[ILF] Official Statement Regarding Idama en Waro

Namas Tayam

The Intaki Liberation Front has been monitoring the situation in Vezila with regards to the discovery of Idama en Waro, and in the wake of recent rescue attempts by some, I flew to the Khanid Kingdom at the start of this week in an effort to learn more first hand.

Having returned to Intaki, I would like to confirm that the Intaki Liberation Front fully supports the Ida leadership and Intaki Assembly on this matter, and our diplomatic and humanitarian teams stand ready to offer any assistance requested.

I would also like to reach out to representatives from the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front.

Their actions were direct and violent, and the ILF may have chosen a different approach, but we empathise with their strength of feeling.

My hope is that they will know more, that could help a collective effort to bring the Idama home.

Comments and questions are welcome.


It is a shame that the events around Idama ed Waro got overshadowed by the events in Kahah, namely the heretical slave sacrifices and the battle in the system that followed.

I am personally against any form of slavery and I would love to see Idama en Waro free and safely transported home, if she desires to serve the Ida Leadership.

I hope that peaceful negotiations can be made and I expect Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail to respect the Intaki way and release the slave. This is not a matter of far-fledged faith and controversial beliefs. Reborn people are real and their role in our society is important.


I’d not hold my breath waiting for peaceful solutions with anyone titling themselves ‘Sa-Baron’ at this point, but I still want to express my support to the Intaki wanting merely to bring home one of theirs.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders
Electus Matari


The Idama has the knowledge and wisdom of countless rebirths and her return is a priority to the Intaki people.

She has also spent time learning about the plight of those beyond our borders first hand. Sometimes we can be complacent within the bubble of our freedom. We have much to learn from the Idama’s teachings. It would not be acceptable for the Idama to continue to be held against her will.


Such milquetoast responses.

No Intaki can ever be a slave. No human should ever be a slave.

Spill oceans of blood before this is allowed.

This Khanid fucker and his whole family should die before they are allowed to touch the Idama.


My apologies.

I did not at this point of the developments consider it too necessary or polite in an unrelated thread to particularly stress that I will battle slavery with weapons and explosions too, but I will present the evidence here.

While I cannot promise anything, should there be something concrete EM could do to support the Idama’s release, please do not hesitate to be in contact.



The Suresha and I have both flown to Vezila to explore the situation personally. I am there now. I challenge you to do the same before you speak unwisely.


This slave is not held against her will. She is fitted with a TCMC and does not even know that she is a slave. Who do you think we Khanid are, the backward, superstitious, and TCMC-rejecting House Ardishapur?

I’m not entirely unconvinced that if the man refuses to sell the Idama even for what I can only assume would be the very deep and expansive combined coffers of the Intaki Bank, the Syndicate, the Assembly, and the Intaki Liberation front–

I hate to say it but its probably a weird sex thing.

Maybe I’m ignorant, but as far as I know its not uncommon for these holders to be power hungry sex perverts. Comes with owning human life I suppose. Sorry, sorry, I know that’s very tactless to say but I feel like someone needs to address the fedo in the room.

Anyway, as someone with Intaki roots my heart goes out to the Intaki people and all followers of the Ida. During the situation in Kahah my organisation was unfortunately more our less bound to stay out of the conflict while working to curtail rogue elements in the region… I can’t help but worry now if any of those “rogue” elements may have been otherwise successful in liberating en Waro.

I can’t promise direct support from the Bosena Accords or the mercenary community as a whole, but I can volunteer myself and a small team in the event the Intaki Liberation front or any other Intaki organisation is in the need of rustling up a rescue party. No yeehaw-ing on this one either in typical warclone fashion, we do this we follow your orders to-the-t and pro bono under your direct command.

Being a warclone has serious advantages, chief among them that our cloning process allows us to be untraceable and exceedingly skilled at infiltration provided we load into a clone that lets us pass as a Khanid baseliner. You’ll be hard pressed to find more experienced, better disciplined, and finer trained operators in the cluster. It’d be our pleasure offer our services if that means liberating the Idama from this creep.

Think about it. We’re always a quick GalNet message away if you need us.

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Don’t go bringing innocent fedo into your perverted sex games.


I agree.

It is very unfortunate that events elsewhere in the Kingdom eclipsed those surrounding Idama en Waro. It is our hope that diplomatic efforts continue behind the scenes and progress is being made with regards to her repatriation to Intaki.

The Intaki Liberation Front continues to monitor the situation closely, and I would like to share our heartfelt appreciation to those who have offered their support here, and privately.

Of course, some would have us take a more agressive approach, much like the efforts of the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front, and I also thank those who have offered support should we choose to do so.

The ILF has long been defined by, and often criticised for, our peaceful approach to the causes in which we believe. However, sometimes a matter is too pressing, and it is necessary to take a more direct path. It is an unfortunate truth that lives have sometimes been taken in the pursuit of our objectives.

When I look to Vezila, therefore, and I reflect on the fate of Idama en Waro, I understand that it would be unwise to restrict ourselves unnecessarily at this point. All paths remain open to us as we wait and consider how to respond to developments as they happen.


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