warden of Avalon after the position was formed. It’s all in our charter, I can send you the legal document and list of signatories if you really must know.

Assuming I was never elected however, or if I had no legitimate title to being “king of all warclones” are you really going to chastise me for attempting to hold my fellow warclones accountable for committing actual, no-bull-■■■■ warcrimes? Is that the level of contrarianism we’re approaching at the summit now?